Sunday, May 23, 2010

Captain John Sees Mega Deception

Good Morning Ya'll,
It's like waiting for a hurricane to come in for 6 weeks. Just wait, and wait, and wait. My original concerns for the animals, is now a reality, and it's crunch time. This problem will soon be a global problem not a local problem. There's a fine line between an accident and criminal negligence. Where are the criminal indictments, and do they include governmental entities, MMS (Mineral Management Service) in particular? MMS is second only to the Internal Revenue Service in generating government revenue. So would the government look the other way to generate more revenue. Were they encouraged too? Did they allow the oil companies to become self-governed, like the legal system?
In 2008, two MMS employees, were literally cited for having brief sexual relations with oil officials. The corruption in MMS has been well known for many years. Who's responsible? MMS collects more than 12 Billion dollars a year in royalties from gas and oil companies. MMS auditor Bobby Maxwell, said in a 2005 deposition, and I quote, "I would say that MMS has done a very inadequate job of pursuing any type of fraud." "I believe the record is non-existent on that." A 2008 probe by the Interior Departments inspection general, found oil and gas executives had plied employees in a MMS royalty office with gifts, booze, and golf and ski trips.

Now MMS needs 20 million dollars more, for their safety inspector budget. As drilling increased from 2000-2006 MMS reduced it's safety inspectors, and it's royalty compliance office, by 75 positions. So as the oil companies grew, MMS shrank.
I personally would like to know, if criminal charges can be applied to the responsible party for the destruction of our environment and wildlife. Surely this is a crime, and surely the largest crime scene to date. Would the same agency in charge of MMS, be in charge of prosecution? A slap on the wrist is not in order.

Here's what really going in our marshes. Nesting season is in full swing, as is shrimping season, oyster season, and sport fishing. The lower links of the food chain, have suffered first, to an unimaginable extent. We all gauged hurricanes on Camille until Katrina, this will certainly be the precedent for years to come.
The next to suffer in the food chain, will be the birds, the turtles and the marine life. The millions of fiddler crabs and blue crabs that these animals eat, can not out swim the oil. They will burrow into the sand and die. If eaten while infected, the next link in the chain is broken. Where are the cameras, why do we get the same pictures over and over again? Where are the toxicology reports of the hundreds of animals that have washed up on our beaches over the last month. Remember now, they didn't die due to the oil.
We know, it's the dispersant. BP has chosen to disregard the EPA's demand to stop using that dispersant? Why is that allowed, why is someone not being arrested for contempt of court for continuing to use this dispersant? It's time BP ride in the back seat of their own car. We must take control of this situation without politics, and the all mighty dollar dictating our decisions.

Let's end today on a better note okay?

Smokin The Sound starts in an hour and a half, some of the fastest boats in the world. Their team helicopters can barely keep up with them. They will be racing in Biloxi today. We will have a front row seat, on the water. Trying to enjoy it while we can. We're not getting in the water.

Semper Fi,
Captain John

This guy is an exception to The Newie Rule: Please note Joey and Rory in this video. You should see them unplugged.


g e o r g i a said...

I am at a loss of words! My hope and prayer is the truth(publicly) will be exposed! Thank you for the TRUTH!

Elle said...

I see you added the oil button... I love it!

I can't believe the EPA told them to stop and they are still using it.... just how inefficient can our government be... maybe inefficient isn't the right word, how about corrupt?


Bama Girl said...

I hope you guys have a great time at the boat races today! We wanted to come over for the event, but too much fun here yesterday. :-)
MMS is sooooo corrupt, doesn't matter which party is in charge in Washington. Sad but true.
Hang in there! XOXO

Dustjacket Attic said...

I cannot tell you how mad, angry everything I feel ... which must be nothing to how you guys feel. It's like stuff you watch in movies, seriously.

On a really happy note....I JUST SAW my name in lights on your sidebar....THANKYOU SO MUCH for your blog love... big hugs and kisses. DJ

Simply Mel said...

SICK, SICK, SICK! At least the truth is told here....

but how can we get out to the masses? The million dollar question.