Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Only Get So Many Of These!!

Love the pink tones in this one!
Photo By Cindy Coats via Photobucket

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Look What's Blooming!!!!

Bottlebrush Tree:
Callistemon rigidus for you plant nerds!

I love this tree, it is in it's second year in the Bumpkin's garden. This particular one is patio formed.

Can be grown in Zones 8-11, so can only be enjoyed by you deep south belles and beaus, but for you others I will share a tip. Container grown, can be moved into a closed patio for cooler months. Needs full sun though. It is also drought tolerant, which is really great here in "dry as the desert" Mississippi. This one is cutting into the power lines, in just one season, and will have to be moved, but I made John wait until it bloomed in the spring before he shocks it's little system again. Beautiful evergreen foliage when not blooming as well. Blooms in late winter/early spring, mid spring, and Late Spring/Early summer.

The butterflies, and hummingbirds love this beauty as well.

The bad part, so do the bees!
More updates from the greenhouse and garden later this week!

The Bumpkin

Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Blah

The Bumpkin has been in a blog blah, for quite a few days now.
The spunk just wasn't there. I can tell this happens to the rest of you all a bit here and there too. I missed my blog buddies, and happily I have returned.

I read your blog posts daily, the dashboard is now on my list of things to be anal about. I can't let myself miss one post, even if it's something I'm the fartherest thing from interested in, I still read, what you take the time to write.

Spring is a time for renewal, and I am feeling renewed. Helps tremendously that the Dow was up 500 points today. Is this the turn for the better? The choke hold that the economy has had, not only on our business, but my family and friend's businesses seems to be easing up a bit. Thank goodness, these guys have been really struggling with life. You know sometimes when you own your own business it owns you.

Today I hope for renewal of our hope meters. Hope for all the dreams we have pursued, the hard work we have put into our futures. Let's just keep our chins up, and let the love flow. Whadda ya say?

The Bumpkin

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Doggie Prozac?

It is has been raining for 3 days here in Southern Mississippi. Rufus has had enough of it. He looks so depressed, do you think they make doggie Prozac?
The Bumpkin

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Bumpkin Has Been Bitten

The Bumpkin used to do a lot of reading. That is before I found the blogging world. Now it seems like all I ever read is what is going on in your life. Let me tell you, sometimes it's the best books I have ever read.
Currently I am reading this book!

Emily Griffin is going to be a new favorite of mine, I can just tell. I think anyone who has every been truly blinded by love and moved on, can relate to this one. A lot of southern belle in this book too! I recently purchased all of her chic lit books, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Baby Proof, and Love The One Your With on Ebay as a package set. I started with Love The One Your With, so no spoilers on the others if you have read them, please.
However, I have seen what the rest of you are reading. It's one of two vampire series. Some of you are even in secret lust for one of two blood suckers. I have been there!
So when you are done with your perspective modern day vampire series, I want you to take a trip back in time to the early 1980's. In The Bumpkin's youthful days, I lusted for a vampire named Lestat. The original vampire of the literary world. Anne Rice, a native New Orleans author wrote a series called the Vampire Chronicles, many full moons ago. Lestat appears in the first book, but is featured in this one.

She wrote this series of books, sitting in a hand full of coffee shops in New Orleans with pen and plain old wire bound notebook. She still writes the same way to this day.

Now Ms. Jo, thinks this series, The Mayfair Witches is the best of Anne Rice.
It's the tale of a family of witches in New Orleans, the above is the first book of the series. I personally have not read these, but have heard rave reviews of this set over the years. You all know that Voodoo, and witchcraft are very much alive in New Orleans, don't you? The Gypsies are also very colorful in the Big Easy. I know two witches, personally, and maintain the "to each their own" theory on the subject, but these women are respected and honored in their "communities." One is even a Christian. Don't ask, I don't know. Traditions, maybe, their heritage for certain.
So for the big question and the main reason for this post. I must ask you readers out there who have been bitten by this, which one do I read first?
Some people say this one is for the younger crowd.

But, I know a Vintage Thirty who loved them. Please tell me what you think of this series, The Bumpkin hits the big 40 this year, and My John has me on a Ebay budget, so I don't want to waste it.

