Friday, April 30, 2010

Read This! This Was The Problem That Caused This Crisis

This is what caused this crisis, make sure you read this. It was that
little bity article on the back page of all the coverage in our newspaper

HOUSTON — A 2-foot-long metal clamp that failed to cut a pipe on the ocean floor may be to blame for the catastrophe.
All subsea oil wells are equipped with steel blades known as shear rams that are supposed to slash through the pipe at the top of the well during dangerous pressure surges and close off the flow. A 2002 study commissioned by the Minerals Management Service, the agency that oversees the offshore oil industry, found 50 percent of the shear rams tested failed to cut through pipe and halt the flow.
The shear ram is part of a piece of equipment known as a blowout preventer that sits atop a well to reduce the force at which oil and gas travel to the surface.


Vynuss said...

Oh my!!! To know that this could have been avoided! How terrible!! :(
I heard it's supposed to hit LA coast today. :( All the poor wildlife! Just heartbreaking. :(

Short Southern Momma said...

Oh my word. That just makes the whole situation even more bitter. Praying for y'all! xoxo

melifaif said...

Wow. This is absoultely devestating. I thought about you last was your beach sunset? I know this country (most) do not even realize the horrendous effects this will have on SO SO much!!! It is scary...

Geez Louise♥ said...

Nice. Anymore news on MS or Bamas Coast?

Elle said...

Awesome... simply awesome... so we know they don't work great and we do nothing about it... BP better have to pay big for this... and I mean huge... this is ridiculous!

BonjourRomance said...

I've been keeping up with all your infomative, but Blogger was not letting me comment for some reason.
You're info is so much better than the mainstream media (surprise). We'll just keep praying for a miracle!
ALl my best,

Salt said...

Wow. How nice for them to print that all super small for people to miss.

Thank you so much for the link you sent me yesterday!

They have finally been talking more about it now here because it's starting to affect us. We get a lot of our seafood from that area. They are expecting crab prices to skyrocket this summer.