Friday, April 9, 2010

Fabulous and Favorite Friday with The Bumpkin

Inspired by Experiments in A Galley Kitchen: Where is Mrs. Potts? Anybody know?

Favorite celebrity gossip this week: Robert Pattinson will play Kurt Cobain. He begged for the role. Who do you think should be Courtney? I think it would be a cool twist if Kristen could pull it off, but maybe Cameron? Who do ya'll think?

Favorite TV moment of the week: Big Mike saved by the judges on American Idol. I almost threw up. Wheeewwww. Lee Dewyze's perfomance of Hey Jude, was awesome. I would so buy that on CD. He rocked out too! Keep on puffin Lee you'll be okay, we are gonna have to get you some Valium for the finale.

Favorite dog photo of the week: I giggle

Favorite black and white photo of the week. This makes me very happy, I love this, would love a print for the office. To me it says: "We Did It!"

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Favorite color photo of the week
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My favorite tweet of the week:

I love when the wildflowers start blooming! They're everywhere! And that purple viney stuff that I can't remember the name of.
~Puttin On The Grits
Note to GRITS: I love wildflowers and the wisteria myself.

My Favorite Fabulous Fashion photo of the week. Check out the entire post and enjoy a Multiple Fashion Orgasm over at you know where......Here it already know.......Dustjacket Attic Did you DJA readers catch that DJ was holding out on us? That stinker of a Fabulous Blogger, holding out the good stuff on us! (Love you DJ)

Most Fabulously Funny post I have read in a long time from Dare to be Domestic.
Read this you guys will lose it, but come right back you hear me, now dilly dallying on my time.

The Bottom of the Ironing Basket comes in as The most French Fabulousness I found in the blog world this week. Miss Simone, sure knows how to push Bumpkin buttons, let me tell you, I die a little each day, when I visit her. Why has someone not told me about this blog yet? Well my lovely Fashion Divas, just explain to me why you have left The Bumpkin in the dark on this? I'm tiffed with all of you, for leaving me out. I find her, and say oh I can't wait to tell all my Divas about this place, and then what do I find in the comment column. All your little profile pictures. I am voodooing and extra two pounds to all of your thighs for this, and it's summer time, go ahead and leave me out again. I'll get you my pretties!

Shoes that have much Fabulous potential this week: Very Bumpkiness, with white capri's and a top to match the shoes, and maybe even a Lilly purse to accent. Don't get all excited Lilly girls, I said maybe, but damn you ladies are wearing me down.
Lilly McKim flats in Shorely Blue. Shorely Blue, how sweet is that. Insert little gag.

Super fabulous recipe that I tried this week: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies: Muffin Style from over at So Good and Tasty. My links are red, you do the clicking. Captain John says not to miss this one with coffee, and that these are perfect on a little fishing trip. I got a big kiss on the dock upon return for these, and then I went to tell the Captain some Yankee fisherman kissed me, just kidding, I only have lips for one man.

Okay, so in advance I will tell you that this weekend will be from here on out known as Tax Hell weekend. What are ya'll spending the free time, that I am cheated out of this weekend, doing? No, I'm not bitter, no not at all.

Okay ladies and an occasional gentleman (Hi amazing Grecian photographer), that's all now:
A quick kiss on one cheek, now turn, and another on the other. Mwah!
The Bumpkin


Buckhead Belle said...

Ahhhh, love love love Robert Pattinson. I have such a crush on him!

Hope Chella said...

I this Pattinson will be an awesome Cobain no matter what the critics may say :) xx

Hope Chella said...


Jenny said...

It was nice stopping by to see you today...loved the bw picture of the people jumping in the air!

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

I adore your weekly recaps! So much fun. And that tampon post made me spit up my coffee I was laughing so hard!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh you crack me up Bumpkin, must check out some of your links...and thank you for my linklove darling :)

Hey I know Simone too, and she's the sweetest person....sorry ;o

Happy Weekend,

Trish said...

Another sexy picture of R Patz...your making me start to seriously consider if I have a crush on him or if it is full on lust. Not sure what it is about him but he definitely brings the heinie tingle factor up!

LALALALAA trying not to read the American Idol notes - still behind on TV this week and have purposely avoided FB and Twitter as much as possible so I wouldn't get the news! Moving on!

Very cool pictures as always. Tell me more about I need to get on this?

DJ's Fashion Orgasm post was just that this week - absolutely to die for. I can imagine you looking fabulous in that fancy yellow frock. Do you think you'll end up with a wedding gown with a big skirt? I know whatever you decide on it will be amazing!

Dare to be Domestic's post was seriously hilarious. Thanks for the intro, I'll be checking in on her now. Sorry for not mentioning Sophie to you before, I started reading her a couple months ago, beautiful eye candy!! No voodoo for me please, 2 lbs to the thighs is the last thing I need! Being 5'1", 2 lbs makes a big difference on me!

Besides, you held out and didn't tell me about Sara over at C'est la Vie!! Did you pop over and listen to Jarrett Burns on her page today? Up and coming new artist. I am in love.

You need some Lilly in your life. You do! You know you do! Eventually I know I'll wear you down. Either that or I'll just keep sending you Lilly care packages and you'll have no choice in the matter. :)

Wishing you lots of luck to survive the last weekend of tax hell.

A great big smooch on both cheeks right back at ya baby!! XOX Wishing you a wonderful weekend, send the Captain our best, looking forward to Sunday's jam. Hope he's feeling well today.

Trish said...

*ahem* correction, Miss SIMONE over at Bottom of the Ironing Basket. I have no idea where Sophie came from. I am braindead and am in need of a glass of wine now. Toodles love!

MCW said...

Where is Mrs. Potts???? Now I am worried? Have year heard?

MCW said...

And I am glad that single girls can wear tamptons.

Cheeseboy said...

That was the best tampon related post I have ever read. Also, Big Mike deserved a break.

Also, I am not a women (although the above two statements would suggest that I am)

Holly said...

I could just get lost in your posts for hours with all the fab photos and finds.

I am so out of it...didn't even know they were doing a Kurt Cobain movie...when I lived in L.A. I knew all that stuff! I currently live under a rock.

I will now go to bed dreamy of that dreamy yellow gown.

Mrs. Potts said...

RP = so yummy. :)

Love the pictures - as always!

jacqui said...

You're funny. So glad you tried the p.b. blondies and that you got a big smooch because of them too!