Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shaun White A Gold McTwist

The Bumpkin and The Olympics. Nah not so much, until last night.

Shaun White, who I am sure is the son of Carrot Top, brought home a gold for The USA.

Snowboarding, I know nothing about. So I'm sitting there wondering as My John forces me to watch. How much better than these other guys could this "dude" really be? I mean come on, all of these kids have lived for this moment. He already has one gold, should be someone else's turn.
Aw Hell No, Carrot Top Jr. meant business. A perfect run. I would love to show you, but NBC has got a death grip on copyrights over at You Tube, and is blocking every time a copy of it is posted. How would you like for that to be your job. To constantly watch for someone to post a you tube video, report it, and block it. Yawn maybe? You Tube Police, fancy title, hell why not?

Anyway back to the snow surfer guy Shaun. Never let them see you sweat was an understatment. Effortlessly, so perfect even us Bumpkins watching this event for the first time, could see just how amazing his talents were. They even do the little comparisons for you side by side during pratice Carrot Jr. up against poor little Japan man who fell down. 5-6 feet more air. The highest score in snowboarding ever.

After he secured the gold they even show him talking to his coach. "What am I gonna do now?" says CT Jr. Coach says, "Do the Mick." So for his victory lap, or run, or whatever the hell you call it he tops his gold winning performance with this.

He does the McTwist which I now know after a little research is three-and-a-half spins while doing two flips. Here he is doing it for the qualifying round of the Olympics.

Awesome........I'm so hip on this snowboarding terminology today.
Note to snowboarders:
Do you really think you should wear those droopy britches while you are snowboarding in front of the whole world? What if during a Loopitty Loo Thingie, you know, well, your ass shows right on camera for the whole world to see?

So crap, now I have to watch the men skaters tonight, just because I know I can't watch it on You Tube tomorrow. Think maybe that's why NBC has hired the You Tube Police? Have you seen the WeirD guy? Just saying. Maybe you should not use The Olympics to make such a statement. 3 snaps and a Z. I mean nothing against it, just maybe not at the Olympics.
Look at his "pretty costumes."

Johnny should have known PETA was gonna have his sweet little ass for this.
Ohhh The Drama!

The Bumpkin


Bethany said...

I have really been loving these winter olympics! What they can do on snow/ice is AMAZING!!!

Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

I'm with you, I couldn't care less about the olympics - but I am honestly so thankful for the laughter you bring me daily!!

Melissa said...

Shaun White was amazing! It was well worth it to stay up late and watch him!

I love Johnny Weir! He's so flamboyant and he amuses me! I cannot wait for the men to skate tonight!

Tara Gibson said...

he is soooo flipping amazing! I mean he is on a different level then everyone else!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ok...The winter Olympics is my thing (My mother was even a curler in her day...and I was a ski instructor) So I can sit plastered to the telly all day watching those games!

Did you know Shaun White has his own snow bowl he created...hidden way up in the mountains? No one watches him practice and perfect these amazing moves...So it is all secretive until he busts his move! Wild, eh?

Yeah...I was watching the Weir guy...and wondered if he had his teeth sharpened to look like a vampire. seriously!

But...isn't half of Vancouver wearing those fur pelt hats? come on people!

Slumber Designs said...

Yeah USA!!