Monday, March 8, 2010

A Bumpkin Find & A Gracious Giveaway

Remember me telling you on Friday about my favorite song lyrics...Those Rolling Stones lyrics are a great reminder in our tough economy right now. I always try to remember these lyrics, when I'm angry that I can't spend $250 for highlights these days. I sing them to myself while shopping even.
I was over at Etsy tooling around a couple of weeks ago, and look at the pendant I found at The Lyrical Lady shop.

Dating myself, I must say That's So Groovy!

I was so intrigued that I asked The Lyrical Lady where she came up with the idea, and I loved her reply:

The idea for Lyrical Lady and creating glass pendants with classic rock lyrics, came from my Mom. She is a huge Beatles and FleetwoodMac/Stevie Nicks fan. We had been admiring scrabble tile charms at a craft show and she commented how they were kind of small and that she would like one with a picture of Stevie Nicks and the lyrics from "Gypsy" So we discovered glass tiles through all the wonderful Etsy sellers and started making our pendants, and everytime I wore mine, I would get compliments and requests from people to make them one. So eventually Lyrical Lady was opened up on Etsy, and it has been a lot of fun!

For you Michael Jackson fans:

Then I discovered you can special order your favorite lyrics.
I asked The Lyrical Lady
which other lyrics had been special ordered, and here's a few things I never even considered till she mentioned.
I have made a few pendants with Bible verses, verses from poems, lyrics from songs I have never even heard of, and lines from movies. I did a custom order for a wedding where they ordered a different pendant for each bridesmaid and groomsman with an inside joke, it was pretty funny. I pretty much can create anything that has special meaning to someone. I joke that I am saving people lots of money because instead of getting their favorite song or quote as a tattoo, they can wear it around their neck for under ten bucks!

She suggests for the square tiles 10 words or less, or for the rectangular tiles like mine, 20 words or less. Remember the John Mayer quote I loved. "I believe that my life's gonna see, the love I give, return to me." 14 words, bingo. Can't wait to put my order in for this!
From Forever Young by Rod Stewart

You can even buy your choice of anchors for the pendant at The Lyrical Lady shop as well. I asked The Lyrical Lady herself which one was the most popular. And she replied:

My pendants are sold without a necklace but I offer several styles in my shop. My favorite for the square pendants is the silver plated ball necklace with the tiny 1.5mm balls. Another great look is the 18 1/2" black leather cord necklace, the rectangle style pendants look great on this. I started selling colored ball chain necklaces this year, and the black ones are very popular especially for men.

From one of the greatest songs ever written. I don't have to tell you from Imagine, by John Lennon, do I?

Love this one.....with the picture and the lyrics.

Good one from Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar

I wore my pendant on a black cord with a red turtleneck on Friday, and everyone I met, had to read it, and raved about how "cool" it was. I was surprised with how many younger folks recognized the lyrics.

Here is a little about the lady behind this awesome shop.
My name is Lisa, I live in Missouri with my husband of 2 years, Mark, and 3 children. Jemma 19, Zach 15 and Gavin 21 months. I am currently a stay at home Mom, after years of working in banking as financial services rep. I love to read, cook, sew, all kinds of crafts, felt (both needle and wet felting), and garden, to name a few of my hobbies. I have 3 different Etsy shops right now, I am down from 4! My sister says I have Craft ADD, because I am always starting new crafts, and then moving on to the next thing that catches my fancy. I want to try everything! I believe in the power of positive thinking. Whether it be a meal for my family or an item I sold on Etsy, I always think warm happy thoughts to pass on to others.

Lyrical Lady Lisa was sweet enough to sponsor a giveaway here at the swing. One of you can have your favorite too! I have so many ideas for gifts, I will be keeping my shopping cart loaded over there. Since Lisa is sponsoring, anyone who reads has a chance. Visit The Lyrical Lady over at Etsy, and come back and tell me which one you want, or did you do your homework this weekend and come up with your own lyrics?
Again, old rules don't apply, visit the shop and leave a comment on this post to enter. Winner announced on Friday. Tell your readers about The Lyrical Lady and get two extra entries, but let me know the link to your post.


OceanDreams said...

she looks very creative, thanks for a fun giveaway!

Simply Colette said...

Love your creations, such original necklaces. Thanks for stopping by last week! Hope you have a fantastic week. xoxo

Bethany said...

I have found many a treasure on Etsy! Love. that. place.

Anyway, my favorite one was a toss up between the Forever Young ones (I love that song!)and the Don't Stop Believin' one. I guess if I had to choose ONE it would be son't stop believin!

Great giveaway!

Bama Girl said...

Oh what a great find and a cool giveaway! I suppose my life song would have to be "Living On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi so I love that one! :-) Have a great week! XOXO
p.s. Don't you love that I like to deep sea fish? Surprises those who only know me as frilly and prissy. LOL

bananas. said...

i am obsessed with song lyrics. more than i am of poetry. these are kick ass!

and funny thing, some of these songs were sung on glee.

yes i'm a gleek...stop rolling your eyes. haha.

have a great week!!!

Emma said...

What a great find! These necklaces are great. I would probably want to have one made with some lyrics by Joshua Radin's song "No Envy No Fear"...can you guess which ones? "Have no envy, no fear" :)
Thanks ladies!

Erika said...

As if I needed another reason to love Etsy. These are so wonderful! I am fairly certain I will be ordering one tomorrow.


Very clever design...
loving the Rod's Good Lord lyrics~

Beth's Blog said...

oh, I love the landslide one :)