Thursday, February 25, 2010

Idol Chatter~ The Gentlemen

Let's start it off with sexpot Casey James.
Last night's buzz word was indulgent. This guy hit that on the nose. A little too much confidence, I'm afraid. We appreciate Kara's sexual fantasy and all, but sexy is not all it takes to sell records. Maybe it's because I'm not a Bryan Adams fan, maybe it was the cockiness. Good, but not great! A decent guitar player however.

Andy Garcia, the best singer by far. I just can't say he's an American Idol to me. The Bumpkin's verdict is still out. But this season is absolutely a battle of guitar players, men and ladies.

He sang Fall Out Boys, Sugar We Are Going Down, but he's not. Top 10 at least.

Simon was disappointed, and he should have been. Tim Urban appropriately sang Apologize. Poor guy, don't know if he's gonna make it or not. Hope the little girls were dialing away. We'll see.

Alex Lambert~
This guy needs a haircut, and some Prozac. He did James Morrison (not to be confused with Jim). He sounds alot like James, but he's just way to nervous.

Maybe, just maybe Ellen saved him, because he's so adorable. Funny she mentions the mullet.
Joe Munoz....maybe just because I'm such a Jason Mraz fan, but I'll pass.

But, you know what he did that secured next week for him right? The Spanish shout out at the end. Smart move, Mr. Munoz, pulling in the Hispanic vote!

Tyler Grady, is going to the mall to ditch the whole Jim Morrison thing. Thank goodness, if he makes it to next week, there had better be big change. American Woman, who would have guessed it? I would have bet you $10 on Light My Fire.

Kara suggested Bad Company, I'm seeing maybe Lenny Kravitz See You Again.

New Daddy Michael Lynch, a big ole Teddy Bear did Maroon 5's This Love! I was almost asleep, and at least he picked up the pace a bit.

I think there is Reuben Studdard tie here, that I can't seem to break, but he's My John's pick, so we'll see. He can usually pick the Bachelor winner, when she sticks her legs out of the limo, so I'm not counting him out.

John Park, with a Billie Holliday that was all wrong for him. Bad move, Bad move. Home for you John. Hey, but I liked your parents story.

Lee Dewyze did one of my favorites Chasing Cars.

This hunk of burning love is my pick of the guys, but I wanna see the rocker in him come out, and incidentally, did you see the $$ in the center of Simon's eyes when he was watching this guy. Another Daughtry you think? Don't waste the leather and the guitar Lee, smoke a doobie and give me some Dylan dude.

Okay Idol watchers whose going home?

Definitely John Park with his God Bless The Child, and I'm not quite sure but probably Tim Urban, or The Mullet guy.

The Bumpkin


Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh great and hilarious commentary there. I think Michael Lynch looks cute .. that is some Mr you have there if he can tell the winner of B by her legs. Too funny!

Thank you for your wonderful comment, puts a smile on my face.
xoxo DJ

Deborah said...

I have decided that I really shouldn't even watch until it's down to the top 12. I think there are just too many nerves the first few weeks, because no one really does very well.

bananas. said...

ughhh....the guys sucked!!! they let me down. i really like andy too but i agree, notsomuch AI.

i just don't get the casey hype. he's not cute to all. he looks to playgirlish.

Tara Gibson said...

love your comments! I was pretty dissapointed in week one. Noone blew me away, hopefully that waill change

Slumber Designs said...

I love your idol analyses!!! Wouldn't be a week without them. And everything you say is so true! Love ya girl!

Jennifer T said...

yeah, the hubs and i just arent too impressed with anyone this year...i mean, some of them are good, but there is now "wow factor" this year...same with the girls...we are kinda thinking the show might be running its course...might be time to move on! maybe not though...we'll see!