Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Mean Green!

Spring is in full swing like The Bumpkin here in Southern Mississippi, so is the pollen, and my allergies are responding properly. We have been oh so busy in the greenhouse. Originally built to help stimulate our grocery budget, we have been potting and planting nonstop for two weeks. We planted the expensive items from the produce aisle, tomatoes, beans, squash, cucumbers, jalapenos (a must since I'm a Cajun belle), bell peppers and lettuce, just to name a few. It will be so suave to say during future dinner parties, "The lettuce was cut fresh from the greenhouse!" The Barefoot Bumpkin instead of Contessa. One thing I love about the greenhouse, is that I planted these seeds 4 days ago, and lookie, lookie, what has happened already.

See the flats of color in the greenhouse?

They have all now been turned into these lovelies! Mixed baskets are one of my favorite features of our garden. This one is newly planted. I will post a picture in a few weeks when they have matured so that you can see just why we go to all this trouble. They will be tall, full, and cascading with the glory of gardening.

They are proudly displayed in the garden, in the most prominent places, plus they will provide some mad money for The Bumpkin at the open air market on Saturdays in my town. See Jibbs, he is the only four paws allowed in the garden. One, because he literally follows Mamma every step she takes, and will be down right pushy, if I don't allow him to. Two, because he is the only one I have sucessfully trained not to pee on my flowers. He's such a good boy!

This monster is a Century plant, or Americana Agave for you garden techies. It only blooms once in it's lifetime. The bloom is usually about 35-40 feet tall. Century plants are very rare, and the blooms even more rare. I have seen two blooms in my lifetime. One when I was 15 as tall as the two story house where it was planted. It takes everything the plant has to bloom, this I know, because the plant dies right after. What an amazing last tribute.

This particular one has been very busy over the winter. Just look at how hard it worked.
Lots of babies............More mad money for The Bumpkin at the open air market.

We Mean Green and the flowers of our labor will be regular features here at The Swing. I plan to provide some gardening tips, and welcome any questions. Sad news though, I simply won't be able to share my top secret gardening strategy. Not just yet anyway.
Here's a quote dedicated to all my bloggie friends that fits well with this post.
I recently stole this from someone's site, but did not note from where. I have now learned better. So here is the disclaimer.
This photo is from some unknown wonderful blogger, whom I'm sure I really dig your blog, and read faithfully, but neglected to note your info for proper credit. Sorry! If this is your handy work, send me a note, and I will promptly correct.

The Bumpkin


Blue-Eyed Bride said...

i've got a black thumb, so i'm completely jealous that you're able to do all of this! wow!

Wendy said...

You are my role model for all things in the garden...I wanna be like you-ooo! I look forward to your gardening tips as I am just starting out...there is SO MUCH to learn...I'm a sucker for finding a project that is probably more than a sane person would undertake and saying "yea, that's what I want to do." It's probably a diagnosable illness. Anyway, I will be watching(stalking) as closely a blogland will allow during the gardening season. Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!
Warm regards,

Housewife Savant said...

Like Wendy (above) I'm just starting out, having proclaimed my desire to plant some stuff this year.
I'm jealous that you've got green things already. I LOVE your greenhouse.
I'm especially fond of geraniums, so any and all advice is much needed and welcome.
I'm going to plant some kind of tulips, maybe some lilies, and what d'you know about Forsythia? (Is that the bush that's brilliant yellow in the springtime? I want that.)
LOVE this post. EXCITED for Spring. Thanks B.