Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Mornin' Jams With Captain John

Mornin, It's Cap'n John. I decided I didn't want to scare you off with only oldies, but I need to explain.
There are a few Newies But Goodies, out there. I'll try to swap it up a bit, but still want to give you a quality Sunday Mornin' Jam. I think everyone could use a little of that.
The Bumpkin forgot to tell you of one very important compontent in my jammability. The Pinnacle Bass, it just makes this song..

I'm old ya'll and I ain't promising alot Newies, and for me; Newies include anything after Metallica, and ya ain't gonna here no Metallica here.

Today there's a greenhouse to be built in Louisiana, but next week I'm heading Due South, with a pole or two. Weather's nice, and it's that time. I gotta a Boat Jam or two, I'll share with you.

If you and your man are headed to the Redneck Riveria, and wanna come by the swing. You ladies can go to the casino, shoe shopping or whatever the hell you do that costs so much cash; but jus' tell your fisherman we can take the little boat out by the islands for the big one's. You might not recognize the bait, but you'll get what you're needing out there, not just good fish. Make's for a good one. I'm up for fishin' any time, I'll have the boat ready!

Alright, crank it up, and go make some breakfast.
No You Tube, don't like the mix, go straight to the good stuff, with the link below.
This one's for all you Bumpkins.


Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Should the occasion ever arise Ladies, slip those Louboutin's off and take the ride on The Big Green Tractor. Trust the Bumpkin on this one. ;)

Erika said...

Oh my. This straight up reminds me of college. Does that sound weird?

Trish said...

Captain John + Bumpkin = cutest couple EVER.

Love "Big Green Tractor" - I also personally love Jason Aldean's "Laughed Until We Cried"...Both songs me smile :)

Hope you lovebirds are feeling better and had a great weekend!

Slumber Designs said...

Awww... how sweet!! I love how Captain John helps you with your blog. Does he have a brother? ;-)