Friday, February 19, 2010

Isaac Mizrahi NY Fall 2010

Come here you fabulous man, and let me give you some southern sugah on your sweet little cheeks. I love you in a passionate fabulous way dahling. I will see you at Target, and in the flat screen on QVC. I'm giving you a $1000 limit so give me your best Isaac.

Would have loved this for The Black and Gold Mardi Gras Ball. I love being next season instead of last season.

This screams Tara to me. Also love the nude shoes.

Faux fur season's thing sadly.

I'm tingling here....tingling...those snotty bitches at The Yacht Club, would pee a little when I adjoined to the veranda in this baby.

We'll call this one Fashion Foreplay. It's actually ruby red you'll see in the video down below oh but wait......

Ditch the jacket, but the dress....Please join The Bumpkin in a Fashion Orgasm!

You'll see this floral pattern again, and in a skirt. Hello Michelle Obama Inauguration gloves.

Do you love the floral leggings or hate them?

Fabulous dahlings, just fabulous.

Liking the black faux fur handbag, much more than the rest? What do you think?
Although my thought here is the "crap" I sit my purse in on a daily basis.

At first, my reaction was housecoat, but I keep coming back to this orange coat. With the champagnes and cocoas of the season, still debating, but I'm thinking maybe a yes.
Okay before publishing, I just wanted to come back here and add a yes for sure. Champagne pants and a shell..YES! I think it's the Johnny Weir like model that keeps throwing me off here.

Orange.....yes.....yes......don't stop..........yesssssssssss..........only for us brunettes though. You blondes get the golds, we get the oranges and reds.

Love this jacket. There is a purse to match, but I couldn't find a picture of it, but if you watch the video the second model of the show is carrying it.

Loving those orange beads on the champagne sparklies. Leggings again in orange tones.

Faux fur everywhere for fall,especially the hoodies and purses. However this was my favorite of all in the mossy green again. She's also the crowd's favorite you'll see in the video below. I'm hoping the next winter is not as bad as this one, and I don't have much of an opportunity to explore this fad here in Southern Mississippi. You'll see more of the fur in an upcoming favorites post from other designers. This dress is made of the exact same material used for liners that Captain John wears on the boats,at least it's warm, but that's it for me.

The browns, and champagnes are so comforting, but the tulle, you younger ladies will have to wear this for The Bumpkin.

Same floral leggings here this time in the green and golds.

The verdict is still out with the faux fur purses for me. However, if ever one else has one, than by God, I'm having one too!

This jacket is certainly memorable. Muted mossy green in the pants is attractive, but not loving the high waist. Good news apparently we don't have to brush our hair this fall either.

Okay that's enough drooling, if you want to watch the entire event here it is.
The Isaac Mizrahi You Tube Police missed this one. There is a champagne dress in there that I could not find a picture of as well. You'll know it, it says Bumpkin all over it. You are able to see much more of the shoes and accesories in the video, than you can here in the pictures. It's worth it.
Catch the red floral swing coat at 4:10, sequined tap pants at 5:30, and the champagne dress at 7:50.
When you finish watching,
talk to me
I want to hear your thoughts of Fall 2010.

Love you Fashion Divas that stuck through to the end of the post with me.

The Bumpkin


Tara Gibson said...

sequins.... fur... im sold! : )

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

I knew you had to be a brunette - of course! How could a blonde be this fabulous!? LOL

Trish said...

Oh dear are too fab for posting this. Of course I waited through the entire post! Fashion Orgasm! OMG I heart you times a million. XOXO

P.S. - Of course will do NOLA & Commander's with you - Pinkie swear! XO

Slumber Designs said...

Einey Meeney Miney Moe... Heck, I can't have just one, give me all of 'em!! And Love how all the dresses show a little leg. Great fashion post girl!

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

I'm going for vintage hats,long jackets and victorian vintage this year! :)

Jenny said...

I just finished watching Tim Gunn and this was a nice little sequel to the show. I'm weird but I think I like the floral leggings. Thanks for a nice diverting post.

bananas. said...

i'm always sucked in when sequins are involved. love it!