Monday, February 15, 2010

I Got Sunshine

Ahhhhh Just what the doctor ordered, well not really a Dr. but A Mermaid that counts right?
And there was sunshine, just peeking through the cold, but yes it was there, and the birds have returned. Won't be long now.
The sweetest comments from my support group, they made a Saturday super special.

I know this weekend was for the one you love, but my weekend was shamefully about me, and he encouraged it. Rest, relaxation, and minimal laundry done. I am recentered now, and ready to proceed forward with all things life.

There was a perfect blue topaz ring, large and out loud it is. Bold, and beautiful.
A big pick me up. Swiss Blue, a favorite and a birthstone.

I may have ate way to many of these. Which do you think were the best, bronze, silver, or gold? Silver was coconut, and a tastebud treat, but yes gold. The gold I am sure.

I watched Season 3 and 4 of SATC (how dumb was I on the sunshine post, and I thought you all were abbreviating incorrectly, I am straight now, and leaving that little incident for authenicity purposes). This season's love story ending with two envelopes one for when she misses him, and one for when he misses her. Swoon ladies.....left me swooning. Those envelopes and the song Moon River tucked in my Love Bank.

I made one or two other investments into My Love Bank this weekend as well.

No rush of romance at 8 years, but a steady roll of forever. The sweetest of all, forever.
I find my friends to truly enjoy a weekend in bed, it requires fresh sheets and duvets, pretty pajamas, makeup, and a super size side of lazy. Now you try it. Make the bed really nice, get all gussied up, complete with red lipstick, and spicy slightly dark perfume, run and jump back into it. Really makes a difference in the way a girl feels. The brunch in bed was not bad either Captain.

In so many shapes, sizes, and from all types of people, it is true.
All we really need is love, the rest sort of just falls into place.

Tell me girlfriends all about yours.

The Bumpkin


Slumber Designs said...

What a pretty and thoughtful post. I too had a relaxing and love-bank-filling weekend. It was nice. Not fabulous, not outstanding but not bad either. Just nice. I like those kind of weekends. Funny how your words expressed my weekend exactely. Love ya girl!

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

I agree - perfume to bed is a must!! Glad you had a lovely rejuvenating weekend!

Landlocked Mermaid said...

oooh YUMMY! that is the perfect weekend! thanks for the shout out.. My friend, you truly know how to live it up in style. xo

Mrs. Potts said...

I LOVE the Mermaid! And I should have included you as well in mine today - you're part of my tribe too, you know!

Solar Powered said...

Great post. The sunshine brought me out of hibernation today...felt great!

Kathryn said...

I found your blog via Solar's and just LOVED all of your Saints posts and pictures. You have a collection of great ones that I hadn't seen yet!

Looking forward to getting to "know" you!