Sunday, March 1, 2009


E.A.R.S. is the acronym for Emergency Animal Rescue Soceity, a cause we champion.
Because this guy gave us a heck of an emergency on Friday night, I decided it was time to introduce you to paws #13-#16 that melt my heart.

This is E.A.R.S., he's the Head of Security at The Bumpkin's! Daddy's Black Stealth Bomber. No cat, paperman, or crazy next door neighbor gets by this one. A long howl which will wake his brothers, who then further investigate, is his calling card.

Ears came by the way of the dog catcher. Our dog catcher is commited to rescue, thus drops off, not picks up at The Bumpkin's. As a matter of fact, The Boys love the dog catcher, and are always excited to see him. Ears was arrested for eating newspapers. Black dog in the summer heat, screams rescue, so we "fostered" him upon request.

He stayed a couple of weeks, so we could really get a feel for his personality, and then was adopted by a Marine stationed not to far away. We assumed everything was fine. Next stop, The Humane Society of South Mississippi. John is attending an American Humane Red Star Animal Emergency seminar. I'm proud to say he is now FEMA certified to set up and command an animal shelter in any emergency (I love this man!). During the seminar John hears a very distinct howl, investigates, and finds our Ears locked up in jail. The bond was $80, and his balls! Rescued again. The Bumpkin decides to take a ride on the swing a couple of months later. I open the door to head to the swing, and see Ears dangling by his collar from the picket fence in the front yard, limp. No time to panic, I run to the fence, see a twitch in his toes, grab him, pull him down, and the second he hit the ground, he gasped once, and took off running. Rescue #3! John decided that was too many times for us to save his little life, without recognition. So, he offered him a job. Nightime security watch in exchange for a forever home. After consulting with his brothers, he learned that Rufus got a couch, Roscoe gets to roam on occasion, and Jibbs sleeps with Mamma and Daddy every night. They told him he should get something really good if he was required to stay outside.
Ears demanded:
1 pressure treated, elevated, air-conditioned dog house. Complete with picture window.

Further amenities were to include: Metal roofing, seamless gutters with downspout, wall to wall carpeting, easy access doggie door, large bathroom in rear, and kitchen priveleges.


Rescue #4, Friday night, the emergency I mentioned earlier. The Bumpkin was in her new office, attempting to catch up with all of you after being away for Mardi Gras. John pounds on the window beside me. I see him holding Ears, and he says "Get out here now, Hurry!" When I round the corner, I see this in Ears' foot and mouth!

A 3" lure, with two sets of treble hooks (For all non-fishing girls that's 6 hooks altogether). 1 hook in his front paw, 1 through his bottom lip, 1 through his tongue, and 1 through his top lip. Thank goodness for John's training, both Marine Corps and Animal Rescue. "Don't panic, keep Ears calm, I've got to get wire cutters I'll be right back." Ears is steadily clawing at this awful thing in his mouth. I hold him down, soothe him, talk to him. In the background John is unable to find sharp wire cutters, he is throwing tools everywhere in a desperate search. We call in the troops. Billy and Jo (always our back-up, Thank you, we love you both!) are at the video store, he has some sharp wire cutters. They are on the way. In the meantime, John finds a pair that may work. He begans to systematically cut away the hooks. First the ones that aren't stuck in him, to prevent further incident. Then he cuts away the heavy part of the lure, to ease the pain of the weight of the hooks on the dog. Back-up arrives and we move our patient inside to the living room floor. He is being so calm, and easy. Billy is afraid he's gonna bite, but continues in spite of his fear. Remember, fishing lures, are designed not to come out easily. Furthermore, each hook has a barb on it, to prevent the hook from coming out, so they had to be pushed through instead of pulled out. Jo holds the light, I soothe the dog, John and Billy cut and push, and pry open the dogs mouth. The first hook is finally out. We let Ears rest for a minute, John thinks of Orajel. He coats the other entry spots with Orajel, and removes the hooks!
My John is amazing, sometimes he is just amazing, he can handle anything. The vet bill would have been well into the $1000 range. I tell you ladies, he is a keeper. John says the only reason it went so well for us was because Ears was "the best little patient ever." He let us do what needed to be done, and as long as we sweet talked him, he was really into to us getting that thing out of his mouth.
Ears is fine. We determined he climbed in the boat, and got it stuck in his foot, and then tried to chew it out of his foot, and the second treble got caught.

Thank you Daddy! Saved my life again!

Hi Blog friends! Nice to meet you! I'm just fine! Look what Mamma let me do that night, cause I wasn't feeling well. The guest room, not bad for the outside dog uh?
P.S. "Nope think I'll pass on the fishing, Thank You!"

Coming soon the last four paws, the real is Red!


The Bumpkin


Housewife Savant said...

Until now I imagined your evenings were spent on the swing, sipping sweet tea with your Beloved...

What a story! Made my heart race.

Lisa said...

Awww - so precious!

Kudos to y'all for taking such good care of them (all of them) :-)

Baroness Bijoutery said...

I have rescued a few cats in my time and of course could never part with them afterwards...You and your husband are trully remarkable people...wish there were so many more people like you out there. I don't understand how people can turn their backs on these animals. The only reason they are called Dumb Animals is they can't form words...take it from me though they do talk and can be understood. Bless you two...

Wendy said...

OHHHH! My heart goes out to that sweet dog! What an ordeal! You and your husband are pretty amazing too! Those dogs are so lucky to have you.
Warm regards,

Mrs. Jetplane said...

You guys are my heroes. I wouldlove to be able to take in that many doggies. It just melts my heart to hear your stories. My parents lil shitzhu had a lure caught in his paw. My step dad collects old lures and somehow he pulled one down and it stuck, luckily they got it out by cutting like you did.

Surf Girl said...

What a sweet story! You are someone after my own heart - I cannot stand to see an animal suffer or be mistreated. That puppy has a wonderful home!