Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday's Amazing Pink and Green Images

I have been really into photography lately. The more I learn, the more I see in each picture. It's a statement of life almost. Slow down you're missing the good stuff.

So simple, so lovely, I'm buying myself some laundry line, to do some shots of my own like this. I have some great ideas for this staging.

I can almost feel the sun on my face, and smell the flowers.

Anybody want to help me talk My Captain into a sofa like this? Look at the lamp shade covered in tulle'. DIY would be easy breezy.

These floral adornments that are the trend now, make me feel so lovely when I wear them. What makes you feel that way?

I adore the ribbon and bow in this one, such a soft touch for the old weathered leather.

Lovely little bow shoes.

Bokeh, my favorite. Beautiful party lights for a wedding, baby shower, or a girlie event of any type.

If all works as scheduled tonight I will be attending a Sex And The City Lingerie' Event here locally, and will be able to grab some fun shots to show you, as we gear up for the event 8 long days away. Cross your fingers I make it, a bit of a scheduling nightmare has appeared on my agenda page today, but I'm gonna really try. Love the undies in this one, boy cut and flattering, so pretty with the little flowers. Also, I don't have any pink stockings, but perhaps I will add that to my wish list. Love these, and the garter belt they attach to.

Did ya'll see The Pink and Preppy Lilly Lover Trish's Wordless Wednesday post yesterday, titled Day Dreaming Under A Tuscan Sun? Click HERE if you missed it. The second I saw this picture I fell in love with it. Do images ever grab you like that? So Bumpkin this click is.

I loved the music playing to her post as well. Paolo Nutini, a Scottish Pop Star. I think I played that song Last Request 100 times yesterday.
Speaking of Trish, guess who has me hooked on Lilly Pulitzer now. I need this dress. Yes, I said need. A captain's girl, who else would wear this dress right? The B@TYC would have to turn their noses up at someone else. This is called The Sullivan Nautical dress, listen at me, I am so preppy it's killing me.
I may in fact need this one too!

Here's a funny story, I stole this image from someone's blog a while back, and it was titled sarahklassenvia. So, some time later I start following a blog called Haute Design. I later fall in love with same blog, and learn more about it. Guess who the author is, yep this image via Sarah Klassen. She's amazing click HERE to go visit lovely Sarah, and do tell her The Bumpkin sends my love! Really now, get, go you don't want to miss it!

Love the retro furniture, and the door in the background on the armoire.

Here's a picture that makes you go hmmmmm. What is it? Twine, crochet yarn, no not quite, what the heck is it? Pink and Green is all I know for sure.

Look at this cool click here. Taken with an underwater camera, it's a hibiscus bloom as it sinks to the bottom. I duplicated this in the sink, to see if it was real or photoshopped. It's real ya'll!

Amazing what pink and green photos will pop up when you search for them. Look golf club cover thingies in pink and green. Unbelievable!

On my impromptu shopping trip this weekend I noticed alot of lace out there. Scratchy on sunkissed skin, but a lovely trend this summer. Airy too for us Southern coastal dwellers.

So what did you think of the belly dancers yesterday? I thought the images and costumes were splendid. Lot's of women are taking belly dancing lessons, no not me, but some women. This belly ain't having a public viewing anytime soon though ladies. Not enough sit ups, as My Captain would say. Another interesting set of pictures I am saving for a WW in the future, includes this one. Gypsies, oh la la!
Okay, well my pink and green folder is all empty now, I'll have to start saving again.
The Bumpkin


LouBoo said...

Wow - what a great set of images! I love that 'scroll down' feeling with posts like this where you never quite know what is going to come next! You didn't disappoint! Lou x

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Ok, I am in love with this post! That nautical Lilly dres?? I NEED it too! Holy moly, it's so cute! And the golf club covers are precious. This was a successful pink and green Thursday, if I do say so myself! xoxo

MCW said...

Craking up at how Tish turned you to Lilly. You little prepster!!!

g e o r g i a said...

Awesome post! I am sure the Captin would love a pink sofa :) Ya know I was thinking the other day I wish I had a clothes line, I will have to use my mother's! Have a wonderful day :) ps, I played along today, if you have time stop on over!

Salt said...

LOVE that maxi dress!
I know I don't look like I would love Lilly, but oh I do. I actually wore a pair of Lilly pants earlier this week!

Definitely come back with some shots from that show! I'd love to see them!

Mrs. Potts said...

Like I told Trish yesterday, these posts of your I save so that I can come back to them again & again & savor the textures, the fabrics, the softness, the hardness, the fuzz...

