Monday, February 8, 2010

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

The New Orleans Saints have won The Superbowl.

These folks have lost it.

The banks are closed, most businesses too!

Good Lord help us, The Saints have won The Superbowl. I don't think I will ever hear the end of it.

There was the impromptu Who Dat Celebration near the french toast sticks and eggos, ,on Saturday night. They just stood in the aisle, Who Datting Away!
Who Dat? Who Dat? However the old man, with his eyes glazed over from age, racing the scooter to join the celebration was priceless. I saw hope on the frozen food aisle at Winn Dixie. At that point I realized it was going to happen. You could just feel it in the air.
I'm not shopping with the money I won today. I didn't win, I bet on the wrong team. Peyton just after the half, appeared stunned. He realized it too!

The game was lackluster, as far as excitement went. They were sick, I wasn't sure that they were gonna make it, these Saints fans. Sick I tell ya, they were sick.
Then the offsides kick, which you know, was what won that game last night. Some say the Manning interception, no, no, the offsides kick, and the 2 point conversion reversal in favor of The Saints was what won that game. It was already over, before the interception. Sean Payton shook him up, shook them up good. Great calls!

From today's New Orleans paper.

From The Mississippi Gulf Coast, this was laying in my driveway by 4am. Front page, fold out to make it a big poster.....oooooooo weee how special!

Too bad this little guy won't remember this moment. Sports illustrated will help him. I bet this is the cover shot!

The fireworks started after the interception. I spent the rest of the game outside, just listening. Screams, Police sirens, cow bells, air horns, more fireworks, Who Dats....lots of who dats, one from my buddy Evan at 00:03 that almost burst my eardrum. Who Dat, Who Dat! Fireworks, Big ones like at Disney World.....Lots of fireworks. Women screaming, just open mouth screaming. Music, lots of music, Mardi Gras music to be exact. I woke up at 2am, they were still blowing the car horns. This morning, Who Dat, Who Dat! Not a question but a statement.

Houses like this!

Patios painted like this.....

Calls to the city at this point, were reminiscent of Katrina. "All Lines Are Busy", "This network is on overload." When we did get through, no hello, no nothing could be heard. Just screams, guns, fireworks, and everything else you could imagine.
A missile from Stennis Space Center on the Louisiana/Mississippi line.

And as far as dedication goes, I think this guy wins....

Amazing....Good job!

Saints fans, you all get 5 Who Dats today, and that's it! 5 ! No more.



It was more than fun, even if I don't get the free shopping trip.

The Bumpkin

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MCW said...

One of the most fun Super Bowls ever!