Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let's Talk Idol!

Do you watch? Last night was the kickoff for the final 12 girls. Alot of same ole same ole here, but I'm pulling out some highlights for you!

So Ellen is there. For now she is sweet, firm, and always ends on a positive note. This is Simon's last year, and his attitude is one of the things that keeps this show going.
I beleive that Ellen is going be the dickhead when he's gone, but she's playing pretty for now. There is no pun intended here, as I love my New Orleans girl Ellen.

Katie Stevens. If you are enduring this post and don't know the story, Katie is 17. She is very close to her grandmother who is in deep progression of Alzheimer's Disease.
She wants to make it, while her G'Mom can still recognize her. Awwwwwwww

I would have said winner before last night. Katie, when they let you go last, that means bring it home. I was yawning. Don't debate Teeny Bop or Not, you have to do it, you are 17.
Hippie Mamma Crystal Bowersox. We love you, and I am so rooting for you to be able to change your baby's life this way. You have quite a following already. Coffee shop is what Simon says, but we already know he's a dick, so just keep doing your thing.

You know since it's AI and all, you may have to ditch the dreads, and buy a Chi instead! It's worth it though!

Didi Benami-A favorite of mine, she did her own rendition of Ingrid Michaelson's Take Me The Way I Am.

Simon gave her hell, but I loved it, and so did the other judges. We'll see, but for now two thumbs up, and a peace sign back 'atcha girlfriend.
Dear Haeley Vaughn,
When you are packing your clothes to go home, I want you to dig out all those white tights honey, and throw those awful things in the trash can.

Promise the Bumpkin you will never where those white tights again, unless you take up nursing okay. Two blew its in a row ain't good girlfriend. You are not Taylor Swift, I am sorry but you're not honey.

Michelle Delamor~ who shall be referred to as Whitney Jr. from this point forward.

You know I'm right, any one care to bet me $5 that she does Saving All My Love before the season closes? Yeah not so much for me!

The dark horse~Siobhan Magnus (awful surname for show business sounds like a porn star to me).

My John has picked her since auditions. She is a strong contender in my book too!

Lacey Brown, I love her. Everyone else gave her a big Eh!

I think as far as the business of show business goes she is the most marketable. She is memorable, and beautiful, and had on the cutest little outfit. I know quit with the clothes Bumpkin. There is more to life than clothes Bumpkin. Or is there?
Can't wait for her to kick it up a notch next week. She listenend to what the judges said, and I betcha she's working on it right this second. She knows it's now or never! I also think I am drawn to her because she reminds me of my friend Laci.
She also has that Linda Evangelista look. Here I'll show you!

This is Linda Evangelista.........classic beauty...

This is my Laci, do you see the Linda Evangelista, and the resemblance to the other Lacey too! This is not the best picture of her, but still I think you can see it!

My Captain John thinks that they should all wear "bloomers" with their numbers on them for the call in portion of the show. He says "That way they could line up, bend over, show their numbers, and you would know for sure who to vote for. " Don't you want to marry a Marine? But in writing this here, I get it, that's what it pretty much boils down to anyway right?
So tonight is the guys. I'm never crazy about these young boys. So NSync like.
Maybe someone will stand up and be different, unique, and inspiring. Please no Adam Lambert. Please?
However I'm excited to see this guy perform.....

In my days, and yes I have had them, Casey James would have wore a HOT label.

If you watch? Let's dish! Whose your pick of the girls?

The Bumpkin


Xoxo! Meg said...

Hi there sweetie! Wow...I have never watched American Idol, but now I feel I am all caught up! Thanks so much for this post. I really have been meaning to watch!

Your blog is awesome, thanks so much for your support! I am following you as well!

jordan said...

cute blog :)

Jenny said...

I don't know. I wasn't blown away by any of them last night. Probably the dread chick would be my pick...the rest I was kinda/sorta bored. They are all really good but not a lot of "soul" or something...more just polished. I'm curious to see what happens! And I'm liking Ellen, too! Thanks for a cool post!

bananas. said...

OMG haeley is so freaking ANNOYING! i hate her voice...hated it since hollywood. and her all white outfit?! she looked like one of those "little miss perfect" contenders all grown up. TACKY!

lacey is gorgeous but her performance was horrible! i was really rooting for her, sorry. i love how simon threw in, after he completely bashed her, a "you have nice eyes" compliment. did you catch that? i was dying!

so far sioban is my favorite.

Trish said...

Hello love - Oh I have been dying to read this post but have been traveling all week to see clients and just finally got home last night to watch Tuesday's episode. (BTW more snow coming down UGH!)

I love your Idol review! You are so awesome! I totally agree with all points. We love our girl Ellen. I like her feedback. My fave has always been Didi...her story had me in a puddle of tears. Plus a la Randy I think she has some 'mad pipes'. Really like Siobhan and Lacey too.

Can't wait to hear what you thought about the guys! I will watch them tonight ;)

Sending hugs!

Slumber Designs said...

So, what's with all this Ellen vs. Simon talk? Ellen's known for being sweet and kind but she had to have known that Simon was a little cynical and direct. Hadn't she ever seen the show before?? Anyways, i'm still trying to figure out if they're really fighting or if this is all for show. What do you think?

the gypsy chick said...

You are absolutely hilarious! Thank you for stopping by my little blog! Now I’m off to read some more!!!!!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Don't ya'll love Mayra (bananas), up above here. Check out her blog, she is so sure and confident of her likes and dislikes, I admire her for that.
Shorty got spunk!