Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm Loving It!~Friday Favorites

Favorite recipe of the week: Bananas Foster French Toast found over at Inn Cuisine one of my favorite recipe sites. This is what I'll be doing while ya'll are jamming with
The Captain on Sunday morning.
By the way, please leave him a comment if you drop by, I love the way he smiles when I read them to him. It's childlike almost. He asks me 20 times on Sunday, to check to see if he has comments.

Favorite color photo of the week: The photo itself is a great shot, as far as technical things go, but the release of a rehabilitated injured Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle makes me cry. You know how we are about Sea Turtles. I want to have this one blown up to hang in the entryway to our home. This is very me and Captain John. See all the people that gather for these releases? It's very soul touching to say the least!

Favorite black and white of the week: Loved the pic of Jay Z, I centered my entire wordless Wednesday post around this picture on Wednesday. Did you guys notice I worked really hard and grouped and resized this week? I don't have one clue about Jay Z, except that he's married to Beyonce and doesn't allow her to talk about their relationship. I kinda have heard of that one New York song, but this is a fab, fab, fab picture. I have learned that when doing b & w photography for best results everything, clothes, props, must be black and white. Rule over at an online seminar was "When photographing black and white, photograph black and white." (Get it?)

Favorite new find: Mihaly Martins Here is just one more hot flash for the week:

Favorite dress from a favorite new blog I found:
Meet Emily from If I Can't Wear Heels.......I Don't Want To Go (how cute of a title is that?)
I love fashion, etiquette, cooking, the South, champagne, and decorating, Emily says about herself...
Our kinda girl right readers?

Arden B Rose Front Tube Dress

Favorite shoes of the week: In pictures not on my feet, Oscar de la Renta Spring 2010 line

This week's desktop background image:

Favorite quote of the week:
"She belongs among the wildflowers, she belongs somewhere she feels free." ~The Time Traveler's Wife (So Me Ya'll)

Favorite Home Decor photo and idea: Found over at Slumber Designs, Check out the whole post Jen did of all the really cool stairs.

So plans for the weekend. What are ya'll doing? The Bumpkin has done everyone else's taxes, but failed to do mine, so that's on my list. Maybe a sexy sunset cruise on the boat, with My Captain, and maybe a little spring clothes shopping.

The Bumpkin


Mrs. Potts said...


The banana's foster French Toast sounds super delish. Send me some??

Love the yellow dress - so pretty!!

I highlighted you this week on FF.

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i've had creme brulee french toast but not good ole bananas foster. i miss home so much.

i love those tights. i need them now.

MCW said...

OMG. That french toast looks AMAZING!
Loving that yellow dress. It would look dumb on me, but a girl can dream!
Have a fab weekend!

Slumber Designs said...

Girl, I need to start posting more yellow!! I love it when you mention my blog :-)

As for Emily... I just checked out her blog and love it! Great recommendation.

Oh, and I just emailed my 20 year old brother the b/w Taylor Swift picture. He's her biggest fan! I didn't even recognize her when I first went through that post... not sure who I thought it was ;-)

Slumber Designs said...

I see you're almost at 100 followers. Way to go! What are you going to do to celebrate??

Kayla said...

I love it. That banana's foster picture made me drool!

Bama Girl said...

Love it all! :-)
Left a little present for you on my blog - please go check it out! XOXO

Trish said...

What time should we be over for breakfast on Sunday? I'll bring the mimosas! (Oh man makes we wish we were still living down south and could actually do that! Rain check, please?) :)

In all seriousness, that recipe sounds TDF!! And quite romantic too ;) I'll be sure to stop by and leave the Captain a little lovin'!

Sounds like you have a pretty full schedule this weekend...hope you get to have your sunset cruise and get a little retail therapy in. You've been working so hard, you deserve it!

Love you! XOXO

Emily Kathleen said...

Yay! Thanks so much for mentioning my blog :) Love your blog too! Bananas Foster French Toast sounds amazing!