Now Ms. Jo thinks I should read this series.

She is a Trueblood fan.
To help with this little predicament The Bumpkin is in, I have placed a poll on my sidebar ----> over there for you to vote. I'm putting it in your hands, and you all will be held responsible. Please feel free to use the comment section to state your case in length, as well.
Thanks with Love,
The Bumpkin

That's Life!

Found over at Design Crush, gave me a much better perspective on today!

The Bumpkin

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bridge Detour Ahead.............

Note from the Bumpkin: Kick on the volume and turn it up, we are celebrating today.
Rainbow bridge Pictures, Images and Photos

The Bumpkin was 6 or maybe even 7 and playing at my grandmother's house. I see a Daddy Long Legs, and holler for Mammy to come and kill it. Mammy was my maternal grandmother, a full-blooded Creek Indian, a wonderful woman. She comes in, catches Daddy Long Legs, and lets him go outside. She tells The Little Bumpkin, that we Indians never hurt animals, because we when move on to the after life, there is place between here and there where we meet all the animals that we have encountered in our lives, and these same animals make the decision of where we go from this middle ground. I never forgot this, and I hope she sees me, and is proud!
Modern day animal lovers and rescuers call this place The Rainbow Bridge. They also believe that all the animals we help in this lifetime wait for us there. They are healthy and strong, and play freely till we cross over the bridge, gather them, and move on to a better place where we are all together.
Oh What A Day it will be when My John gets to The Rainbow Bridge. I hope there is no limit on how many animals can come with you to that better place, there will be more than many, waiting on him. As I write this post, my eyes are filled with tears, I love this man, I really do!

Friday Night: A friend, a animal heroette, who we will call Ms. Moon , is blessed enough to work in official animal welfare for a living, The Bumpkin's DREAM JOB, gives us a call about this Big Boy here:

This 1 1/2 year old Johnson American Bulldog was on his last day down in Florida. Big Boys usually don't get extra days, because of the cost of feeding them. He was prepared for the dreaded shot that would take him to The Rainbow Bridge. Ms. Moon heard about him through her entourage of rescuers, and made a quick phone call. She told him of a man in Mississippi that she knew, that would anytime intervene in the loss of an American Bulldog, if at all possible. You readers know this man too! Ms. Moon even coordinated a great group of animal lovers to piggy back ride him to Mississippi. We in rescue call this a Love Train. Destin to Pensacola, Pensacola to Mobile, Mobile to Biloxi, and etc. True rescuers that work in shelters often find ways to bend the rules a little to save a few that are otherwise doomed.

Last stop The Bumpkin's town. The conversation goes like this:
My John: "Hi there Big Boy, how was your trip?"
Big Boy: "Okay, I liked seeing all that beach and water. Who Are You? You aren't putting back in that kennel are you Mister? I'm too big for that kennel!"
My John: "Nope, Your'e going home Big Boy, to a forever home!"

Big Boy: "Really, Mister you gotta be kidding, my family gave me up and took me to the shelter, and nobody wanted me there, they said I was too big, and now you are gonna take me to a forever home? Really a forever home? I'm so excited! "

My John: "Last day, my ass, get in the truck Big Boy!

Big Boy: "Tell me about my new home Mister, where we going?
My John: "Were going to a self-made millionare's house (Bless you Mr. Cooper), and he's gonna take good care of you for the rest of your life. If you ever have any problems he'll call me and I'll be right there for you. There is even a girl that looks a lot like you there, you'll have a friend. Deal?"
Big Boy: "Deal! A girl could you hurry Mister?"

My John: "We're here what do you think?"

Big Boy: "I get this yard to run in, on over a 100 acres?"

Big Boy: "And a pond to play in too? I love ponds. This is wonderful, I can't believe it?"
My John: "Yep Big Boy, I hooked you up!"

Big Boy: "Thank you Mister, Thank You Soooo Much, you saved my life! Thank You Mister!"
My John: "No problem, Big Boy, you just do me a favor, and have a really great life! See you at the Rainbow Bridge, in a few years that is, not today Big Boy!"

Note to my readers: 30 minutes can really change a loving animal's life! Contact your local animal shelter, to feel the pride of making a difference! Could you give a little by posting a link on your pages back to this post, to spread the love of animal rescue?

