Thursday, March 5, 2009

Britney's Comeback

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Originally when I had ordered the tickets, I agreed to go, because I wanted to witness the "freakshow." I am ashamed to say that now. When actually sitting in the seat waiting for the show, I silently prayed for her to shove crazy down everyone's throat. She kept it together well! They are obvious changes in her personality, but she did well in keeping it Hollywood correct. The Pussycat Dolls were awesome. I would pay good money to attend another one of their shows. The neatest
Rockstar spin, they throw their stilettos in the audience at the end of their show.
These women have awesome stage presence. They were rooting for Britney as well, they gave her a proper opening.
How did she look? Very dance thick in the legs, a little extra junk in the trunk, but otherwise very together. Opening song Circus, much like what I have seen of the Madonna Sticky Sweet Tour. Between each song, costume change. However, it was truly like a circus, with martial arts, sword twirlers, clowns, dancers, and stuntmen to entertain us in the interim of the costume changes. One girdle incident, her baby belly flopped out, but she quickly recovered.
Sorry about the lack of pictures, we were patted down by police officers and all cameras confiscated at the door. Not sure if this was New Orlean's standards, or tour standards. What do they do with all those cameras, I would like to be at the sell off or auction, if there was one. There were some serious cameras surrendered at the door.
Britney only sang one song, a slow one from a couple of albums ago. She sat on a moon swing, above the stage. Her voice was clear, strong, and beautiful. The remainder of the show was obvious lip syncing.
One part of the show was a little over the top erotica for the young ones in the audience. Very Madonna like, I would even venture to say Copyrighted Madonna. Antique chaise lounges, on which Britney would lay spread eagle, while two bald headed men with their arms held scrotum style hang by their feet directly over her and are raised and lowered, raised and lowered above her. I wondered how I would convey this to you my readers as it was happening.
She spoke only four words to her fans. "Thank You New Orleans"
There were times during the show, that she was distressed for some reason. I mean not to be critical but reflective for you that are curious.
It was entertaining, she was beautiful, but she was very much "bringing home the bacon."
Perez was awesome as the ringmaster, and openly admitted he spoke ill of her, but was now clearly more than a fan, but a friend of hers. I believe he redeemed himself of the trash he spoke of her. He was sincere.
A good time was held by us ladies. A great night for sure.
If I could say one thing to Britney I would say this.
Congratulations, but easy girl.............easy.....sometimes you CAN try to hard.
The Bumpkin


Baroness Bijoutery said...

Well it sounds like you had a good time though...and the camera thing is at most concerts now...

Jennifer Tschepikow said...

i would LOVE to go to one of britney's concerts! im so happy for her in the fact that she seems to be turning her life back around! it makes me happy to see people get things together! sounds like you had a great time =) so fun

Missy R. said...

Well I'm glad overall it was a great show! :) I'm happy she has her life back together! :)