Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dear Jesse James,

You know I thought you were one of those men. One of those men, who thought the world of their wife, and cared little else about anything other than her happiness. She stood by you and took your child into her life, when she felt that her real mother was less than adequate, and very boldly fought for her to stay with the both of you, as a family. Do you know what trauma it was for her to be a mother, at her age for the first time? She stood her ground though, baring her teeth defending YOUR young.
We all have watched you over the years, and we saw your attitude a time or two. Some women hate a man with an attitude, Sandra and I are part of the group who embrace it. I think she realized early on, that if nothing else, you had her back. Notice that I said had her back, not running around cheating behind her back.
She went so long without tying the knot. Now the only knots tied securely are the ones in her stomach, over the lies you've told her. Usually a man with such conviction isn't a huge liar. Sorta takes the bad ass right out of you in my opinion. Sort of just makes you an Average Joe at best. Why would you humiliate someone who loved you so deeply? Did you find that deep love in the arms of the home-wrecking tramps you slept with, one after another, after another, after another?

Makes me a little nauseous honestly. It wasn't like you were going home to Ugly Betty. You went home to Sandra Bullock, for God's sake? Why for once couldn't you be the man in Hollywood who made that be enough for him? Addiction? Why not be addicted to your talented and beautiful wife.
That's the new thing Sex Addicts. The first time I heard this was when Halle Berry's husband cheated on her with over 60 women, and she said this term to Oprah.
Just a fancy name for a piece of crap cheater in my book.

Jesse James, Cheater

Here's the part I hate the worst. Oscar night, she was beautiful, shining, but something wasn't quite right with Sandra. We noticed it. It was her night, and yet the happiness seemed only surface deep. No embrace with you when she won, no big hug or even a simple touch for the man she was crazy in love with. In her acceptance speech, she never mentioned your name, nor did she acknowledge your existence. She had to go through this night that she worked her entire life to get to, while trying to hide this horrible screw up of yours. The cheater cheated her of her glory. How ironic?

Now you're mad and acting a fool with people who make their livelihoods from your infidelities. If the infidelities weren't there, the aggressive reporters wouldn't be either.

Here's yesterday's headline:
Jesse James Leaves Sex Rehab After Sandra Bullock Refuses to Take His Phone Call.

Didn't work out the way you thought uh? So, So, Very Sorry for You Loser!

If all of this isn't bad enough, there's the dog fighting rumors. Have a few masculinity issues there Bad Ass? Did you really fight two of your pets against each other until it resulted in the death of one of them. Even the most unscrupulous dog fighters don't make emotional bonds with the animals they fight. This makes you extra special in this category as well. Boy, aren't you something? Yea this here's a new label for you Jesse.
Jesse James~ Cheater & Animal Abuser

So America, need a new tattooed hero to watch and support? Try this guy, listed under heroes in my book.

Brandon Bond from All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue, saving one pitbull at a time. A fabulous tattoo artist, as well.
Click here to watch a video and learn more about Brandon's Pitbull Fight, the good fight for the dogs. Also check out his Pitbulls and Parolees program. Brilliant it is! All or Nothing Pitbull Rescue in Atlanta, cleaned up the mess Michael Vick left behind, and will be there the next time he's needed too! You can see what came of some of the dogs from the Michael Vick crisis, that Brandon and his team rehabilitated.

Now Jesse, I can't wait to see you on television.
Click! Not on My TV!
Oh and readers in case you are wondering, won't be any golf on The Bumpkin's TV either this week!
The Bumpkin


Trish said...

Once again a beautiful, thoughtful, and honest post. JJ makes me sick. Brandon Bond sounds dreamy!! XOXO

USCEmily said...

Great post- my sentiments exactly!!

Meg said...

Great writing! You should actually mail him a copy of the letter! lol. I agree with you 100%. I love Sandra and for that to happen to her was horrible!

Bama Girl said...

I felt like JJ cheated on my BFF. I love Sandra. PERFECT Post. I'm going to tweet it! :-) And the dog fighting?!?!!?!? UMMMMM NOT COOL. What a jerk.

Ashley Bray said...

Very well put - the average joe cheats and they are just a cheater but someone in Hollywood does it and it's an addiction. Get over it and realize you are just worthless and not try to blame it on something it's not.

Brianna! said...


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ha! Tru dat.

Yeah on the 'nanas!! Mine too, slowly but surely!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ha! Tru dat.

Yeah on the 'nanas!! Mine too, slowly but surely!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

this was great, darling. it is still so shocking.

Hope Chella said...

So true!!!!! Good writing!


Slumber Designs said...

I love how much thought you put into this and quite honestly, you spoke my exact thoughts. But when you ask why? I immediately knew the answer... He did this all because he's selfish. He had a woman how loved him, a child who loved him and obviously many other women who wanted him but at the end of the day, he was the only one who mattered to him. That's why he did everything, only he mattered, only what he wanted mattered, only his happiness and satisfication mattered. Some men are like that... I know only too well.

Happy Tuesday Dear. Love you!

C'est La Vie said...

Man this makes me so sick. I agree with Meg, he needs this. what a punk.

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Boy just look at you ladies. I'm telling The Captain he better walk a chalk line or I'm letting ya'll loose on him ;)

abigail said...

ugh, Jesse James. seems wrong to even type that man's name.

Bethany said...

Perfectly written, girlfriend! I love the label..."Dear so and so, you pissed the bumpkin off." LOL!!

You're right though...what a creep!! I love Sandra.

You mean, you're not cheering Tiger on this week?? :)

Housewife Bliss said...

I have only had snippets of this story and what little I did know broke my heart. Now that I have the full story -- and so well told, I am sick. If I had to write this I could not have said it better. Bravo, as they say her, what a bloody wanker.

Robynn's Ravings said...

I SO WANTED TO BELIEVE IN HIM and my HUSBAND and DAUGHTER told me I was NUTS! I didn't want to think someone could take her heart and drive it to the Grand Canyon, run over it with his motorcycle, and then throw it in to dry out and die on the desert floor. He is a MASTER manipulator. I saw him on Nightline and WANTED to believe their was hope for him.

Guess who, ONCE AGAIN, told me I was nuts?

Thanks for defending Sandra and I hope she finds the TRUE happiness she deserves.