Tuesday, March 2, 2010

And I Quote....Stacy London

"Don't get hung up on the size. If you feel bad about yourself because a 12 is what fits, take a Sharpie, and write '6' on the label."~ Stacy London

Stacy is the co-host of TLC's What Not To Wear.

Favorite rule of thumb:
If it doesn't match anything you own, don't buy it. It will never match anything you own.

Favorite splurge item:
Shoes from Christian Louboutin. A girl will just never truly know what it means to be a flirt without them. They are pure sex on a stiletto.

About her favorite movie: "I love 'Scarface.' First of all, Michelle Pfeiffer's wardrobe in that movie was to die for. I know the entire screenplay. I basically could recite almost all the dialogue, which is disturbing, I realize. But I am sort of a teenage fanboy locked in a girl's body. I'm so into it -- guns and drugs and sex and long fingernails and satin jumpsuits ... what's not to love?"

A quick fashion fix:
A great pair of high heels; a good shade of lipstick; a stiff drink.

Stacy's biggest fashion pet peeve is anything Jennifer Lopez or Pink is wearing.

She is the co-author of Dress Your Best.

Her favorite shopping website is www.candycouture.com. Younger less know designers make top fashion affordable.

Her favorite designers are Yeojin Bae, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Yves Saint Laurent,Mat and Nat (me too Stacy, My Mat and Nat purses are some of my favorites).

What's she most famous for.
A perfectly styled guise will get a memorable "Shut Up!"

When I was on the cusp of 40, someone suggested I look for famous women who were 40 to console myself a bit. Knowing that Stacy is 40 makes the fabulous attainable in my book.

The Bumpkin


Tara Gibson said...

love that quote from stacy! or just cut the dang size label out of the clothes haha

Trish said...

Stacy is so fab! She can do no wrong in my book :) I think you need your own show on TLC!!!

Slumber Designs said...

I love Stacy! I love how she and Clinton change not only how people look on the outside but how they feel on the inside. I love seeing those transformations!! Stacy... you can go shopping with me any day!

Bumpkin - How in the world do you chose your daily posts? You have such a great way of being both interesting and versatile. I just never know what I'm going to get when I pull up your post each day... and i love that!!

Mi Vida Bonita said...

Ahhh HAAA what an idea! Love it

Slumber Designs said...

Oh, and sent you an email earlier. Just wanted to make sure you got it :-)

MCW said...

I like the stiff drink! Always makes me feel sexier...

Kate said...

My wedding dress was a "Split Size" - ie: bigger on the bottom, smaller on the top. Angel Sanchez put the smaller size on the tag. Which is why I LUUUURVE him to pieces. If that's not a fabulous gay boyfriend, who is?

Also: I TOTALLY dig Stacy L's gray streak that she refuses to dye... absolutely love it!

The Girl Next Door said...

This post makes me love you more than I thought I could. Awesome. My new crush: Stacy.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Ha she sounds like a real character, gorgeous looking too. Would love to get her show over here :(

Hetty Summers said...

Many thanks for stopping by my blog. Lovely quote. I am looking for a sharpie as I'm typing, excellent idea.


Jennifer T said...

great quote about the size tag! she sounds like a classy lady!

ColeAndJosephine said...

I lOVE Stacy London, especially the streak of gray she leaves in her hair!

trishie said...

Stacy certainly looks so fab!

Bella Michelle said...

Stacy rocks...wish I could rock a swish of grey like she does!