The Bumpkin

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Mean Green!

Spring is in full swing like The Bumpkin here in Southern Mississippi, so is the pollen, and my allergies are responding properly. We have been oh so busy in the greenhouse. Originally built to help stimulate our grocery budget, we have been potting and planting nonstop for two weeks. We planted the expensive items from the produce aisle, tomatoes, beans, squash, cucumbers, jalapenos (a must since I'm a Cajun belle), bell peppers and lettuce, just to name a few. It will be so suave to say during future dinner parties, "The lettuce was cut fresh from the greenhouse!" The Barefoot Bumpkin instead of Contessa. One thing I love about the greenhouse, is that I planted these seeds 4 days ago, and lookie, lookie, what has happened already.

See the flats of color in the greenhouse?

They have all now been turned into these lovelies! Mixed baskets are one of my favorite features of our garden. This one is newly planted. I will post a picture in a few weeks when they have matured so that you can see just why we go to all this trouble. They will be tall, full, and cascading with the glory of gardening.

They are proudly displayed in the garden, in the most prominent places, plus they will provide some mad money for The Bumpkin at the open air market on Saturdays in my town. See Jibbs, he is the only four paws allowed in the garden. One, because he literally follows Mamma every step she takes, and will be down right pushy, if I don't allow him to. Two, because he is the only one I have sucessfully trained not to pee on my flowers. He's such a good boy!

This monster is a Century plant, or Americana Agave for you garden techies. It only blooms once in it's lifetime. The bloom is usually about 35-40 feet tall. Century plants are very rare, and the blooms even more rare. I have seen two blooms in my lifetime. One when I was 15 as tall as the two story house where it was planted. It takes everything the plant has to bloom, this I know, because the plant dies right after. What an amazing last tribute.

This particular one has been very busy over the winter. Just look at how hard it worked.
Lots of babies............More mad money for The Bumpkin at the open air market.

We Mean Green and the flowers of our labor will be regular features here at The Swing. I plan to provide some gardening tips, and welcome any questions. Sad news though, I simply won't be able to share my top secret gardening strategy. Not just yet anyway.
Here's a quote dedicated to all my bloggie friends that fits well with this post.
I recently stole this from someone's site, but did not note from where. I have now learned better. So here is the disclaimer.
This photo is from some unknown wonderful blogger, whom I'm sure I really dig your blog, and read faithfully, but neglected to note your info for proper credit. Sorry! If this is your handy work, send me a note, and I will promptly correct.

The Bumpkin

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For You Lilly Ladies!

Kate's Paperie is having a sell on Lilly stationary and gift items. Enter in Lilly09 as your coupon code to receive $10 off of $50 purchase.

I see G.R.I.T.S.'s pen here too!

The Bumpkin

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Green With Envy I Am

Do you read Pioneer Woman? How about Bakerella?

These are two of my favorite women on the internet, and they got together on Monday to bake at The Lodge. I am beside myself with envy, fascinated by every photo of this post.

I have been reading Ree, The Pioneer Woman (We're on a first named basis of course) for about 2 years now. She was one of my first, her and Heather B. Armstrong. Typical hits when you search for "best blogs" over at father Google. The blogger world introduction. The inspiration for the little old Bumpkin on A Swing.

Stalker Bumpkin, no, but really when you know so much about a single person, you really, really, feel like you know them. I have often wondered what exactly about these two women that I really find so interesting.

I was there when Heather signed herself in for postpartum depression. I was there when she was dooced.
I know the Love Story or at least the first 42 chapters.

I see them on your sidebar, and when I do, I feel I have a connection with you instantly.

Ree offered to let 5 readers come to The Lodge and observe the fun. She said the only catch was you must be in driving distance of The Ranch. Well, I have told both her and Bakerella, via the 1009th comment, that this was simply unfair.

I would ask of these ladies, to remember.........


Monday, March 9, 2009

This Is How We Roll!