I love the harshness of that bright pink pair of sunglasses against the backdrop of a bright green (slightly hazy) corn field.

Trish's post yesterday was perfection. It took me away & gave me a mind break on a difficult day. I see this one of your doing the same thing for me several times over.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I love the first and fourth pictures! Absolutely lovely!

Elle said...

Stunning... Love the sunglasses, and the last picture... the last picture.... and those floral lights... stunning! I am dying for a gorgeous backyard and some fantastic lights to string up all around it!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I would definitely push for that pink floral sofa...sooo pretty! And that tulle light fixture is a great idea. I want those pink shoes with the cute little bows! That lingerie picture is pretty. And I can't wait to see your gypsy post in the future! Great pink & green post! Have a great day! :)

Pink Champagne said...

Pretty, pretty pictures! Loving both those Lilly dresses too - I'm sure they will look gorgeous on you! And the SATC lingerie party sounds like a blast - can't wait to hear about it!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Can't wait to see your pics from the event! All of these images are amazing! Glad Trish is pulling you into Lilly. The ones you have here are amazing. Good luck with the blue dress, if you decide to get it! Love the other as well.

Super pink and green post! :)

Jen said...

Hey Babe! How the heck do you find such amazing photos??? I mean really, this must take you hours! That green couch is one of my faves, as well as those green and white tights! But that garter? Man is that HOT!!

Trish said...

Hi Honey! Tee hee! I am patting myself just a tiny bit for turning you into a Lilly lover, I just think it is so cute that you've slowly warmed to the idea! I don't think I forced it on your too much, did I? :) xoxo

Once again brilliant job, your pinks and greens are stunning! That shot of the DC mall is gorgeous, how in the world did you find that one?! I am now desperately in need of hot pink Ray Ban Wayfarers thanks to you (enabler!! LOL!) The leaf on the clothesline is gorgeous, let's play in your greenhouse, I'll bring my camera and fancy lenses and we can go to town staging clicks together.

I somehow doubt we'll talk John into that sofa, but it is definitely pretty. Love the tulle light fixture, we could totally DIY that baby up! So glad you loved my WW, inspired by you as always, thanks for the compliment and the link :) That image is SO YOU, I squealed for you when I saw it. I'll add to tumblr for you (unless you beat me to it HAH!) That hibiscus photo is absolutely unbelievable, and thank you for verifiying it is real! I'll go check out Sarah, if she gets the Bumpkin seal of approval, I'm sure she is lovely!

Thank you so much for playing and for everything sweetie. Love you!! xoxo

Jules said...

I love looking around to see what everyone has for Pink & Green Thursday! These images are so beautiful. The 2nd photo with the pink sunglasses is too cute.

The laundry line is an excellent idea and the lampshade covered in tulle is lovely.

The bow and ribbon on the throw pillow is a beautiful touch against the masculinity of the leather sofa.

Have fun at the lingerie party!

I just got the Lilly catalog today and saw the Sullivan dress. So perfect for summer!

The retro furniture photo looks like something from Liberty of London. I love that.

I cannot believe that hibiscus photo is real…wow.

Those adorable golf club covers make me want to learn to play golf!

Lily Lemontree said...

So pretty!! Lady, you sure know how to pick'em!

OceanDreams said...

You always have the prettiest photos, which is why I stalk you on Tumblr, lol. Those dresses are gorgeous, you should get one!

Lori said...

Loving the pink and green and found myself with a brand new folder myself. I will have to play along sometime soon. I am sure whatever you want the Captain will agree to... Hugs from Canada!

Sarah Klassen said...

Thank you so much for the kind mention—I'm blushing! What a lovely collection of photos you have put together...I am enjoying your blog so much :)

shari @ little blue deer said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous posts! I love the green satin bow pillow! I did see the Coach bags, they are amazing and isn't it great that the lovely ladies are all bloggers! Gooo, us! XO!

Makeupthoughts said...

Hey bumpkin ..on a totally unrelated subject...which nude lipstick did you end up going for ...?


Dustjacket Attic said...

Hey sweetie, another great P & G post! I so know what you mean about photography, there is so much to see, it makes you stop.

Oh lovin' your Lilly choices, so cool.

Sarah is fabulous and just adore that picture of her's. Shes so nice too.

Hope you made it to the SATC lingerie party, sounds like fun to me!

hugs & xxx DJ

Meg said...

You should do a post with "the best of"...take all your fav pictures from a wordless wed and put them in 1 post.