Saturday, April 3, 2010

Thank You Aion and Nicole

Well I be dadgummed, if The Bunny didn't bring me a sweet little treat today!
Bumpkin On A Swing was awarded The Blog of The Week, by Aion and Nicole, over at

I Blog Your

Thanks to Aion and Nicole, I'm getting a few new friends visiting the swing, so Captain John and I would like to welcome all of you.

Click here to run over by I Blog Your Profile, these two are always good for a laugh on a shitty day, I may have changed my profile a bit, after meeting them ;)

So okay you two, squench your faces, here's a kiss on one cheek, and now a quickie on the other.

Mwah, Mwah


The Bumpkin


Slumber Designs said...

Blog of the Week?? Oh Bumpkin, you so deserve it! It's so easy to see how much time and heart you put into your blog. Every single day I look forward to your posts!! Love you!

And Happy Easter Dear.

MCW said...

Ohh...Congrats!!! You deserve it! Happy Easter!

moresolidify said...

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Tara Gibson said...

congrats girl! Hope you had a wonderful easter!

Fee-AMore said...

Congrats on being blog of the week! I really appreciate your sweet and thoughtful comments on my blog. Thank you for sharing some love on your friday fabulous finds. You are too kind!

I hope you had a good weekend and here's to a good week! :)

Meg said...

You so deserve the blog of the week!! Congrats Bumpkin!!