Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hills vs. The City| A Fashion Showdown

Crank it if you can, let's enjoy a musical Diva moment shall we?

So tonight's the night everyone. The Hills and The City Season
Premiers. I love the fashion you see on these two shows. Some of the best on TV
IMO. If I were to show you these first two pictures only, what cast would you
say was the most fashionable?
The California Girls and Guys of The Hills

or The Lovely Ladies of The City? Psssttttt.... The City being of course America's fashion capital, New York City.

I think Whitney is wearing Jason Wu here see the feathers. Yep think
that's who that is, also great shoes on these ladies. Jus' saying!

Let's take a look at the cast themselves individually before we take a vote.
Up first The Hills Cast:

Heidi Montag, do you agree she looks much better without the hooch factor?

Audrina Partridge, the lost soul of The Hills, good thing they needed a brunette amongst all the blondes, or Hollywood would have already dropped her.

Kristin Cavallari, she's pretty, but I just don't like her. She's catty, and I don't care so much for catty.

Lo has that Hepburn factor in my book, but she's a Bitch. Sometimes being a bitch is what pays the bills, would love to experience Lo outside of this forum. I think she's also very intelligent, but not allowed to show that side of her. She does however look great in this photo.

And last but not least the Diva of The Hills, Lauren Conrad. First and foremost, this coat is a Fashion Orgasm for me. Secondly, you may say that Lauren is no longer the Diva of the Hills since she left the show. Wrong, she will always be The Hills, and you see they are facing their last season, a last grasp, without her. She was the smart one readers, you do realize she was the smart one right? Instead of splitting the profits with MTV she struck out on her own, to maximize the cut. Now it all goes to her, riding on MTV's coat tails. Without paying them royalties she brings home the bacon to herself, instead of them. Smart girl or management one of the two.

Lauren is on a book tour for her novel LA Candy. I bet it's not Nobel Prize material, but will I read it? Probably, hell she grew up on MTV, I'll read it out of curiosity if nothing else. This theory equals $$$$ in her pocket.
Here's Lauren Conrad's own line of clothing in Kohl's this spring. Affordable, the majority of the world is looking for affordable right now. Again another smart move.
This is boring in my opinion, but it's the worst of the line.

Love the color and the dress. But, LC is a shorty, and look where this dress hits her legs. Not sure about this on someone tall, for modesty reasons. It could be bunched at the waist to hit her in flattering way, we'll have to check it out. If you see it, grab a pic and send it to me will you?

Bring to me your Leather and Lace. (Can you name the two singers?)

Speaking of The Hepburn factor. Ummmmm, hummmmmm...She nailed it here! Beautiful and Affordable? Good pairing. Love the shoes. Classy, classy, classy.

Doesn't do much for me, younger ladies, do tell!

Next Up, The Ladies of The City:

Olivia Palermo, one of my favorites, she has a way with glamour, and gives good face. By the way do you see her rocking the red shoes in the picture up above? I love this look. Textbook fashion, you go girl!

Erin Kaplan, she works for Elle, better come naturally this fashion thing. It does, look at her here. Work it girl, speaking of giving good face!

Roxy Olin, eh' just eh' for me.

The Super Diva of The City, formerly of The Hills, Whitney Port.

I've always liked Whitney, she doesn't like the drama amongst all the other women, and I really respect her for that. Whitney's dream is to design her own line and see it on the runway. Chanel purse, do you see the Chanel.

Guess what, wishes and dreams granted Whitney, you'll see this on this season of The City. Whitney Eve is the name of her line. Here's my thoughts.

That's a lota lame', but it's okay. Whitney is working The City circuit, and well fashion is just different in New York.

I like this, it's cute.

Alterations Emergency here, please remove that tacky lace thing around the neckline, and it would save this piece.

Very, Very New York. Maybe even a little too New York for my taste.

Super preppy, not for me, but maybe some of you other ladies will like it. Preppy Pink girls, do tell!

Eh? Doesn't do much for me.

I really liked Lauren's collection better than Whitney's plus these price tags are 3 figures before the dot. Lauren's is affordable, something I think we are all attracted to.

Alright, no spoilers please tomorrow, I have to get caught up with last season before I can watch these. I may sneak a little peak at the fashion tonight though. Probably will, yep I will, warn The Captain. He hates these two shows.

Update coming on the oil spill in a little while. They are trying something and I want to see how it works.

Use the comments section to place your vote. Which cast will get my vote? Can you guess, come on, you know me pretty well now.

Just a little note about yesterday, ya'll that was too fun, and check out what a new reader came up with, this is awesome.
Check out Meli Faif Life......CLICK HERE..... Be sure to pause her player on the sidebar before you play the video.

The Bumpkin


Same Sweet Girl: Memoir of a Southern Belle said...

Great post girl!! I haven't actually caught an episode of The City but I have always loved Whitney!!! I haven't caught an episode of The Hills since Kristen has been on it either. I loved her on Laguna Beach but I think she has changed into a super biyatch now from I can tell. As for fashion, I like The City better. It's classier to me. :)

I'maNolaGirl said...

