Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dear Blog World, I Survived!

The Bumpkin is proud to make the following announcement:
For the first time, since the levees broke, I can honestly say, it's back to the same ole', same ole' in the Big Easy. The crowds were back in full force this year.
The Bumpkin extended Mardi Gras for a day, sorry if I kept you waiting. Just between us peeps, we will call it the day of the hair of the dog that bit me.
I promised to share these pics with all of you, so without furter adieu, let's get on with it.

Everybody has a ladder. Some tall and some short, but bottom line a little closer to the floats equals more beads. This is how the entire parade looks before a parade. Nobody does it better than New Orleans, these people have Mardi Gras down pat.

This was my favorite float. They threw beads with dolphins and starfish on them.

Lady Amy and Queen Jo of the Back Porch Royalty! We had so much fun!

This was directly behind the Bumpkin during all the parades. Perfect spot to catch the parades. Alcohol, food, and the bathroom was only $1 each visit. However, they would not make change for the potty $1's. My John got into a tight spot, and still has 4 pee credits left, so if you are in the area, tell em the Bumpkin sent ya!

The ladies in the buildings above us had a good idea to get the good beads shot through their windows.

Shout out to all you Bears fans, this is the only bead John will wear. We took a jab or two from the many Saints fans around us. But, the Cubs hat got us a bead or two. Something to the effect of, "Go Cubs" and then a bombardment of beads from above hit directly afterward.

They say animals can sense people who are animal lovers. This guy came right up to the Bumpkin for a nuzzle.

Bumper to Bumper peeps as far as the eye can see!

These guys are one of my favorite things to see. It must be the mask, my heart races Antonio Banderas Zorro style, when these guys trot by.

Decorations on the balconies are plentiful, but I just had to show you all this one. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! The best I have ever seen!

Several times during the revelry we talked about you blog friends we have made. We love sharing the best times of our lives with you!

The Bumpkin and John

P.S. I can never get a serious picture out of My John, look at that face, at least he didn't do this as he usually does!

I have albums of this pose!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We Interrupt This Blog To Bring You Mardi Gras!

When you see this...Better get your hands up high!

The Bumpkin may be missing for a day or two, I will be here if you need me! Although, no promises on being in the best condition for any emergencies:)

Mardi Gras is here, and Fais Do Do (translation is Cajun Throw Down, pronounced as faye-dough-dough) is in full swing. Last night was our hometown nighttime Mardi Gras parade, and tomorrow it's off to the Big Easy. The night parades are always the best, because of all the lights of course. It was my small town's first night parade, and they were some things that will have to be worked out, including the route. The floats couldn't make the narrow turns, the police were over-zealous, but a good time was had by The Back Porch Royalty. Tomorrow I'll get to see Val Kilmer(Oh Ice Man!) as The King of Bacchus, and today Kid Rock is the King of Endymion. The celebrities are always around during Mardi Gras, may even catch a glimpse of Bradgelina, they have a house on the parade route. If you have never been to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, you must put it on your bucket list! Just two things to tell you if you do. Leave all valuables at home, and Hurricanes make you puke, other than that just wing it, and have a blast. I'll have My Marine to protect me, and we know the safest places to go, no tourist stops for us, we hang with the locals at the corner of Royal and Frenchman Streets.
The costumes of Mardi Gras are outrageous, and The Bumpkin and My John will be clicking away to share with all of you.
Are any of you old enough to remember a band called Larue that sang the song "New Orleans Ladies?" This is one of The Bumpkin's favorite songs, and when us Cajun Belles here it, we all pause, and shine! I've been singing it all day. What a wonderful life we live here in the deep south, maybe next year some of you can join us. The Bumpkin has 2 extra beds! Must love dogs though!
Have a great weekend everybody!
The Bumpkin

Friday, February 20, 2009

I Really Like This Lady!

There have been a lot of things said about Michelle. I can say this.
I appreciate these things about her, so far.

