Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fashion Shoot Saturday~Bond Girl In Love

The men folk in my life that I torture with DWTS love Edyta Śliwińska the Russian dancer. Since she went home this week, I decided to seek out another Russian beauty for them to drool over. This is Valentina Zelyaeva for Velvet Magazine May 2010.

In the above and below images. Valentina gives good face.

Good Bikini, but I would have picked something other than black for the photo opps. I'm not crazy about the whole damsel in distress spin to this shoot. I like strong women.

Shoe Alert, Shoe Alert! The stylist in this set of clicks is Rachele Bagnato.

Great use of natural lighting.

Do you swoon properly when you see this black dress? So classy, classy, classy. The male model incidentally is Cory Bond.

This is my favorite shot of the shoot, the camera man Azim Haidaryan, showed his talents here. I wish we could see this dress in full somewhere, but no. Love the colors of the style.

I know I look like this just coming out of the water, how about ya'll?

Menfolk visiting today, how was that? Go ahead and scroll back up and look at the nakie pic all you want. Go ahead and steal it, it's my karma.
Everybody have a great weekend.


Simone said...

LOL, great post! Loving the Bond music too :)

I am so glad you mentioned Edyta since altho I watched DWTS last night, I missed the ending and so didn't know who had gone out. I didn't think it would be her tho...I didn't actually think anyone was great this week.

Please tell me who is voting for Kate Gosselin?! She's not well known at all in England so essentially I have no feelings either way on her....that is until last night when I heard her telling her partner that did he know that the first thing she does e.v.e.r.y morning is get up and check the computer to see what they are saying about her??!! Would that be before or after she gets her 7, or however many children it is, washed, fed and off to school?? Get a grip, please!!!!

Anyway.....rant over! Sorry!

Gorgeous, sexy photos here....I saw that first one too somewhere this week, very hot!

I am not sure how some of the dancers clothes even stayed on last night - Pammie, Edyta and Nicole spring to mind!

The sun is shining here, must get out and enjoy it :

Happy Week-end!

(Good thing there is no word limit on a response...sorry!!)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Ha..ha.this post is great! I know the hubs would appreciate the nakie pic no doubt. I adore strong women too..must be why I love Angelina Jolie when everyone else seems to not?! Love the watery shot. Looks like she came out of the ocean with clam shells attached. Damn..only wish I looked 1/2 that good / :

Lovely, classy weekend to you as well. xx

Eve said...

This editorial is fabulous! I especially adore the last two image.

Hope you have a great weekend! Cheers: Evi

Rasha said...

I really like the first two. She is gorgeous.

Elle said...

Great photos... I agree about the damsel in distress in the water... and for the last coming out of the water pose... all I could think about was the amount of sand that must be getting washed into her *ahem* regions sitting in the surf like that.... eewwww!

Iva said...

great post!! super use of natural lighting in that one shot !! Hope you are having a nice weekend!!

Jen said...

I just noticed the 3rd picture... what the heck is that guy doing to her mouth??

Trish said...

These photos are absolutely breathtaking, each and every one of them. You're diving into Fashion Shoot Saturday and making big waves! What a breautiful lady Valentina is, a hot body and gorgeous face to accompany it!!! LOL @ Elle's comment about the sand!!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

BUMPKIN, you are a stellar, amazing diva! I'm SO GRATEFUL that you sent Trish on over to be my #100. It just proves to me too, that us feisty independent divas can always count on each other. With that knowledge and some good batteries, who needs the boys?!]
love and gratitude! I'll be mentioning you in my next post too.
:) Robyn

MCW said...

Does she have any boobs at all?

Jenny said...

Such a fun post! Although I won't let my husband read it. He might want me to look something like that. Ha! That would be sci-fi at its most extreme!

bananas. said...

she's hot...there's no argument in that. however the pic of her getting her mouth molested by some man's finger perplexes me. like really, why? what's the point?

i'm sure the guys, on the other hand, are loving it. lol.

elledee said...

wow I love all these pictures!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Ooo sexy...yep the guys will be scrolling upwards :)

Beautiful post honey,
xoxo DJ

Taj Acosta said...

Gorgeous! She is smokin' hot! xoxo

{g} said...

the last shot is especially amazing!

hope you're having a wonderful week,