Without Lauren Conrad on The Hills, my vote will go to The City. I have to admit, I think my vote was based partly on the fact that I just cannot stand Speidi.

I agree that I prefer Lauren's line. She has remarkable style. That yellow coat is to die for!

I'd say these shows are a guilty pleasure, but I don't feel all that guilty watching them!

Simone said...

Oh I am LOVING this post, loving it!!! Singing along to the soundtrack too.

I think I have seen all of "The City" but I know I missed the early "Hills" seasons.

LOVE, love, love "The City", not sure when it starts here. Love Whitney and Olivia...can't stand Roxy! Love the Olivia and Erin relationship, dying to know what happens at Elle!

Not loving Whitney's collection, nothing v. exciting IMHO.

LC looks different, has she had something done? Really like her, like Kristin too....Audrina needs to get a personality, ugh!

I do like "The City" more cos it's NYC and I love to see what Olivia is wearing. And I too cannot stand Speidi....something should really be done about Spencer Pratt, the most obnoxious, conniving person in the world, hideous man!

Not sure when the two programmes start here, hopefully soon! If my husband walks in and I am watching them, he rolls his eyes - and I pretend the TV is stuck or something. Definitely my guilty pleasure :)

Great post :)

Taj Acosta said...

The City! Hands down. LC isn't on the Hills anymore so it's no contest without her on there! I like both of the lines, But they are both fairly new, I'm excited to see what they evolve into. I think LC has always been clean lines and classic, and whitney is more Carrie from SITC. We need both influences to balance it out. Great post! xoxo

Morgan said...

Love this post!! I'm definitely going to go with The Hills. I'm a color kind of gal and the City girls wear too much black... but that just goes with living in NYC. That, on top of Whitney dressing like a hobo at times, definitely leads me to say The Hills.
I need to run home and make sure my DVR is set!!

Andrea said...

I'm going to have to go with The Hills, In my opinion it's more wearable. I do love me so Whitney Port, although I still prefer Lauren and her fashion taste. And I'm pretty sure Heidi freaks me out every time I see a pic of her, bless her heart, she looks horrible post-surgery.

Short Southern Momma said...

So sad to see The Hills go....I have been keeping tabs on these peeps since the Laguna Beach days! haha

Hope you have a great night! xoxo

JDB said...

Ok, you can call me the bumpkin if you must, but I don't get it. Not the shows, the fashion. Everyone in CA looks like a hooker and everyone in NY is...well...I don't know what to call it. Weird? Too trendy?

Then again, I'm straight out of a RL or LL Bean ad. What do I know?

Blair @ Reasonably Swanky said...

I watched the Hills marathin all weekend and its not the same without LC. I can't STAND Kristin. Looking forward to tonight and all the Heidi body/face drama.

MCW said...

I am going to have to say the girls of The City...and I think you know why :)

Elle said...

Oh bumpkin... you've lost me here... I can't stand the hills... I never could... I have just worked so hard for everything in my life that the last thing I ever wanted to do was to watch four girls strike it big in Hollywood "on their own" of course with mom and dad, and MTV's support behind them....

As for the city, I don't think I'll watch it either... I moved to NY right out of college, and busted my butt and lived in a teensy tinsy place... and I guess I just know that in reality most young people in the city have very little money, and no space, and very few designer duds... if it was completely fiction... maybe I could watch it.... but it falls somewhere in between being totally made up, and being partially true... and I dunno it just loses me...

I saw some of LC's clothes at Kohl's and was kind of disappointed... they cutest items from her ads weren't in the store... and what they did have just didn't wow me...

Gosh... what a debbie downer I sound like in this comment! hehe...

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

Olivia's wardrobe is amazing - she by far is the biggest style inspiration for me of both casts! Can't wait for tonight!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

I actually really like the super preppy colorful dress, especially on her beautifully dark skin. I like the loud/colorful thing. (I could only get away with wearing something like that on Halloween.)

bananas. said...

sorry but LC is one big snorefest to me. i stopped watching the hills because of her. frankly kristin is my favorite. she's by far much more intriguing than anyone else.

still, i don't watch that crap. i'm all about the glee :)

Join the Gossip said...

The Hills is starting right now in...well the city where it's taped ;) I think I am obsessed with this show because I love here in LA, in the midst of it.

I agree with the cast, completely. I really think that all of these shows are completely fake though. I know people who have been on MTV, all scripted. Either way--great entertainment!

I never got into The City for some reason.

Great post =)

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh wow all so interesting. We don't have The City here and I've only caught a few eps of The Hills.

I love hearing all the goss though. I liked some pieces from both Lauren and Whitney's lines. Lucky girls!!

I love that yellow coat too, fabtastic!

xoxo DJ

rena; mockingbird. said...

what an awesome post, could not agree more! :)

just stumbled onto your blog, please come visit mine!

x rena.


will be following :)

LouBoo said...

Ohh straight for the jugular with the first post of yours that I have read! You had me at hello! Love both but The Hills is a close winner for me...more 'drama'. But then on second thoughts - Olivia is a fave of mine and she is the The City....hmmm LB x