Friday, April 16, 2010

New at Target~Zac Posen~Sneak Peek

Zac Posen at Target? Really?
The designer has combined his "structured-meets-whimsical aesthetic with Target's budget-friendly prices" were told. The line launches next week, April 25th to be exact, but here's a little sneak peek for you. It will probably hit us here in Mississippi, much later in the season. Fashion is way behind here, and we get short changed the good stuff alot in retail.

My favorite piece of the collection is this bright red ruffled tulle, for $79.99.

I like the pleats and the tie on this top ($34.99), the skirt ($34.99).

Probably the most sought after piece in the line will be this Zac signature lipstick tee $16.99. Shouting out the labels, we women love that.

Floral brocade tie dress, for a little Bohemian inspiration $74.99

Fireman inspired raincoat, in YELLOW $49.99.

LBD the classic$79.99

Another runway favorite Hot pink Tiger stripe for $39.99

I don't see a notation anywhere, but I am hoping since all the shoes are the same, this is part of the line. The tuxedo skirt here $39.99

Great on a tan brunette, this would be for us older ladies. $24.99

Perfect for casual cocktail $49.99, that makes it a steal in my opinion. A little revealing, do you see what I see?

The most expensive piece is this Cherry Red Motorcycle jacket at $199. Cute, just cute, damn I am so loving this line.

This maxi dress was the rave when it walked the runway. It's nice, but I guess because I live on the beach, I have seen much more memorable tropical prints. Hell, but I'm just a bumpkin. $69.99

A Zac Posen Tuxedo jacket for under $50, oh Target how we love you. I love this look it just screams High Fashion to me. Divas your input please?

The tie dye shown here seems to be a recurring pattern in this line up.Both pieces under $40 each.

I got my info and pictures here if you want to take a look.

Watch this promotional video including Like, directed by Gia Coppola.


Fee-AMore said...

Seriously, the Fireman inspired raincoat is just way too awesome.

Fashion By He said...

hey he knows you were interested a stylist, let He know if you want to take party in the FashionHELP by He

chelsea rebecca said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! are you serious!?? that is incredible!
i love the red dress!

Elle said...

Interesting... I'm not sure how I feel about all of these Target collaborators... sometimes I feel like you're just paying for a name, but sacrificing in the quality that usually goes with the name if that makes sense....

Charlotte said...

Had no idea! And I stalk Target quite often!!! That's so exciting!!

Salt said...

OMGogs are you kidding me!? I heard about Zac P designing for Target, but I never realized that it would all be so fab!

That red tulle number has my name ALL over it! It's my favorite too!

This post seriously made my afternoon. I'm marking the 25th on my calendar.

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

The first dress makes me want a prom do-over!

Jen said...


Jen said...


But no, did you see what all the models are wearing?... socks-n-heels!! Dang, I can't seem to excape from that trend! I was thinking I might experiment with it this weekend but then I remembered, I can barely fit into my heels barefoot! How the heck am i going to do it with socks? I'm going to have to head over to the show store and pick up some that are a size or two better. Heck, i'm not even sure it's worth it. Wish it didn't look so dang cute!

Trish said...

What a fun post! That LBD is too cute, and the tuxedo jacket is amazing, I agree, under $50, what a steal! Dying to see it in person, if you need to get away from MS and see it sooner (if it doesn't hit your stores on the 25th) you know your guest room is ready for you! XOXO What a cool video too!

LOL at Jen's comment RE: socks & heels. I don't get it either but it is kinda cute :)

Punctuation Mark said...

waiting impatiently for it... i already know what i want and everything... have a great weekend!

Holly said...

I love Target more and more. Currently obsessing over Liberty of London and snatching up goodies...but Zac Posen...gotta love the person who came up with this idea.

Socks and heels...I do not care what anyone thinks for me...ICK!


PS-Do you have a button I can put on my blog??? I may just be old and blind.

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

I'm glad I dont live in the US, otherwise I'd be compelled to buy everything!!! :D

In fact I'm really sad that Target is not even offering international shipping... bummer :(


Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh he is so talented, great range, lovin' your pics...thanks honey.