Friday, February 12, 2010

Sunshine On A Snowy Day

Wordless Wednesday this week, I sent you all a little message. I actually put a lot of thought into these posts, I could just post a picture or two and run, but well that's just not fun, so I attempt to share a thought or a message. It's almost like our little secret.

The first week I told you I wanted to wear red shoes in my wedding.

The second week I loved purple, just a phase, but I shared with all of you.

Then there was the message I sent you about wanting to buy a yellow umbrella.

You ladies get it every time, even if you don't know you get it. Go back and look at the post and read the comments. They all went something along the lines of "Now I want to buy a yellow umbrella." Bingo, you got it!

This week's message, was that I have The Winter Blues. Seems like we haven't seen sun in months. Cosmo, The View, Oprah, Dr. OZ and all our other "authority" figures say winter blues is from lack of sunshine. It's true. As I told you in my WW message, even "The Boys" have it, too! They mostly stay inside, with an occasional peek out the doggie door, and then back to the couch or the pillow in the floor for another nap.

Today in Southern Mississippi it's snowing. I can count on one hand the times that this has happened here. 1996,2004 and maybe one other time in the 70's. It's beautiful, especially if you see it as rarely as we do. It's not sticking to the ground, but at least we find flurries.

Now you know The Bumpkin is not a Negative Nancy, but this winter has had a death grip on me, like none before. Tonight is Mardi Gras in my town, no I'm not going. Perhaps it's the amount of Saints festivities for the last few weeks, but I'm just not hyped about it this year.

I'm literally aching for sunshine. A pedicure, flip flops, a sunny morning on the swing, with the birds chirping as the soundtrack. A cup of coffee that doesn't turn cold in two minutes flat.

A boat ride toward the sunset with my Captain, or a day of fishing for him, that I can spend curled up in the bed with SITC or on the back porch with Jo Mamma.

A dry book left sitting on the swing shelf, that I don't have to unstick the pages to finish reading. Blooms on my plants. There are blooms in the greenhouse, they have no idea how cold it is outside, but I'm not even able to open the door, for fear of destroying the spring facade we have created in there. A shedding of heavy clothing, both literally, and emotionally. No one particular problem weighing on me, just a bit of a sour mood ladies.

What gets me through? The blooms in my heart all across the world, who stop in on this blog, and spread their sunshine. All of you...........

I would love to name each of you, and turn all my readers on the fountains of spring they have yet to discover, but I am fearful that I would forget someone. From Australia to Alabama, somewhere between Dallas and joining her husband soon in California. The mermaid in DC, happy little elephants that take pictures in the bathroom, a lady stuck in Maine. A Kitchen Queen or two in Arkansas, a baby we prayed for very near by. A wise coffee drinker in the city, much to wise for her age. A Guitar Hero's girl. A birthday banana, a Baroness, a mother who passes out white stars. My soon to be new mommy, who I talk about preventing stretch marks with. My fashion Divas. A lady working from home in a turquoise office that inspires me and makes me believe in having a backbone even if it's not the southern thing to do. A mojito drinker, and a bride with blue eyes. A girl raised in the South, the Alphabet Lady, A vintage photo lover that makes me drool on a daily basis. A rockstar in DC, who has the cutest little puppy I've ever seen. A teacher, who is always cooking up something good, whose cooking language is very simple. A former morman or two in Utah, kicking it up a notch and heading to HGTV.

A rancher's wife, and a pastor she knows. A nibbler teaching me to cook the fancy things, da one who makes da roux, an ocean dreamer, a former Louisiana girl who reminds me to pay my respects to the Deuce. A Friday dazed fellow quote lover, a loyal commenter who has her fingers crossed in NYC, a headboard designer, and a French teacher. A beachy kind of lady, who rolled the dice and never looked back. No butcher, but a few bakers and even a candle maker.
I can always head to the virtual swing for a little pick me up. Never fails, one of you ladies have my back, and I love you for that. Nothing like a new follower when you're having a really shitty day. You all are the sun beneath my shine, and any other corny sunshine phrase you can come up with. How about, you leave me walking on sunshine, or the classic, you are the sunshine on my shoulders. Anyone else care to make a stab at it. Come on, how about you are my pocket full of sunshine.

How appropriate it is that today I received The Sunshine Award, from Trish a Pink Preppy Lilly Lover. If you can find a phrase that fits you somewhere in this post, let's post this to our sidebars and remember that spring is on it's way. Thank you Trish!
Hope you have a
Valentine weekend. That's one thing I'm gonna enjoy about this cold. Snuggling with My Valentines, both four legged and two.

The above picture was shamelessly stolen from La Jeune Marie. Catch her on my sidebar!

The Bumpkin with a secret stash of sunshine in her pocket!


Jennifer T said...

awwwww, that was so sweet! i recognized mine and a few others descriptions :) made my heart flutter!! how about this are my sunshine, my only sunshine!!! glad youre feeling a bit more sunny today! have a wonderful weekend and a lovey valentine's day!

MCW said...

I love your shout outs!

Have a perfect Valentine's day!!!

Bethany said...

Awwww, I LOVE it!! Great post. Thanks for mentioning me, friend.

"The sun will come out tomorrow, but you gotta hang on til tommorow...Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow! You're only a day away!"

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

Wonderfully sweet! The perfect way for me to begin my Valentines weekend. Wrap your arms around yourself and give a hug from me. Thanks for bringing me some sunshine!

southern daze said...

What a lovely post! I know what you mean about being ready for sunshine and flip flops as I'm right there with ya :-) Thank you for such a sweet shout out. I hope you know you bring sunshine to all of us as well!

Trish said...

What a wonderful post! Glad to share a piece of your sunshine! Sending hugs for a happy weekend for you little lovebirds!! XOXO

bananas. said...

awww lady...thanks for the shout out. you're too kind.

happy valentine's day for you. hope it's filled with lots of sunshine and love, kinda like this post ;)

Slumber Designs said...

You are such a dear! But honestly, your posts do so much more for me than mine probably ever do for you. The pictures, the words, your thoughts and your insight - exactly why i love your blog so!

Happy Day to You!