Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pink-n-Green Thursday~Bumpkin Style

Trish at Pink, Preppy, Lilly Lover does Pink and Green Thursdays. Trish is the sweetest Cajun Belle around, and spreads happiness everywhere she goes. She is also the fastest dad gum commenter this side of The Mississippi. I decided to play along a couple of weeks ago. This post took me longer than any other I have ever composed. I'm so, not the pink and green girl, but I found some things that fit the requirements within the boundaries of my life. So here we go Trish, Bumpkin Style:
It's Britney B*tches!

I'm not even telling ya'll what kind of shoes this is: If you have not learned anything else from The Bumpkin, you should know this by now: Red soles, red soles, red soles.....

I actually like this room. You're not as surprised as I am ;)

Shut up! I know these are some fugly shoes, but do you know how hard it was to find a pair of pink and green shoes?

Look Iman forgot to take off her "get booty" outfit as The Captain says, before leaving the hotel.

Ummmm Let's see pink and green, pink and green, wait I know............

I want these from Kate Spade to wear with jeans and the same color shirt.

Aurelius Borealis; On my bucket list!

In doing my homework for this post, I learned one jillion peeps have had pink and green weddings. I also was amazed to find a photo of one that I could stomach.

Please put your right hand over your heart, and repeat after me:
Manolo Blahnik is an amazing shoe designer, I live to pay tribute to his awesomeness. Before I die I pray to own a pair of Something Blue. Amen

Bulletin: The woman who lives in the house on the left, is single for life.

Raspberry Ruger LCP-R, if you see this Ruger you better buy it immediately. They are very few that have been made, and they don't stay in the cases past the first woman who sees it. Click here to read more about it.

Love the dress, and wrap!

What a cool photo, after research I learned she is eating Pink Caviar.

This is Hot!

This is Haute!

Rose Topaz, even though I'm really not a "pink" type of lady, these are always attractive to me when I see them at work. I hear they sell very quickly in the showcases too.

You'll never guess who the designer of this purse is?

Versace made the above purse. No shit!

You know that The Bumpkin loves all things Chanel, but their polish isn't super strong, just super pricey. Nothing beats OPI in my opinion.

A little more pink and green Versace for your drooling pleasure. Love the shoes, of course you probably knew that already, but yes; I love the Versace shoes.

This was super fun, Trishy. Love you, love Shoes!
Who else has got a day I can play too?

The Bumpkin


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

omg! the saints in PINK! and kermit and miss piggy! HELLO!

and yes, that dress. you get it. i borrow. lol.


MCW said...

Good work submerging yourself in the P&G world.
Who the heck let Iman go out of the house like that???

Kare@Trublue2 said...

Wow! You have a lovely blog. I looked through several posts and there's so much eye candy! Love it & look forward to more. Very nice to meet you!! Have a dreamy day!!


P.S. Don't let the name fool you...I'm all about pink!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Poor Iman, that outfit will haunt her forever. You did a fabulous job tracking down a great bunch of pink & grn. The wedding fact, amazing. Glad I am not in the #. Love the pink Saints!! Happy..glorious weekend to you ~

Jen said...

How terrible is it that I want that litttle pink ruger so much more than anything else you pictured?!? I'd never use it, it would probably sit in some drawer forever but girl, it's so cute!!

And these pictures... How long did it take you to find such fabulous photos??? You never cease to amaze me!

Meg said...

Get Booty outfit! haha too funny! I want that gun! Like in a really bad way!

Naturedigital said...

It took me sometime to make my mind about commenting on this post or not.
The post is more or less "girlie" but i must admit that all these are great photographs shown here. The first one is really stunning. Thanks for sharing. Costas.

Juliana said...

Ok--it is official, I am in love with your blog. So much, that you are going on my blogroll immediately. I love this post. You had be at PINK who is pretty much my favorite. Then you totally got me with Piggy and kermit and then when I made my pledge to MB I was sold. xoxo

Trish said...

Hey my sweet soul sister, you know how much I adore you and think the world of you :) I am so grateful that you branched out and experimented in Pink & Green Thursday! BTW I need those hot pink Loubs in a bad way. Don't tell Matt, I may have to find a way to sneak those babies in ;)

You had me giggling with happy tears and practically rolling on the floor laughing. You are stylish, witty, charming and all around a wonderful friend.

I love you Lisa!! And I will gladly take your Manolo Blahnik oath any day! You will have that pair of Something Blue.

Love shoes!! XOXOX

Elle said...

Girl, I love your writing voice... okay that sounded like a lame english teacher, but still... you sound so spunky and fun... I found you via Trish and I'm so glad I did!

Love this post!

Laura Trevey said...

Fabulous post!!! Just Fabulous!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

you worked hard on this miss bumpkin!! and now your mermaid is telling you right now to go purchase Morraccan Oil.. you need it. you will lovoooooveee it xo

Punctuation Mark said...

i love this post and love that you coordinated with Trish... have a nice one!

Brianna! said...


Holly said...

WOW! That is some serious pink and green eye candy! LOVE the soles...oh my love! The gun is "killing" me - who knew they made pink guns! Pink and green had not hit the wedding market when I was really doing weddings. I am following you now...didn't realize I wasn't (as if!).
504 Main
Hip Weddings

Preppy 101 said...

I love this post! Thanks for all the images. Did it take you forever and a day to post all of them!??? xoox

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness!! HOW FUN is this post!!!
i love all the pink and green!
{and the red soles! my favorite!}

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

You've got me wanting some of those fungly sandals. I like it! Those colors in the flowers/leaves above it are amazing.
Thanks for the brightness, Bumpkin!

alanna said...

haahh can i just say my favorite thing about this entire post?!!? your COMMENTS!!! SO FUNNY and i am a pink and green lover!! so glad you're a new follower and i can't wait to follow back :) P.S. i love that pink and green room too!!

Housewife Bliss said...

the wallpaper is divine! So many great pictures to choose from, what a grand idea

Simply Me said...

so the girl that never wins anything, maybe you should go buy a lotto ticket :) congrats my dear you are the winner of my giveaway!!! Can you email me at and I'll get all your info from ya!

Happy Friday!

Charlotte said...

LOVE this!!!! And I love your commentary even more! You're a hoot and a half!!! Im a new follower!!!

Salt said...

I am drooling over most of this. Green is my very favorite color! Those green Louboutins! *faint*