Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Captain John's Sunday Jam

You'll remember in this post, I told you of The Cerwin Vegas, pushed by a 400 watt Pioneer, hooked to our 100 inch video system, makes for one helluva of a window shaking private concert. This happens a lot around here, and I have decided to share these times with all of you.

The Captain is 7 years older than The Bumpkin, and I get to enjoy things I would have otherwise clicked right by. Oh the things I have learned............I can't help but feel in my day we were cheated a little. Captain John hates hair bands, and you'll never hear Sweet Cherry Pie rattling the windows frames here at our house. As a courtesy to our neighbors, we installed thick doors and double insulated windows.

Most of these jams won't be something you hear everyday. These will be classics from the 60's and 70's. The best of them.

Couldn't get this one from You Tube, so click and enjoy.

The percussionist in the gray vest, is AMAZING!
8:43 AM CST---I noticed the link didn't work. I think I have it fixed. I can't access the website, can someone comment and let me know if it works?

The percussionist in the gray vest, is AMAZING!


Trish said...

Link is most definitely working! I adore Hall & Oats and that live version of Sara Smile is AWESOME!!! The Captain has fab taste. You two are so cute :)

Short Southern Momma said...

Good stuff girl! "She's Gone" is one of my favorite songs! 60's and 70's music rock! xoxo

Short Southern Momma said...

I so know what you were talking about yesterday with the kitchen cabinets too....my momma has 2 glass "corner" cabinets and the rest regular...mine would never be clean or pretty enough to pull off more that that! {haha}

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Currently now jamming to She's Gone Southern Momma, thanks for the pick me up.

Bethany said...

I love Hall and Oates. Rich Girl is one my favorite songs of all time!

Jennifer T said...

good stuff!