Monday, March 23, 2009

Blog Blah

The Bumpkin has been in a blog blah, for quite a few days now.
The spunk just wasn't there. I can tell this happens to the rest of you all a bit here and there too. I missed my blog buddies, and happily I have returned.

I read your blog posts daily, the dashboard is now on my list of things to be anal about. I can't let myself miss one post, even if it's something I'm the fartherest thing from interested in, I still read, what you take the time to write.

Spring is a time for renewal, and I am feeling renewed. Helps tremendously that the Dow was up 500 points today. Is this the turn for the better? The choke hold that the economy has had, not only on our business, but my family and friend's businesses seems to be easing up a bit. Thank goodness, these guys have been really struggling with life. You know sometimes when you own your own business it owns you.

Today I hope for renewal of our hope meters. Hope for all the dreams we have pursued, the hard work we have put into our futures. Let's just keep our chins up, and let the love flow. Whadda ya say?

The Bumpkin


SouthernAccent said...

Yep, here's hoping the economy gets better! I was happy to see the Dow up as well! Cheer up!

Housewife Savant said...

Here's some love, Bumpkin.

Have you been gardening like a Crazy Woman?

Glad you're back!

Jennifer Tschepikow said...

sounds wonderful to me bumpkin! i have hope that it will get better and it will! =) have a great day!

Bethany said...

I've been in a blog funk too. I didn't post for 5 straight days. Glad you're back! :)

Surf Girl said...

Oh hunny! I have been exactly the same way. I'm getting over my blahs and I'm glad to see you back too!

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