You have to have a lot of guts to roll like the Bumpkin and Associates. Ya'll remember Laci from this post right? Well recently, for the Britney concert, she wanted that Mae West curl like Britney has been sporting lately. There are 1000 products out there guaranteed to "pump up the curls." However, in Bumpkinville we still do it the old fashioned way, and there isn't a product, or set of hot rollers, even those stick ones that you twist, and then have to have surgically removed from your head, that will do this any better. What's our secret product you say?


Laci is an assistant kindergarten teacher, and to secure this look, she started early. On the day of the concert she went to school with her hair wet. The teacher she assist rolled her hair during class. She said the kiddies were fascinated, and all wanted a roller. She also walked all her children to their parents after class, with the rollers in her hair, minus the shirt above however. Laci lives in small town Mississippi, and she knows everyone. Not a person who knows Laci would be surprised by anything she does, so it wasn't quite the event you think it would be. However, she then drove 3 hours to New Orleans sporting the same "do", and then parked, and entered The Ramada Inn on Bourbon Street with the lovely baby pink rollers in her hair. A five-star hotel, and it never even phased her. It was hilarous, not knowing her personality, the bellmen attempted to keep straight faces, so as not to insult her. Of course the ham that she is, she stayed as straight faced as they tried to pull off, as if it was totally sane. One youngster, even thought she might be Britney. I mean who else in the world would do such a thing?
Stepping out on Bourbon Street which you all know is the place to be in New Orleans, was a hoot. In general, people are strange (this is nice and Scarlett like for It's a Freakshow)on Bourbon Street, but I'm not sure if they're this strange. I mean she deserves an award for I WAS THE STRANGEST THING ON BOURBON STREET. Ya Think?

Here is her and her "Mamma" on the balcony, That's right that's the Queen of the Back Porch, Jo.

Jo did not feel the same way about the sponge roller look. Being from same small town Mississippi for generations, many generations, she knows all too well that everyone knows everyone in their town. Her main concern? Everyone also knows who your Mamma is!!!!! She was beside herself when we told her about the rollers before Laci arrived, she teared up a bit when she found out she was in the lobby downstairs with said rollers in her hair. (Insert wash of nausea which required a wet towel and a bit of fanning from The Bumpkin) Jo is so Southern Belle correct it's scary. This was a big deal to her. Her only daughter had shamed her. It took a shot of Patron (Southern Belle Correct Ladies take life with a wedge of lime, and a grain of sugar, not salt), then she was over it. That's why we love her so! Upon meeting Jo for the first time, My John, said to me, "If you want to have a friend to pattern yourself after, I think that lady would be a great one!" Jo loves him just as much.

Back to the hair, no goop, no $16 cream, just $2 at the Dollar General(can't find the plain old fashioned sponge type any where but) for the rollers, some water, and a lick of spit here and there, and look how it turns out.

It held all night, without even a touch up. Adorable! It looked great. Try it some time, but be careful where you go, and don't get labeled, "The Crazy Sponge Curler Lady."
I'm gonna leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

When between two evils, I always pick the one I haven't tried.~Mae West
The Bumpkin

Friday, March 6, 2009

Britney's Comeback After The Show Afterthoughts!

After re-reading this post, and in response to the comments I have received I feel I need to reiterate a few things.
1. Britney was beautiful! She has truly pulled herself together, but we are all friends right? We can gossip a little can't we? I feel it keeps it real.
2. As for the lip syncing. The Bumpkin could never dance 5 steps and sing. She is literally moving every second, and how can she remember all of those steps? That alone speaks volumes on her "state of mind."
3. The blimps of normalcy that I saw in her expression. There is no way I or you would have avoided them either in this massive situation. I mean let's face it, she either nails it or she's done. That's a really big deal. I would be awfully nervous too.
4. The Pussycat Dolls were awesome, if we are reiterating the highlights. They are currently admist their own tour, and I feel really wanted to help Britney put her best foot forward performance wise. There was even a comment made by Nicole, "I told you this day would come", when she introduced her.
5. Perez Hilton was gracious, enough said. Yes Perez Hilton gracious, that's right!
6. If I wasn't on her side, I would have never been there saying my silent prayers for her.
7. My revised words to her would be, "Don't forget what's really important." I also could have asked Toby to say this.

