Thursday, March 4, 2010

Idol Chit Chat Top 20

I twittered with some folks I hope to see here today, through both shows. That's was really fun. Can't wait to get more of you watchers over there, and make it an even bigger party.
Who's twittering through the Red Carpet on Oscar night?
Highlight of the night was Michelle Delamor, performing Creed's "Arms Wide Open".
THE VERA WANG DRESS NOT THE SINGER OR SINGING! Did you see the dress? Vera was there to see it too! Coincendence? I think not. She stinks ya'll.

Alex Lambert, MTV described it as a "mullet with butterfly wings" The Underdog, rears his ugly hairdo, so to say. "Everybody Knows", by John Legend. Top two of the men's night for me. He'll be back, and I bet Simon signs him for some odd little Indie label before it's over.

Sexpot Casey James, it was decent. A great song, "I Don't Want to Be" by Gavin DeGraw. I also think he smoked the doobie meant for Lee Dewyze, as he almost seemed high, but maybe on himself.

I think we can all agree that the girls are better this year than the guys, I had a tough time staying interested during the guys.

Michael Lynche, 100% improvement with "It's A Man's Man's World" by James Brown. Captain John's pick for the men, how does he know this crap? I hate it when he's better at my stuff than I am. Simon even loved him. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Crystal Bowersox, was sick this week. If she didn't perform she had to go on her way. Disqualified.
Peform She Did! She played an awesome cover of CCR's "Long As I Can See The Light."
It was like hippie church on Sunday morning. Man was she fantastic. Folks there's a pretty good chance this Mamma is our next American Idol. She wouldn't have played the sympathy card if her life depended on it. Love that about her.

Andy Garcia has to get the guitar back or he's history, according to the Music Gods at MTV. Blah, at best.

Didi Benami did Lean On Me. She was okay, but the judges especially Simon were horrible to her. I like her, I do, and Ryan Seacrest really does. Did you notice the chemistry? Rollback the Tivo and watch it again. There is something going on there. OTM (Opinions That Matter, i.e, MTV, Radar, Entertainment Tonight, Reality TV) say that Didi is going home.

Jermaine Sellers, doing Marvin's "What's Going On" was so horrible that he had to state that, "If you believe in Jesus, text to my number blah, blah, blah." Not the forum to push your religion, nor is it the forum for someone who sings as horrible as him.

Haeley Headband did Miley Cyrus' "It's The Climb", worse than most karaoke versions of this song I have witnessed. Enough already with this little girl. Enough; her voice is wretched.

John Park doing "Gravity" by John Mayer. The final insult in my book, please America I hope we sent this one home, I'm not sure I can take another week.
MTV stated he sunk like a stone. I agree.

Katelyn Epperly doing Coldplay lucky for her, and playing the piano too! Something about her says the judges, and me too, let's see, I think she did enough for next week.

Tim Urban, bless his cute little heart, sang "Come On Get Higher" by Matt Nathanson. I don't think we can get high enough to tolerate his awful voice. Bottom 3 tonight, but I think he will squeak by, he was only the 3rd worst, and he was awful.

Lacey Brown, love her look! If not for the Vera Wang dress, she would have gotten The Most Fashionable Award from me last night, but her performance was a C. Great song choice for her in Sixpence None The Richer's "Kiss Me" Kara's suggestion from last week. She's adorable, but I'm not sure about her vocals for the final few shows when she doesn't get her own song choice. Simon say's she's not memorable. I would like to punch him just once in his gonads. Leave my little AI Fashion Diva alone. MTV say's she is a goner. Radar, maybe next week. I'm crossing my fingers and toes on this one.

Todrick Hall, in his silver lame' dinner jacket, who slaughtered Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It?" is headed home. Frightening. Awful, go back to dancing honey.

Katie Stevens, with another old song, she's not ready yet for this I'm afraid, she's not sure of the type of artist she wants to be according to Simon. It's a shame, I was rooting her on because of the whole G'Maw thing.

Last up on The Men's night, was my favorite of the guys Lee Dewyze. Now I had a heinie tingle as Ree says when the intro to Hinder's "Lips of Angel" was cued, such a sexy sensual song. It quickly died during the performance. I bet you he's a grunge rocker in real life, and has no idea how sexy and marketable his rocker preppy looks are. He has got to get some confidence. Regardless, he's here for awhile at least. The pants pulling up stunt, judges reamed him, I think it was memorable, and maybe just a bit sexy with the timing. I think he needs some coaching from a woman, on how to use his sexy and he could be the next AI. Volunteers?

Siobhan Magnus was the final of the girls night. If you're either first or last it alludes that you will be around for awhile. Voice is magnificient, stage presence eh not so much for me. Were you surprised she use to sport a Mohawk? Come on, ya'll tell me that didn't shock you. She wasn't all that brave in attempting Aretha "Think" in my book, that's an appropriate song for her. The judges quoted her as fearless. She's got Aretha pipes down pretty good, and nailed a gigantic note, that shocked even Simon. Remember now, this is My Captain John's pick, and I've told you before, how accurate he is can be stunning, I see her top 3 at least. What does she need? A dress, some heels, and a little KatVonD tattoo concealer here and there, something memorable is my point.

Alrighty Then........
Who's going home?
Can I have 3 girls and 3 guys for an attempt at accuracy here?
Girls----Horrible Headband Haeley Vaughn, Paige Miles, Lacey Brown (please no, no, I love this girl)
Guys-----Todrick Hall, John Park, and Jermaine Sellers.

Results show tonight. I'll be twittering my thoughts if you want to play along, however due to some unfortunate, and completly accidental spoiler tweets last night, I'm going to try to be a wee bit more conscious of what time zone you are in, before I comment on your page. Sorry BEB you know I love and respect you!
The Bumpkin


Bethany said...

i love the hippy mom and Lilly the most!! seems like there's a lot of bad ones this year...more than usual.

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I agree Bethany, sorta makes for a long show here at the beginning at least.

OceanDreams said...

I liked your little preview because I have this recorded but have not watched it yet! I am not sure who I am rooting for yet because I think it is still early but I am enjoying it, that's for sure.

Thanks so much for your encouragement in regards to my healthy decision! :)

Dustjacket Attic said...

Another great run through, sure sounds like the girls have it!

I liked your movie post, I love guessing from one pic. I think I know 12 of them.

re comment Gosh half way through, doing really well. Ah so you got Harper's, hope it was a good one.

With the music I was going to put on ACDC It's a long way to the top, you know support the Aussies, what with hot Eric in the post.... but I thought my readers may not like it :o

I've just seen them in concert and they kicked ass that's for sure. For their age they are amazing.