Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Morning Ya'll

Morning ya'll,

Here's a little bit of Mississippi live from New York City (said Pace Picante style)

While test driving the "office" yesterday, I have determined that the automobiles and appliances, and destroyed boats, left in the Gulf from Katrina, have succumbed enough to the salt water, that I won't have to replace the propeller on the boat this year. As a bonus, these items have created artificial reefs holding a variety of bait fish, being pursued by 5lb specks, and 40lb Reds.

The water temperature is 60 degrees, a few more good sunny days, and we'll hit the ideal fishing temperature of 72 degrees, at which point The Bumpkin will take over the Sunday blog. Not to worry, they are Sunday Jams on the boat, Rockford Fosgate that creates waves all it's own.

I'm looking for another good Newie for next week, but just can't seem to find the right one, any suggestions you guys? I'm stuck now between The Eagles and Elton John for next week, so I want some feedback, not to say these aren't worthy of Window Shakers, but finding a Newie is a challenge. I must be old.

Out of pure respect to the international response to The Bumpkin's blog, we realize you Aussies don't get to jam till Monday morning, we are attempting to develop a plan to adjust to the time difference. Send us some suggestions from your way too.
What were the classics in your day? Keith Urban is pretty high on my respectability list for a Newie but Goodie.

Here ya go, crank it up! This is my version of a Hair Band (insert a bold hearty laugh). Check out the crowd, and how much fun they are having.
Click here for a great live performance:

Semper Fi,
Captain John


Slumber Designs said...

Good Morning!

Oh how I love live music! It just can't be beat. I noticed the new page header this morning too... LOVE it! Was it your idea or the bumpkins?

Chris said...

That is just cruel, teasing us land bound folk with reds. Was supposed to go to Perdido Key for the red's run last fall but work intervened.

It's been two years since I fished because I refuse to fish freshwater, it's no fun plus, with all the nuclear weaponry stored in Oak Ridge, god knows what the fish have in them!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Good's Monday am here ~ loved that clip, great music.

Mmm music suggestions...will have to think about that one...Pete Murray is cool and laidback.

Love the pic on the header, sweet.

Have a great day,
xx DJ

Brianna! said...

Love the new blog heading photo!
its lovely

Slumber Designs said...

OMG... I just realized I wasn't following you. So guess what that makes me?.... Your 100th follower!!! How crazy is that??

Yippee... Bumpkin as 100 followers!!!

Trish said...

Matt and I both thoroughly enjoyed this performance! Matt said to tell John 'rock on man, can't wait to jam together and maybe do a little fishing too' :) Hope y'all had a great weekend!!

OceanDreams said...

Yaaay music and a new header too. :)

desi said...

Hi there Captain John! :)