The Bumpkin

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Britney's Comeback

Circus Britney Spears Pictures, Images and Photos

Originally when I had ordered the tickets, I agreed to go, because I wanted to witness the "freakshow." I am ashamed to say that now. When actually sitting in the seat waiting for the show, I silently prayed for her to shove crazy down everyone's throat. She kept it together well! They are obvious changes in her personality, but she did well in keeping it Hollywood correct. The Pussycat Dolls were awesome. I would pay good money to attend another one of their shows. The neatest
Rockstar spin, they throw their stilettos in the audience at the end of their show.
These women have awesome stage presence. They were rooting for Britney as well, they gave her a proper opening.
How did she look? Very dance thick in the legs, a little extra junk in the trunk, but otherwise very together. Opening song Circus, much like what I have seen of the Madonna Sticky Sweet Tour. Between each song, costume change. However, it was truly like a circus, with martial arts, sword twirlers, clowns, dancers, and stuntmen to entertain us in the interim of the costume changes. One girdle incident, her baby belly flopped out, but she quickly recovered.
Sorry about the lack of pictures, we were patted down by police officers and all cameras confiscated at the door. Not sure if this was New Orlean's standards, or tour standards. What do they do with all those cameras, I would like to be at the sell off or auction, if there was one. There were some serious cameras surrendered at the door.
Britney only sang one song, a slow one from a couple of albums ago. She sat on a moon swing, above the stage. Her voice was clear, strong, and beautiful. The remainder of the show was obvious lip syncing.
One part of the show was a little over the top erotica for the young ones in the audience. Very Madonna like, I would even venture to say Copyrighted Madonna. Antique chaise lounges, on which Britney would lay spread eagle, while two bald headed men with their arms held scrotum style hang by their feet directly over her and are raised and lowered, raised and lowered above her. I wondered how I would convey this to you my readers as it was happening.
She spoke only four words to her fans. "Thank You New Orleans"
There were times during the show, that she was distressed for some reason. I mean not to be critical but reflective for you that are curious.
It was entertaining, she was beautiful, but she was very much "bringing home the bacon."
Perez was awesome as the ringmaster, and openly admitted he spoke ill of her, but was now clearly more than a fan, but a friend of hers. I believe he redeemed himself of the trash he spoke of her. He was sincere.
A good time was held by us ladies. A great night for sure.
If I could say one thing to Britney I would say this.
Congratulations, but easy girl.............easy.....sometimes you CAN try to hard.
The Bumpkin

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bumpkin Is Joining The Circus!

BRITNEY SPEARS Pictures, Images and Photos
The Back Porch Royalty (Ladies Only) have been treated by Mr. Billy to the Britney Spears Circus Tour Opening tomorrow night in New Orleans! The less wrinkled ladies of the Back Porch, deemed it a mandatory appearance, so off we all go. I'm gonna tell you this now, this night, will be one of those we will never forget. Several media outlets have speculated we may even be treated to Her Majesty herself, Madonna, as well. You'll remember that Britney kicked off Madonna's Tour not long ago. We also get to see The Pussycat Dolls, good since we are due for a little diet inspiration. My John loves thier videos, only he mutes the sound....
MTV, VH1, and Rolling Stone, are broadcasting from the Arena.
To top off the treat from Mr. Billy for "his girls," he has rented us a balcony hotel room on Bourbon Street! Oh what a night!
The Bumpkin will be reporting, as soon as possible.
Stay Tuned.........
Wish you could all be here!
Let's pray she's keeps it together long enough to make it through the night. If not, at least I'll be there. :)

And I Quote...........

toby keith Pictures, Images and Photos

"Don't compromise, even if it hurts to be yourself."
~Toby Keith

Sunday, March 1, 2009


E.A.R.S. is the acronym for Emergency Animal Rescue Soceity, a cause we champion.
Because this guy gave us a heck of an emergency on Friday night, I decided it was time to introduce you to paws #13-#16 that melt my heart.

This is E.A.R.S., he's the Head of Security at The Bumpkin's! Daddy's Black Stealth Bomber. No cat, paperman, or crazy next door neighbor gets by this one. A long howl which will wake his brothers, who then further investigate, is his calling card.

