Thursday, February 12, 2009

Southern Belle T-shirts

While the rest of you are waiting on the new line from BCBG( I think that's right), or the latest from Lilly (I'm surprised that almost no one does Vera), The Bumpkin and friends are waiting on the spring line up from the The Southern Belle Store. I think is safe to say, that even you South Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia,Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Alabama Belles, have seen these a time or two. Recently, they have came out with a line of State Pride shirts, so I think they are stretching out a little more now. Used to be, this was simply Mississippi Girl Fashion, Southern Belle T-shirts is a another great product of our beautiful state. If not get on over there using the link above, and tell em' the Bumpkin sent ya. The monthly special coupon code is LOVEYA for $2 off anything in your cart. Also, The Thongs, which in this case is Southern Belle logo Yellow Box flip flops, are also on sale, and always Southern Belle does FREE SHIPPING!

Modeling "Some girls do" in long sleeve here in this post is one of the characters of my life. This is Laci, also known as Triple L. She is the daughter, granddaughter, sister, and most importantly the Mamma to some of my really special friends.

I've heard it said before, "That your friends write the story of your life." If that's the truth, she would be the funniest chapter of mine. This woman puts the country in bumpkin. She's the fashionista of the Back Porch where we hang. Our conversations usually begin with "That's so cute, Where did you get that?"

Well, The Bumpkin's had a long day, and I have to go and do the face routine, so The Mermaid, won't be disappointed in me, then I'm calling it a night. I just wanted to ask you all one thing before I go, "Have you seen the Harper pictures?" Can I get a Thank You Lord? Thank you Lord, that's she keeping Kelly up all night. Thank you Lord, Thank You!

The Bumpkin


Alicia said...

I saw the Harper pictures and she is just beautiful! I will have to check out the Southern Belle Store! Thanks!

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

I LOVEEEEEE THESE SHIRTS!!! I had to write about it in my blog.

Surf Girl said...

I went to their site and the shirts are so cute! I love them! I saw a bunch that I must have immediately. But I need to ask them when the Florida Gator shirts are coming. ;)

Cas said...

Thank you for the Southern Belle store info...I'm shopping this weekend : )