Monday, May 31, 2010

Captain John's Truth On The Oil Spill

Mornin' Ya'll, Thank God it's not a foreign country invading our shores. We have found ourselves defenseless.
Criminal prosecution for willful negligence, must proceed in order to eliminate the liability cap of 75 million. The investigative bodies who will determine whether or not willful misconduct was performed, ironically are the same organizations who have as much to hide as BP. We the people must hold our government responsible for their actions in this catastrophe.

Remember now, they sunk 90% of this problem.

It sucks waking up every morning, to a nightmare come true. Usually we can prepare, for the reconstruction or rebuilding literally or economically, but in this man made storm, it will take years to learn the full effect of the damage. I feel like BP, and the US Coast Guard have been hiding the facts from us all, and treating us like cattle, and leading us with the media.

And Tuesday, starts hurricane season, one they say could be a tough one. Can this spill become flammable on the shore line? Could you imagine the insurance companies fighting over the added liability of oil, wind, or water?

Why is there such a lack of coverage on animal deaths? Again, where are the toxicology reports on the hundreds of turtles, and nearly 80 dolphin deaths, that have been reported. BP's contracted rescue group Tri-State from Delaware, has been ordered by BP to remove information about animal fatalities from their website. Last week they were listed online.

The unseen environmental catastrophe below the surface, is unmeasurable.

We need to prepare for and expect the worst with this oil spill, based on the misrepresentation of the facts of this catastrophe. It's hard for me to believe the success of a relief well, is as hopeful as they make it appear. This relief well is expected to hit a 7" pipe, 3 miles under the surface. What if they miss? What are the chances of hitting it? We can't stop the leak, but we can hit 7",
3 miles down? The only thing we have to look forward to, is that it will be leaking tomorrow just as bad as it was today? Surely I'm not the only one who notices a tremendous increase in flow since the failed Top Kill attempt.

BP has purposely mislead the amount of oil escaping, because a 1920 Jones Act and the 1990 OPA, Oil Pollution Act, has their liability based upon how many barrels per day are leaking. Think they are telling the truth about those numbers?

This man made catastrophe has cost thousands of Americans jobs. I can only feel, the boycotting of BP stores in the United States would be another man made catastrophe that costs thousands of jobs. We must remember the 11,000 independently owned franchises also employ fellow Americans who rely on your business. Things are bad enough, less not shoot ourselves in the foot. I'm not saying go out of your way to a BP, but if it's convenient will you stop at one next time? If you wanna boycott somebody boycott MMS, and the US Coast Guard, we paid them to lie to us.
I believe we have suffered 1/3 of the oil we are going to suffer, based on the dismal projections acquired by BP spokesman. The scariest term that has been used recently should horrify
us all, " Black Tide."
On a personal note, my vessel has been activitated by BP for 30 days, I have attained all required training, and BP has called me twice in the last 5 days, to deactivate my vessel, so that other people have the opportunity to not work also. After US Coast Guard vessel inspection, spending hundreds of dollars, to bring my vessel up to my own safety standards in this spill, my First Responder services have been rejected by BP twice this week. How could this be, when you travel to the islands, and you are the only boat in site?
Citizens action committees along the Coast have been formed by our local municipalities. They have no supplies. No absorbent materials, no booms, no real plan. Common sense and hard work are going to solve this issue. We're gonna get dirty, our boats are gonna get dirty, we might even get a little sick, we owe it to our kids. Once again, I'm gonna say it. "Lead, follow, or get the hell outta the way!"
Being jobless gives you plenty of opportunity to prepare. Looks like I got about 20 years to prepare. I'm think I'm gonna buy a tamale wagon, and modify my profession.
Today let's remember the ones who didn't come home.
Support Our Troops, even The Navy.
Semper Fi,
Captain John

Always USMC


Marcie said...

Pretty powerful stuff. This whole thing is just down right scary. Thanks for the post. I love the conviction in your writing.

:) Marcie

Hazel said...

It is so sad! The images in your last post are phenomenal!

But what is even sadder for me, is the fact that this sort of catastrophe is happening so often now, that here in Australia we have barely heard about the aftermath of the spill! Of course it was on the news when it first happened, but since then nothing!!!!! We had a spill on a smaller scale here just last year!

Why don't they do something to change their methods, so that greed doesn't override commonsense and our children can enjoy all the things we appreciate in nature!

:) Hazel

Melissa Blake said...

Stay safe! xoxo

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Yep, even in the states, I am getting the real news from this wonderful blog. I salute you, Captain John and the Bumpkin. It seems you are as much at war over there as the soldiers overseas. Thank you for keeping the fight going.
With prayers, love, and faith,

Dee Stephens said...

nightmare indeed. I don't understand why they wont let the locals help clean up. Just stupid. Pray for a solution.

Lamp Tramp said...

Thanks, Capt John, for your real info on the spill. I'm so sorry for all of us that are having to deal with this catastrophe. Keep us posted with the truth.
xoxo! your neighbor,
Lamp Tramp

Malisa said...

I don't understand the apathy of people in this country! Seems to get worse each year. I am signing up to follow your blog. I like the truth you speak...unlike the governor of my state, Texas, who said that the BP disaster was "an act of God".

Naturedigital said...

Something must be done. nd be done soon.
So far Its only words.. half truths and lies we are hearing..
And everything being destroyed.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Thank you for the post even though it is just so awful. You guys hang in there.We appreciate the truth, cause it sure is not coming from other sources.

Juliana said...

Le sigh...I think that so many people don't think about this enough. It ANGERS me greatly when people turn their heads because something is not happening in their backyard. It really is...this is our country and it is a horrible situation that is not being talked enough about. I know it is down there...but the only time we hear about it is on the national news. Those images are so heartbreaking and my heart just aches...

Salt said...

Thank you so much for this, Captain John. And I hope you had a great Memorial Day.

I'm with Robyn. If it weren't for you and the lovely and wonderful Bumpkin, we wouldn't even be getting a full story. It makes me so sick and sad.

Tish Jett said...

Everyone in the world is watching, hoping (and I trust many praying) that someone will find a solution.

The animals -- it is so tragic.

I read today something new will be tried in the next few hours. Let's hope.

Pink Champagne said...

So sad! Sending lots of prayers and warm wishes your way...

Bama Girl said...

Capt. John & Bumpkin, keeping you in my thoughts as we're expecting oil over here tomorrow or Thursday. So depressing, is there an end in sight??? Honestly I've been on the verge or crying or throwing up all day today. XOXO to you both and thanks for telling the world the way it really is.

Glenn said...

Thanks for getting the facts out. I have been wondering about why so little coverage of the animals is out there on the news, or anywhere.