Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bridge Detour Ahead.............

Note from the Bumpkin: Kick on the volume and turn it up, we are celebrating today.
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The Bumpkin was 6 or maybe even 7 and playing at my grandmother's house. I see a Daddy Long Legs, and holler for Mammy to come and kill it. Mammy was my maternal grandmother, a full-blooded Creek Indian, a wonderful woman. She comes in, catches Daddy Long Legs, and lets him go outside. She tells The Little Bumpkin, that we Indians never hurt animals, because we when move on to the after life, there is place between here and there where we meet all the animals that we have encountered in our lives, and these same animals make the decision of where we go from this middle ground. I never forgot this, and I hope she sees me, and is proud!
Modern day animal lovers and rescuers call this place The Rainbow Bridge. They also believe that all the animals we help in this lifetime wait for us there. They are healthy and strong, and play freely till we cross over the bridge, gather them, and move on to a better place where we are all together.
Oh What A Day it will be when My John gets to The Rainbow Bridge. I hope there is no limit on how many animals can come with you to that better place, there will be more than many, waiting on him. As I write this post, my eyes are filled with tears, I love this man, I really do!

Friday Night: A friend, a animal heroette, who we will call Ms. Moon , is blessed enough to work in official animal welfare for a living, The Bumpkin's DREAM JOB, gives us a call about this Big Boy here:

This 1 1/2 year old Johnson American Bulldog was on his last day down in Florida. Big Boys usually don't get extra days, because of the cost of feeding them. He was prepared for the dreaded shot that would take him to The Rainbow Bridge. Ms. Moon heard about him through her entourage of rescuers, and made a quick phone call. She told him of a man in Mississippi that she knew, that would anytime intervene in the loss of an American Bulldog, if at all possible. You readers know this man too! Ms. Moon even coordinated a great group of animal lovers to piggy back ride him to Mississippi. We in rescue call this a Love Train. Destin to Pensacola, Pensacola to Mobile, Mobile to Biloxi, and etc. True rescuers that work in shelters often find ways to bend the rules a little to save a few that are otherwise doomed.

Last stop The Bumpkin's town. The conversation goes like this:
My John: "Hi there Big Boy, how was your trip?"
Big Boy: "Okay, I liked seeing all that beach and water. Who Are You? You aren't putting back in that kennel are you Mister? I'm too big for that kennel!"
My John: "Nope, Your'e going home Big Boy, to a forever home!"

Big Boy: "Really, Mister you gotta be kidding, my family gave me up and took me to the shelter, and nobody wanted me there, they said I was too big, and now you are gonna take me to a forever home? Really a forever home? I'm so excited! "

My John: "Last day, my ass, get in the truck Big Boy!

Big Boy: "Tell me about my new home Mister, where we going?
My John: "Were going to a self-made millionare's house (Bless you Mr. Cooper), and he's gonna take good care of you for the rest of your life. If you ever have any problems he'll call me and I'll be right there for you. There is even a girl that looks a lot like you there, you'll have a friend. Deal?"
Big Boy: "Deal! A girl could you hurry Mister?"

My John: "We're here what do you think?"

Big Boy: "I get this yard to run in, on over a 100 acres?"

Big Boy: "And a pond to play in too? I love ponds. This is wonderful, I can't believe it?"
My John: "Yep Big Boy, I hooked you up!"

Big Boy: "Thank you Mister, Thank You Soooo Much, you saved my life! Thank You Mister!"
My John: "No problem, Big Boy, you just do me a favor, and have a really great life! See you at the Rainbow Bridge, in a few years that is, not today Big Boy!"

Note to my readers: 30 minutes can really change a loving animal's life! Contact your local animal shelter, to feel the pride of making a difference! Could you give a little by posting a link on your pages back to this post, to spread the love of animal rescue?

The Bumpkin

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Mrs. Jetplane said...

you made me cry this morning... can't wait for my Charlie to get home. He's a big ol boy himself.

Jennifer Tschepikow said...

oh bumpkin, my eyes are filled with tears of joy!!! i LOVED, absolutely LOVED this post!!! you guys are awesome!! =)im a HUGE animal freak and this story really touched me! have a wonderful weekend!

Jennifer Tschepikow said...

btw, i put a link to this on a new post!

Autumn said...

This is WONDERFUL! He sure is a handsome boy!!

We adopted our cats from the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue (VOKRA)..I'm all over saving animals.

So glad there are people like you guys in this world..Keep up the awesome work!

Wendy said...

That is soooo precious! Y'all do amazing work and I know there is a big reward for you someday!! My heart goes out to all the unwanted dogs, but especially the big ones...they have a special place in my heart!!

Jennifer Tschepikow said...

i agree bumpkin and yes, you are permanantly "invited" to my blog! haha!

Mable Cakes said...

so sweet!

Haley said...

i used to have a blog up here but i deleted it. i'll use it to comment yours (: that's a sweet sweet story, i love them big dogs like that, my uncle heath rescued one from the pound & he's a sweetheart. thanks for the link (: