Monday, May 3, 2010

Worried Sick

6:30 Sunday Night
He's hasn't been home long, soaked down to the bone. Horrible storms here today, yet he spent the day on the boat. The only one out there, other than Coast Guard monitoring boats. The unknown scenario of the wildlife, had to come to an end. Someone had to take a look, do a little check up per say. It was rough sailing, but he went anyway. One look at the truck and it was obvious why it was backing the boat into the water. Animal rescue. The media surrounding the docks, grasping for a few words, a comment, and answer to their questions were left empty handed. Call in a Mayor if you want pretty little phrases to quote, My Captain had work to do, and we have learned our lesson. No matter what you tell the media, they publish and print what they want, so why even bother. No comment.
Two men out there actually doing something, and they were left with an empty basket. A few minutes of video coverage is the best they were getting from him today.
My niece called when she watched them go by from the beach, My Captain, and her better half, Ray.
She said, "The waves are too rough. They are rocking really hard, I can see them. I'm worried, they are pushing it to far. What if they don't come back? They are headed straight out to The Gulf, what the hell are they doing?" I tried to reassure her, tell her that I tried to talk him out of it, but he wasn't having it. 10 dead sea turtles, was the clincher, no more sitting around and doing nothing he had said. I told her he was brave, but not stupid. I told her he wouldn't keep going if he didn't feel safe. Then we waited. Me for the sound of the dogs doing the happy little whimper they do when their Daddy's home. Her at the dock, frantically watching for signs of them in the pouring down rain.
Everyone who knows they were out there wants to know what he saw. He only cares that all of you know.
First as we fore casted yesterday, the booms have completely broken apart, and are a complete failure.
Need more than our word as proof... Click HERE to read another man's report who hasn't learned yet how manipulative the media is.

Anyway,on to the good stuff. He trolled very slowly along the barrier islands, 5-7 miles of shore line he guesses. Close, as close as possible so he could take a good look at the edges of the islands for signs of life or death.
He saw no sea turtles, neither alive or dead.
He purposely sailed at feeding time for the dolphins. This is the time we usually are able to see them the best. Nothing, not one fin he said.
He said the islands were full of birds. Birds he says he normally sees much farther out, near Chandeleur. Pelicans, Albatrosses, Cranes, and Seagulls for the most part. Here's a twist though, several species he's never seen in our waters before at all. Brightly colored Toucan like birds, a treat to the eye of an animal lover.
Could some of those we worried about at Chandeleur have come closer to safety? We are hoping that was the case.

Seeing the birds, were not enough for him. He scared them, laughing he says if the media were there then, they would have called the Crazy Train. We flapped, we yelled, we clanked, and made all kinds of racket, to scare them. Why? To see how they reacted. I am happy to say, they flew, flapped, and squawked. This indicates no type of stress. Perfectly normal!

One of these guys was awfully playful at the dock as well, hanging close to shore is not unusual for these otters. Good thing I guess, especially now.
Another animal drastically effected by the oil spill is this guy:

This is Jibbs, are American Bulldog. Just ask Daddy, he's the best fishing buddy around. When the boat goes, so does he. Dear BP, please explain to this one, why he can't go on the boat with Daddy anymore. It's heartbreaking.
Everytime John leaves, he stands at the floor length window whining to the truck and the boat are no longer visible, and then he just plops down on the floor, and lays there till John comes back. No eating, no playing, pure depression. I'm going to see about one of the million lawyers that have flooded the coast this weekend, taking a case on Jibbs' behalf, for intentional infliction of emotional distress.
John says the smell of oil is almost overwhelming at times. It's getting closer and closer.
I can't paste the forecast map here, it's from NOAA, and you can't copy it, but click HERE to see. Alot of uncertainity, based on how fast the leak continues. They are trying some sort of dispersant chemical near the base of the leak that has been of some sucess today. Keep sending those good wishes and prayers our way. In the map I am where The S is in Sound where it says Mississippi Sound.
I will update as things progress, but need a little fashion break for today I think. I don't want to overkill you all with this.
Again, we want to thank all of you for you sweet comments, welcome our new followers and readers. Captain John says you pushed him at least an extra mile or two today.