Ears came by the way of the dog catcher. Our dog catcher is commited to rescue, thus drops off, not picks up at The Bumpkin's. As a matter of fact, The Boys love the dog catcher, and are always excited to see him. Ears was arrested for eating newspapers. Black dog in the summer heat, screams rescue, so we "fostered" him upon request.

He stayed a couple of weeks, so we could really get a feel for his personality, and then was adopted by a Marine stationed not to far away. We assumed everything was fine. Next stop, The Humane Society of South Mississippi. John is attending an American Humane Red Star Animal Emergency seminar. I'm proud to say he is now FEMA certified to set up and command an animal shelter in any emergency (I love this man!). During the seminar John hears a very distinct howl, investigates, and finds our Ears locked up in jail. The bond was $80, and his balls! Rescued again. The Bumpkin decides to take a ride on the swing a couple of months later. I open the door to head to the swing, and see Ears dangling by his collar from the picket fence in the front yard, limp. No time to panic, I run to the fence, see a twitch in his toes, grab him, pull him down, and the second he hit the ground, he gasped once, and took off running. Rescue #3! John decided that was too many times for us to save his little life, without recognition. So, he offered him a job. Nightime security watch in exchange for a forever home. After consulting with his brothers, he learned that Rufus got a couch, Roscoe gets to roam on occasion, and Jibbs sleeps with Mamma and Daddy every night. They told him he should get something really good if he was required to stay outside.
Ears demanded:
1 pressure treated, elevated, air-conditioned dog house. Complete with picture window.

Further amenities were to include: Metal roofing, seamless gutters with downspout, wall to wall carpeting, easy access doggie door, large bathroom in rear, and kitchen priveleges.


Rescue #4, Friday night, the emergency I mentioned earlier. The Bumpkin was in her new office, attempting to catch up with all of you after being away for Mardi Gras. John pounds on the window beside me. I see him holding Ears, and he says "Get out here now, Hurry!" When I round the corner, I see this in Ears' foot and mouth!

A 3" lure, with two sets of treble hooks (For all non-fishing girls that's 6 hooks altogether). 1 hook in his front paw, 1 through his bottom lip, 1 through his tongue, and 1 through his top lip. Thank goodness for John's training, both Marine Corps and Animal Rescue. "Don't panic, keep Ears calm, I've got to get wire cutters I'll be right back." Ears is steadily clawing at this awful thing in his mouth. I hold him down, soothe him, talk to him. In the background John is unable to find sharp wire cutters, he is throwing tools everywhere in a desperate search. We call in the troops. Billy and Jo (always our back-up, Thank you, we love you both!) are at the video store, he has some sharp wire cutters. They are on the way. In the meantime, John finds a pair that may work. He begans to systematically cut away the hooks. First the ones that aren't stuck in him, to prevent further incident. Then he cuts away the heavy part of the lure, to ease the pain of the weight of the hooks on the dog. Back-up arrives and we move our patient inside to the living room floor. He is being so calm, and easy. Billy is afraid he's gonna bite, but continues in spite of his fear. Remember, fishing lures, are designed not to come out easily. Furthermore, each hook has a barb on it, to prevent the hook from coming out, so they had to be pushed through instead of pulled out. Jo holds the light, I soothe the dog, John and Billy cut and push, and pry open the dogs mouth. The first hook is finally out. We let Ears rest for a minute, John thinks of Orajel. He coats the other entry spots with Orajel, and removes the hooks!
My John is amazing, sometimes he is just amazing, he can handle anything. The vet bill would have been well into the $1000 range. I tell you ladies, he is a keeper. John says the only reason it went so well for us was because Ears was "the best little patient ever." He let us do what needed to be done, and as long as we sweet talked him, he was really into to us getting that thing out of his mouth.
Ears is fine. We determined he climbed in the boat, and got it stuck in his foot, and then tried to chew it out of his foot, and the second treble got caught.

Thank you Daddy! Saved my life again!

Hi Blog friends! Nice to meet you! I'm just fine! Look what Mamma let me do that night, cause I wasn't feeling well. The guest room, not bad for the outside dog uh?
P.S. "Nope think I'll pass on the fishing, Thank You!"

Coming soon the last four paws, the real is Red!


The Bumpkin