Sunday, May 16, 2010

Deception Runs Deep ~Captain John's Oil Spill Update

Good Morning,
Sorry I'm a little late this morning, I have been pulling the wool out of my eyes, just trying to see clearly through all this purposely, misleading information.

There is a sea of oil under the surface. The Pelican, a deepwater research vessel, has the truth. The ASPCA is on site. BP has no animal training for first responders available. While taking BP's most advanced cleanup course, I discovered by calling the phone number to report wildlife in distress provided to 180 Class 3 Hazmat training attendees Incident 252, is disconnected.
I have had that corrected.
BP must be expecting a tremendous landfall to hit our shores based on the massive staging and training of cleanup workers, that have flooded our area from Texas. While the local professionals that know our waters, all enrolled in The Vessel of Opportunity Program, that BP has dangled in front of us for the last several weeks, sits idle. One good thing, these Texacans have filled the hotels, restaurants, and supporting industries. These workers are being recruited by out of state contractors to perform our job for peanuts. Meanwhile, we sit with our hands tied behind our back waiting for this catastrophic landfall of tar balls and sludge. What BP refers to as weathered oil. I don't know a fisherman here, that's looking for a handout. We are hardworking men, and we want the opportunity to protect what's ours and our children's. We would do it for free if they would give us the equipment. It's not just a paycheck for us, it's a way of life, and it really matters to us. You would be amazed and proud of the number of volunteers that have come forward waiting to be used. The volunteers in Mississippi could defend our coast. I am all for people getting jobs relative to this cleanup, no matter where they're from. But BP promised to put the industry effected by their greed, to work first. The lack of communication and coordination is obvious.
It's hard to believe BP and the government didn't have this containment plan completley laid out. These dispersants have been pre-approved, right? The Pelican says a huge area of oxygen depleted sea exists in that water at this point. They estimated one plume of oil, as they referred to it, to be solid, 10 miles long, 2 miles wide, and 300 feet thick. These plumes exist from the 4000 foot depth, to just below the surface. You can hide the oil from the cameras, but not from the wildlife that exists in the sea. The fish are floating up by the thousands to our local shores, the dolphins and sea turtles are floating up to our islands and shorelines. Local media says it's not the oil, could be there is no oxygen in the water. Does anyone know what a jubilee tide is, that's when all the fish float to our beaches, because there is low oxygen in the water. They're not dead yet, they just flop around at the surface. Here they blow a loud horn in a specific sequence, and everybody runs to the beaches to grab the fish, for eating. In a red tide, the fish die and then wash ashore, because the oxygen is insufficient to sustain life, resulting in masses of dead schools, that's seems to be what we are seeing now.

My theory is they are right; it's not the oil killing the animals, it's the dispersant. The dispersant's reaction with the oil depletes the oxygen, which is the worse case scenario in my opinion. In could cause a generational species loss.
We already have what they call a oxygen depleted zone, referred to as a dead zone, at the mouth of The Mississippi River, due to toxins that travel downstream. It's DDT, as well as other toxins, created by the agricultural industries up river. The handling of this spill has the potential to increase that dead zone tremendously.

One shrimper even reported yesterday in open for fishing, fishing waters he pulled in a whole net full of oil, and oil infested shrimp. The decks of his boat was covered in oil, as well as his catch, and he was in OPEN fishing area. The price of local seafood is skyrocketing as we speak.

Our local community leaders learned alot from Katrina, yesterday they asked BP to pay 7.5 million dollars a month for the three Mississippi Coast Counties, in tourism advertising dollars. Perhaps if we had 7.5 million dollars of preventive equipment on our beach front, those would be better dollars spent right now on this situation. Thank goodness, a company like BP has the resources to handle a situation like this? Can you imagine if it was dumped on someone like Halliburton?

Much more effort by BP needs to be immediately directed at the wildlife affected by their spill. Hiring one agency out of Delaware to handle every animal emergency is nothing short of irresponsible, and our government's backing of that decision is even worse. Can you belieive only 20 birds have been affected by this so far? That's less that one a day. Do they have crews collecting dead animals and hiding them from the public? Where are the animal people? Where is PETA, American Humane, you know the big ones? The one's who are suppose to show up when it's a really big deal for the animals. The ASPCA is here. A bigger question, are they here, and the media has been instructed to not make a big deal of it? It's hard for me to believe that the not here, but I haven't seen them yet, not with my own eyes.

BP is steady rejecting offers from people who can accurately calculate the amount of oil being spilled. They claim the response would be the same, and it doesn't matter. It is much greater than is being reported, as is the coverup.

I'll Keep You Posted,
Semper Fi,
Captain John


stylebyrachael said...

Wow. That is all I can say. And thank you for sharing your first hand look at what is really going on.

Juliana said...

I watch the news every single day and have been thinking about everyone so much. My husband works at petco and they have been collecting hair. I know that there were mixed reports about it, but at least it can be used for smaller spills. That you for updated us. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers.


Captain Sir, I read every word. 1st I think you should take La Isla Bonita off your music player...not quite as serious as the situation calls for. I agree with almost everything you said. Except. I'm a Texan from Houston...the oil capital of the world; maybe the people coming in understand drilling, cleanup, etc. because they are ALL from the oil industry.
I think if the US Marines could help BP would call them in. Personally, my family & I, all who love the water, think this is hideous. Making those crew members sign a legal document was only the beginning of a giant PR department and Public Affairs VP responses which was ridiculous. We know one of the execs with Oceaneering, they're working around the clock. But, maybe we should ask academia. Where are all the Chairs of Petroleum Engineering departments, where are all the masters of the universe? OMG, where is Sir Richard Branson who knows how to fix anything? Just don't put the Texans down. Any of us would work free also to do ANYTHING to help anyone anywhere, and history proves that is a fact. Simper Fi
Sir, respectfully, Marsha Harris Scott 713.679.1181

shari @ little blue deer said...

Thank you again for the info. It is really much appreciated.

BonjourRomance said...

Thank you for the update Captain John. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and thank you and your wife for making a difference!!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Thank you Captian for this report, it just sounds horrendous and so frustrating. I cannot imagine how you all feel.
xx DJ

MCW said...

Thanks for the update. Was just watching the SNL opening skit...I had a laugh. But, this is so not a laughing matter...

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

Keep the truth coming. Keep faith and strength. Our prayers continue.
love to you and the Captain.

Cheeseboy said...

Despicable. I'm with Robyn, keep the truth rolling forth.