Friday, May 14, 2010

Tickled Pink Friday Favorites

I missed Pink and Green Thursday, I was overwhelmed at work. So, I decided to play Tickled Pink with Holly @ 504 Main. Do ya'll know Holly, if you don't you are missing out, she's a hilarious DIY Queen.
But since it's Friday, we need our Favorite Fix, so I combined the two into one! I am really loving pink these days, but I am finding I am particular to two shades, blush pale pink, and electric hot pink. Not so much the baby pink. So away we go!

Favorite Dustjacket Attic Image of The Week: When I decided to play Tickled Pink on Friday Favorites, I was worried that my favorite Dustjacket Attic image of the week, was not pink. Lucky I was late, as I almost fell over when I saw this image in my reader today. DJ has ESP, and a new puppy!

Favorite Fabulous Pink Shoes of The Week: CLOU's you aren't surprised are you?

Favorite Pink Fashion of The Week: Gisele The Legs in this Fabulous Pink Coat that I truly NEED, it's a physical need, you understand right ladies?

Favorite Fabulous Pink New Blog Find: Absolutely Ladylike Eve, My new Blog Crush lives between Hungary, Norway, and China, and has impeccable taste. I said pink today, right? No problem, Eve has got us covered. Absolutely Ladylike is a Pink Haven, Ladies. I know you are going to love Eve as much as I do.

Which brings me to the Handbagasm of The Week: Found on Eve's sidebar, Valentino Darlings.....

So I heard over at
Lemons and Laundry
that Ms Katy Perry was Maxim's Top 100 #1. Love her, a Fashion Diva in my book. Stop by and visit Marcie, she needs some more followers, and check out the rest of the top ten while there just click HERE
Do you ever want to just get in your car and drive far and away, and hide for a day or two? This is how I have been feeling lately? I just need some time to myself. Not that I don't love My Captain and The Boys, they haven't done anything wrong, it's just that sometimes life can be so exhausting, I just wish there was a halftime. Do ya'll ever feel that way?

So what's your plans for the weekend? Captain John and I are going to get out and see what's going on with the oil spill, and we will be posting regularly over the weekend to fill you in. We have learned a lot, so stayed tune. I would so much rather us spend our time at the beach doing this though:

Happy Weekend,
The Bumpkin


Sandy said...

I just love all your "pink"1
following from "504 Main"... now let me go read your blog...

Love your quote in the top right!


Simply Mel said...

Every single part of this post just tickles my fancy leaving me blushing in Pink heaven!

Looks like I have some lovely new blogs to go checkout....

Wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead (with a huge hope in finding some good news to report on the oil/beaches).

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I totally love Eve, I just love looking at her gorgeous page...soooo pretty.

Thank you darling for the link love and yes I'm getting told off by puppy for being on here right now, always wants to play or be near me.

Beautiful post and hope you and Captain have a lovely weekend, despite the happenings.
xoxo DJ

Holly said...

You have tickled me pink now! That hat....I want it! The shoes, the bag. I drool every time I am hear and at Eve's place...her blog is dreamy! Thank you for playing with me today! I want to run off to a big city where I can dress like this everyday.

g e o r g i a said...

This pink post was "HOT" pink alright! I adore your blog! Hope you and The Captin get to frolic on the beach! I will be sure to read your truthful updates on the oil spill!

Mary said...

That purse!!! Love!!!

Delightful Bitefuls

Marcie said...

You are so sweet! I love all the pink, and the shoes are my favorite (as usual)! Have a great weekend. :)


A Casa da Vá said...

Always lovely.... and I am so craving a road trip right now, great reminder! I will be checking the blogs you referred!


Short Southern Momma said...

Girlfriend, these are fabulous!! I am dying over those heels! Hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet friend! xoxo

Cheeseboy said...

Katy Perry is very attractive.

Poppies and Sunshine said...

Fabulous pink! I especially love that first picture..and those pink shoes...and that purse..okay maybe every photo!

LouBoo said...

Hello there Bumpkin - wonderful pinkness. I sit here with a cuppa tea enjoying those images! Enjoy your weekend my new friend. Louise x

Simone said...

Hi honey!

LOVING all the pinkness, just gorgeous! I loved that DJA image too, that dress is amazing :)

I am a fan of Marcie's too - more people should read her for sure.

I was surprised that Katy Perry was no.1, I like her but feel the vote definitely reflects the age I imagine most Maxim readers to be!!

Thinking of you this week-end xo

{all things tickled pink} said...

I love this game! The first picture is gorgeous...and those peep toes are to die for!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

sinnlighet said...

You made me so happy with your wonderful comment on my blog. Your feedback is one of this week's cyber- highlights.

Your story about Katrina feels deeply into my swedish heart. I've been in New Orleans and lived in the French Quarter, oh what I loved the Mississippi river!!

Your pink post, one word; LOVELY

Lots of love


Lori said...

Loving your pink post ~ especially that purse! I too have jumped back on the pink bandwagon the last couple of years after having nothing to do with it for awhile ~ must have something to do with the 80's and dusty rose for sure! Hope you are having a great week-end.

BonjourRomance said...

Fabulous pink post. I love those pink peep toes! Off to check out thse new blogs.
Hope this finds you and the Captain well in spite of all that is going on.
Good weekend,

Chris said...

Here's hoping your trip found no or little oil.

Paris Pastry said...

I DO understand! Love the "Clou's"! Thanks for introducing me to these fabulous blogs!

Kimmy said...

Greetings Bumpkin On A Swing,
A woman can never own too much pink! I wanted to tell you I received The Prolific Blogger Award and am passing it on to you. You can pick it up at KimmyStyle.
I wish you a most joyous weekend, cheers!

R&Я said...

this post is great! everything is so cute and girly =] have a good weekend!

Trish said...

Hi my sweet friend, you know I am insane over this post, absolutely smitten with it ALL! We must each be on the lookout for a fabulous new pink coat - definitely a must have. Running over to check out Eve. Miss and love you xoxo

Meg said...

I am in love with that first pic. Hope you don't mind, but it is going on my blog!!! Great post!!