Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Green With Envy I Am

Do you read Pioneer Woman? How about Bakerella?

These are two of my favorite women on the internet, and they got together on Monday to bake at The Lodge. I am beside myself with envy, fascinated by every photo of this post.

I have been reading Ree, The Pioneer Woman (We're on a first named basis of course) for about 2 years now. She was one of my first, her and Heather B. Armstrong. Typical hits when you search for "best blogs" over at father Google. The blogger world introduction. The inspiration for the little old Bumpkin on A Swing.

Stalker Bumpkin, no, but really when you know so much about a single person, you really, really, feel like you know them. I have often wondered what exactly about these two women that I really find so interesting.

I was there when Heather signed herself in for postpartum depression. I was there when she was dooced.
I know the Love Story or at least the first 42 chapters.

I see them on your sidebar, and when I do, I feel I have a connection with you instantly.

Ree offered to let 5 readers come to The Lodge and observe the fun. She said the only catch was you must be in driving distance of The Ranch. Well, I have told both her and Bakerella, via the 1009th comment, that this was simply unfair.

I would ask of these ladies, to remember.........


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Housewife Savant said...

Way to love me. You're awesome.

Bakerella YUM! I didn't need to see that on the day Mr. Savant assembled my newest weight-lifting accessory.
No flowers or jewelry for Savant Bday - a Leg Curl Extension *thingie*!