Saturday, May 1, 2010

Captain John's Update

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Good Mornin'
We are truly going rogue, due to uncoordinated response to this catastrophe of a lifetime. I feel that each individuals efforts will be eventually combined to solve this problem.
Winds are pushing the slick directly from the south at 24 mph.

The lack of experience and coordination is resulting in poorly placed booms, companies from Texas and Louisiana are in Mississippi responding to this crisis, yet they don't know any of the local waters. The don't speak English, and can not clearly be told the information they need to know to perform the duties that we are counting on them to perform.

Let these local boys that have shrimped and fished these waters their entire lives, place these booms. They know these reefs, channels, islands and waters with their eyes closed. For the government not to be tapping into the local resources these men know is a shame. These booms are being placed for the cameras not for the oil protection, they are ineffective. The oil is topping all of the booms because of the waves, and again they are completely ineffective. The booms that are in place will protect less than 1% of the shoreline coast.
Photo taken from Captain John's office
I personally completed an island search yesterday, the waves were 5-7 feet. We found no victims yesterday, I don't expect the same luck today. My buddy Tommy and I are going out to search for birds, turtles, and dolphins in distress. We have personally supplied paper suits, rubber gloves, cleaning supplies, fresh water, and have a completely self contained rescue rig, consisting of one boat, one truck, two men, and a huge shrimp net dissected into rescue nets. If necessary the barn will be used as a bird recovery center. Dolphins and turtles will be immediately delivered to IMMS. For any mammal emergencies simply call 1-877-SOS-DOLPHIN.

I firmly believe there is much more oil coming from that well, than they are claiming still, since there is no way to gauge it, why would they over estimate it? Is BP trying to minimize the effects on our environment, or minimize the effects of their responsibility. Who cares whose to blame it's time to act, we can worry about that later. We'll have plenty of time with no jobs, or ways to make money later.
See the birds in the oil and the boom washed ashore?
We are not innocent victims, we use that oil, our communities thrive off the profits of the oil, and the jobs it creates, let's face it our economy runs on transportation. The true victims are the wildlife.
We need to cut through all the red tape, any ridiculous governmental requirements, and insurance needs, let's do what's right, RIGHT NOW.
The oil was exactly 40 miles out yesterday, 2/3 the way through the Chandeleur Islands and the birds that I have shown grave concern for. I am sure that it's completely covered in oil by now. These islands are made of mangroves, less than 10ft above sea level, with 10ft waves and a high, high, tide, it couldn't be worse.
You can't find a shrimp or an oyster on the coast right now, every one has been bought. Every vendor's outlet has massive lines, we know it's gone so we are grabbing seafood while we can.
Much like the response to Katrina, the lack of coordination is extensive. The lack of common sense is obvious.
This is not the government's fault, this is the fault of oil production solely. BP hid it from the government, they lied and misled our government, and then the government manipulated the media into downplaying the impact to save face. Remember now BP only leased this rig, they did not own it. BP has assumed responsibility for now, but inevitably will put it on the procedural responsibilities of the owner.
The animals don't have time for a preliminary hearing, they don't have time to see if they qualify for assistance. Bust a move people!
You talkers keep talking, and we doers will keep doing.
Going to prep the rig now, and yes I am still heading DUE SOUTH, hope my boat will take it.
Right now the news is saying:
130 miles long and 70 miles wide the slick is now. They are estimating that the spill is 5 times worse than thought yesterday.
Keep sending all those good vibes and prayers, we are sure gonna need it!
By the way did you hear that Obama is no longer flying in Air Force One, he is now flying solely in Marine One (insert chuckle)
Update: BP has just called me, and said that they have placed my Captain's information into a database, and should they need someone for animal rescue they will give me a call. Are you kidding, there is no one better trained at this than I am. Perhaps they are waiting for the preliminary hearing, of course I'm not. If you would like to contact them here's the number they just called me from 713-401-0663 (insert a much heartier chuckle)
Semper Fi,
Captain John


Jen said...

Seriously now, didn't anyone learn from Katrina and the lack of action??? This is so crazy. C'mon government, c'mon coast guard, c'mon BP... DO SOMETHING!!

Just checked and you're not on chat, whated to let you know there was none of that kind of fun in tampa... Big Bummer, I know!!

MCW said...

I was thinking about the oil spill last night before bed. Again, it seems so far away to me, but you two writing about really brings it up close and personal. It kills me that this could destroy the community of fishermen and people who lives off of these waters for years to come...Thinking and praying. xoxo

shari @ little blue deer said...

Thank you for this post. I trust you a million more times than I do the news channels and media. Thank you for keeping us informed of what is REALLY going on down there.

Naturedigital said...

The best i can do for you is to join my prayers with the others, for the less damage this disaster will do environment and you living there.
wish you all the best.

Geez Louise♥ said...

Girl this is all a big mess! And for one BP is in major trouble. Hubbs is saying that they are going to be sued for all the money our states are having to pay to clean this up, when infact it is not our place to be using our money, BP should be paying for this disaster they have caused. And as of yesterday CG Strike Teams from all over are helping clean up in La. I think they shoudl let the boys that know the tides out there, I think they coulf provide much more help. Just be safe out there Bumpkin and John too!!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

It's hard to know what to say. It is so incredibly frustrating just reading about this from afar. I can't begin to imagine the emotions you are going through. I keep sending nightly prayers and daily thoughts your way, hon.

Dustjacket Attic said...

I had to show this to the Mr as well, we have been following it here, interesting to get the real state of things. I just get so frustrated when things are not done properly and they are not using local knowledge, C'mon BP do the right thing ....

You guys hang in there, sounds like you are truly doing your best, my heart and prayers go out to all of you.

love DJ

Hope Chella said...

Holy Shrimp!!!!

PreppyBumpkin said...

My heart breaks for the Gulf Coast region ~ its residents, wildlife, marine life, ecosystems...

I agree that it's bound to be much worse than *they* are saying. We KNOW how far off they were with initial estimates. And, I can't imagine what it will do to local economies. I'm sure there are many communities who's lifeblood is shrimping, oysters, etc.

Hoping Captain John and you stay safe. You're in my thoughts and prayers.