Monday, March 9, 2009

This Is How We Roll!

You have to have a lot of guts to roll like the Bumpkin and Associates. Ya'll remember Laci from this post right? Well recently, for the Britney concert, she wanted that Mae West curl like Britney has been sporting lately. There are 1000 products out there guaranteed to "pump up the curls." However, in Bumpkinville we still do it the old fashioned way, and there isn't a product, or set of hot rollers, even those stick ones that you twist, and then have to have surgically removed from your head, that will do this any better. What's our secret product you say?


Laci is an assistant kindergarten teacher, and to secure this look, she started early. On the day of the concert she went to school with her hair wet. The teacher she assist rolled her hair during class. She said the kiddies were fascinated, and all wanted a roller. She also walked all her children to their parents after class, with the rollers in her hair, minus the shirt above however. Laci lives in small town Mississippi, and she knows everyone. Not a person who knows Laci would be surprised by anything she does, so it wasn't quite the event you think it would be. However, she then drove 3 hours to New Orleans sporting the same "do", and then parked, and entered The Ramada Inn on Bourbon Street with the lovely baby pink rollers in her hair. A five-star hotel, and it never even phased her. It was hilarous, not knowing her personality, the bellmen attempted to keep straight faces, so as not to insult her. Of course the ham that she is, she stayed as straight faced as they tried to pull off, as if it was totally sane. One youngster, even thought she might be Britney. I mean who else in the world would do such a thing?
Stepping out on Bourbon Street which you all know is the place to be in New Orleans, was a hoot. In general, people are strange (this is nice and Scarlett like for It's a Freakshow)on Bourbon Street, but I'm not sure if they're this strange. I mean she deserves an award for I WAS THE STRANGEST THING ON BOURBON STREET. Ya Think?

Here is her and her "Mamma" on the balcony, That's right that's the Queen of the Back Porch, Jo.

Jo did not feel the same way about the sponge roller look. Being from same small town Mississippi for generations, many generations, she knows all too well that everyone knows everyone in their town. Her main concern? Everyone also knows who your Mamma is!!!!! She was beside herself when we told her about the rollers before Laci arrived, she teared up a bit when she found out she was in the lobby downstairs with said rollers in her hair. (Insert wash of nausea which required a wet towel and a bit of fanning from The Bumpkin) Jo is so Southern Belle correct it's scary. This was a big deal to her. Her only daughter had shamed her. It took a shot of Patron (Southern Belle Correct Ladies take life with a wedge of lime, and a grain of sugar, not salt), then she was over it. That's why we love her so! Upon meeting Jo for the first time, My John, said to me, "If you want to have a friend to pattern yourself after, I think that lady would be a great one!" Jo loves him just as much.

Back to the hair, no goop, no $16 cream, just $2 at the Dollar General(can't find the plain old fashioned sponge type any where but) for the rollers, some water, and a lick of spit here and there, and look how it turns out.

It held all night, without even a touch up. Adorable! It looked great. Try it some time, but be careful where you go, and don't get labeled, "The Crazy Sponge Curler Lady."
I'm gonna leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

When between two evils, I always pick the one I haven't tried.~Mae West
The Bumpkin


Wendy said...

So darling! Your friend Laci is precious! Love her hair...I'm going to go dig out my own pink sponge curlers. Great post! I'm looking forward to news from your greenhouse.
Warm regards,

Baroness Bijoutery said...

That was so good...Laci's hair turned out great she looke fantastic. Only a southern girl could do that and get away with it. :)

tray chic said...

i swear by sponge curlers! i used to always have my mama put them in my hair! cute pictures!!!


tray chic

Mable Cakes said...

Hey! I had the wrong limk on my page! Here is the correct one:
Sorry about that! Love the rollers!

Bethany said...

I need a beer drinkin' shirt!!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

I know I'm about ~4 months late on this, but what a great post. (I saw the picture of Laci in sponge rollers and HAD to check it out). You truly have a knack for writing. xoxo