Sunday, April 25, 2010

Captain John is Sliding Through An Oil Spill

Our flounder don't need butter this week it's covered in oil, due to the oil spill we will be serving blackened fish all types.
Oyster reefs closed, shrimping grounds closed, commercial fishing grounds closed, recreational fishing grounds closed. Damnit, first Katrina, then the poor economy, and now this. This is our livelihood here.
Say a little prayer for birds out at Chandeleur Islands.
I gave you the two shots above so you can see how bad Chandeleur (best fishing in The Gulf) is being affected. Use us marked to keep your bearings straight.
This morning's paper says the spill is 20x times bigger than yesterday, and it's 25 square miles now, and it has been confirmed that the rig is still leaking oil. BP has 32 oil skimming vessels out there right now.

As I am typing this post, this latest update was broadcast on our news.
The US Coast Guard has confirmed that this rig is leaking 100,000 barrels (over 5 millions gallons) of oil a day into the Gulf, to top it off BP has claimed that they have skimmed almost 1100 barrels of oily water, (about 500 barrels of actual oil), less than 1%, so far. You do the math, after you go buy gas right now. The media is misleading us terribly here, no indications where the oil spill is right now. Shhh Top Secret, umph smells fishy to me. We are going to try and attempt find this out today.
As a first responder my concerns are the wildlife at Chandeleur Islands, half way between the rigs and us, a strong southernly wind will either push the oil spill onto the barrier islands, or send it toward the Alabama Coast, or The Florida Coast. Got plans to go to the Redneck Rivera (Orange Beach/Gulf Shores/Perdido Beach)? Might wanna keep an eye on this.
Where's the DAWN boat when you need it? They are missing alot of great advertising opportunities right now here. You've seen the ad on the side of the bottles right?
Earth Day week and all, they are missing the boat.

Could you also keep those affected by tornadoes in Mississippi in your thoughts and prayers today?

Here's one I found a couple of weeks ago......Unplugged, the way it should be.
I crank this one, now you do the same.
Semper Fi,
Captain John


Elle said...

Wow! That is terrible... I had no idea how extensive the oil spill was... and I agree I think it is fishy that our news media, always so eager to give extensive coverage on a crisis has said nothing about this oil spill spreading so quickly.... Do keep us updated!

Cheeseboy said...

That is so sad. I've barely seen anything in the news here. This makes me angry.

Lily Lemontree said...

I was unaware of what kind of havoc has occurred in your neck of the woods. This is the sort of stuff that breaks my heart, it truly does.

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

It is unbelievable what a beating our earth and its people keep taking. Thanks for raising awareness, Bumpkin. I too had NO idea all this was going on. I send good thoughts and prayers your way.

Mary said...

This truly is so sad :(


Dustjacket Attic said...

This is just so tragic, I wish wish it could be cleaned up, but it sounds so grim.

Thoughts and prayers going out for sure.

MCW said...

The oils spill seem so far away from where I am sitting. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention. prayers for all the birdies, fish and wildlife.

Bama Girl said...

This girl on the "redneck riviera" (Gulf Shores, to be exact) fully expects to see nasty water within 10 days. Maybe only 7 at my parents place on Dauphin Island.
Sickening that the "mainstream" media is giving this ZERO coverage. You'd think they'd be all over BP since the climate is to hate corporate America.
Here's hoping it gets under control and soon, everyone is already complaining about red snapper limits, etc. We may not be able to fish or enjoy our wildlife at all. :-(
XOXO Bumpkin & Captain, for making folks in other parts of the country aware.

Jen said...

STP is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BANDS!!! Sandly I can't ever find anyone else who likes them too! I've been playing this song for the last 30 minutes. Great, now nothing is getting done ;-)

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

What sad you bring. No-one embraces an oil spill. Poor mother earth. She really is having a hard life.

Salt said...

Every new update I'm hearing on this spill sounds worse and worse and I'm not getting any of it from our local news. Why aren't people paying more attention to this!?

I thought about you this weekend when I heard about the tornados. I'm so glad you were unaffected, but my thoughts are definitely with everyone that was.

Kimmy said...

How incredibly sad about the loss of life from this harsh tragedy. My prayers are with all those involved.
As for STP, there are two songs I use to play almost constantly:
Creep & Vasoline along with Candlebox's Cover Me. Love their music in a convertible on a overcast day in TN, such fun!
Thank you for visiting KS, cheers!