We love you all, Semper Fi,
Captain John and his Bumpkin On A Swing


Anonymous said...

i love otters :D

x rena.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Thank you for the report and John for doing the hard yards and going out into rough seas. You guys are great.I feel so sorry for Jibbs too.

Sending everything good your way and yes honey you sure will need a fashion break. Try and take it easy.

hugs DJ

USCEmily said...

Thank you for this update and all of the others. I haven't yet commented, but I have been diligently reading and keeping up. This disaster saddens me, and I am thankful that there are people like you and John that are passionate about what is going on in the Gulf and care enough to do something about it.
Keep up the good work, and I'll continue to pray for the safety of the animals and a swift resolution of this mess!

Emma said...

All of this is just...insane. You and John are an inspiration with all that you are doing to help the animals out there. Sending you all the best and y'all and the animals will be in my prayers.

Juliana said...

You guys are INCREDIBLE. I have been thinking about you guys so much and everyone. Thank you for posting this.

Salt said...

Awwww Captain John! That last line made me tear up a little. BIG HUGS to you both and I'm glad there seems to be a bit of a silver lining so far to all of this. That otter is the sweetest little guy I've ever seen.

You know I'll be here when you do your fashion break. :)

Salt said...

PS. Thought of you yesterday...Zac P stuff finally ended up in my Target! Of course they are already sold out of everything in my size.

Lamp Tramp said...

You make me cry, and I'm crying too much already. I'm so glad I found you and your Captain and your amazing blog. I pray for his safety, so sorry that your amazing baby (bulldog) can't venture out into our rough seas with his daddy!
We flooded in Katrina, survived the horrible aftermath that brought on tremendous depression I just don't think we/I can take anymore. But I will try, I'm going to attend some of the clean-up classes to try to do my best to help out. We do smell oil, here in D.head, depending on the winds.

Looking forward to more of your informative posts!
Lamp Tramp

Elle said...

Hi honey! Been thinking of you all weekend long... sorry I went MIA, I was out of town for a girls weekend.

I'm so glad to hear that some of the animals have moved inland to be safer, but I sure hope they don't get stuck there as the oil starts to come closer and close...

Thank you for all the updates... and you tell the captain he'd better be safe!

Did ya'll ever find out where Greenpeace was and if they had any boats out?

Sarah Cook said...

I've been anxiously awaiting your updates everyday about this awful situation. I can only hope and pray for the best for your family. I wish you all calmness and peace as you deal with this mess.

Pinecone Camp said...

My thoughts are with you and your 'Captain'. What a disaster. You're incredible people. Take care!

Trish said...

My heart breaks for poor Jibbs! Thanks again for this update, so sorry to hear about the rough waters. Glad to hear that the birds aren't showing signs of stress. Matt and I support you both you later honey, love you! xox

Cool Gal said...

Thanks for the update. It's all so very, very sad. I'm praying for everyone down in the Gulf, including all the wonderful species. I am a HUGE animal lover and my heart breaks just thinking about it.

Hang in there.

Wishing you and the captain brighter days ahead. :)

Naturedigital said...

I am with you. Full time..
Dont give up.

Make a Roux said...

I'm worried sick, too, Bumpkin. I want to thank you and the Captain for letting us know what is really going on out there. Reports from folks in the area are what those of us watching from afar need, rather than media hubbub.

I'll be posting my thoughts shortly on my blog. It is a tough, tough time to be away from my true home in South LA. I've just started a new job, but hope I can get some volunteer time to go down there and do -something-. Sigh.

You, the Captain, and everyone who is even slightly affected by this crisis are in my thoughts right now.

Holly said...

Your reports are better than anything else I can find. Prayers and good wishes to all of you in the gulf coast! Thank you and Capt. John for all you do!