Friday, April 2, 2010

Fabulous Friday

My Fabulous Dream Easter Dress:

Favorite Recipe of The Week: From Chris at Nibble Me This, a great place to spend a few hours or days.
"Blues Hog BBQueban Sandwich"
A new spin on an old classic that we loved. East Tennessee meets Ybor City. Last week the Captain, said, "Whatcha cooking tonight," and I replied, "Something from Nibble Me This", and he said, "Thank God!" Do you think I should be insulted? Need something special for Easter Morning? Try Chris's
Croque Madam

What a fabulous doggie photo I found.

Fabulous new blog find:
Fiona from fee-amore. Love her blog!

A helluva fabulous black and white photo. Watching the minutes click by, literally.

Fab color photo find of the week: This is the 2nd time you've seen it, but I want you to appreciate the technical aspects of this photo one more time. This is stunning.

Fabulous quote of the week:

Falling in love-you should go with it, regardless of whether or not your heart
gets smashed. You'll be a better person. ~Sandra Bullock
You know she really really loved him, and handled this with more grace than I have ever seen. I have a new found respect for her.

Some fabulous shoes, that I will never own.

Anna Maria Jagodzinska photographed by Greg Cadel for Numero.

Fab Home Interior of the week: Love the black hardwood floors, and the lamp in the corner on the left. Found through Fee-Amore

Happy Easter Everyone!
The Bumpkin


Lily Lemontree said...

Such great images!
I feel the exact same way about Ms. Bullock, a true lady!
Hope you have a wonderfully happy Easter!

Andy Quirks said...

amazing photos! and wow on the dream easter dress!


MCW said...

Perfect quote from SB. Could have used that one today in my post!

Brianna! said...

Those SHOES are so SO fantastic!!