She wouldn't take no for answer concerning her mother living with her in the White House.
She wore virtual unknown designers to all inauguration activities, and they became well known.
She wears little or no makeup on national television.
She stood up for her daughter when she wanted to ride the school bus to school. (Do you think the Secret Service rides the bus too?)

This is my favorite picture of our new President. What do you think she was saying here.

Well, I'll tell you what I think she said.
"Didn't I tell you, I told you, you would win, I told you so, I told you so!"

And this look on the Pres' face.
Definitely, "She will never let me live this one down. I can't believe she was right again!"

Truthfully, I see alot of....."Together we can do anything Baby," and a "Yep woman we did it, and I couldn't have done without you."

I want to hear from all of you, what do you think the conversation was?

Can't wait to see what this couple leaves for the history books!

The Bumpkin

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Damn That's A Great Cherry Cake!

This recipe courtesy of Ms. Jo, The Queen of the Back Porch, and a lady I really needed in my life. We nailed this down over our daily afternoon cup of coffee. Glad I can share some of this lady's cooking with you all. Looks tough, but no just like everything with Jo, stress free!

Prepare 1 Box of Betty Crocker Pineapple Cake mix according to directions, EXCEPT substitute the water with Pineapple juice. Bake in two round pans, and then cool completely.

For the icing:
2 8oz tubs of Cool Whip thawed(maybe I should have said container here, but hell it as a tub, you know, a tub of cool whip.)
2 8oz bars of cream cheese softened.
2 cups of granulated sugar
1 Large instant Vanilla Pudding, prepared according to directions(It took us a while to come up with the exact words for make the damn puddin')
Using hand mixer, mix until smooth, and peaks begin to form.

Using a large serrated knife, place one hand on top of each cake layer, and slice in half. They must be completely cool for this to work well.

You will need two large cans of either Cherry or Blueberry pie filling.

Start with a cake layer, and then add the icing mixture in center only do not cover sides with icing. Then pour a layer of cherry pie filling, then repeat until you get to the top layer of cake. Generously cover the top layer with icing, so that it overflows on to the sides of the cake, a little not a lot. Then generously pour remaining pie filling over top layer of icing, letting ooze all the way to your cake plate. Ms Jo says, "You can never have to many cherries!" Chill until serving.

4th of July spin: Use both cherry and blueberry filling for a great Red, White, and Blue.

Ms. Jo is perfecting a tropical version of this cake over the next few weeks. We will share before summer!

The Bumpkin

This Guy Is Getting A Piece of Kingcake!

Congratulations to USC Emily & Abe over at From The Land Of Cotton winner of the Kingcake. Please email The Bumpkin at with your name and address as soon as possible, so I can get it to you in time to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Thanks to everyone who entered! I've made some great friends and reads from this little giveaway.

Lady Luck this month uh?

The Bumpkin

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunset At The Redneck Riveria

I've read your post, and I see where a lot of you list your'e favorite beach/vacation. Perdido Key, FL and Gulf Shores, AL(same beach minutes apart). For us locals, who yes, still vacation there, even though it just miles due east by water, we call this the Redneck Riveria. Because we live on the beach, it kinda loses some of the luster if you ask me, to vacation at the beach, but we've had some really good times there when The Back Porch becomes The Balcony. My preference, the mountains, if you didn't catch that in my first post. Tennessee in the fall. So even though I didn't get tagged in that go-around to answer my favorite vacation spot, there's the answer anyway. My favorite place is the Smokey Mountains, but hey look at this sunset, it'll do in a pinch!
The Bumpkin

Photo by Mr. Billy

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He Never Promised Me A Rose Garden!

Well, not exactly, but he did say I could grow my own roses. While the rest of you got a dozen red roses, this is the Bumpkin's Valentine Day present. One custom built greenhouse, complete with custom slated workbench (slated so you can just push the dirt through to ground, and then wash away when potting). Being how it's gonna be a while on the bailout of our economy, and we are now counting the change that Obama promised us (maybe that isn't exactly what he meant), we decided to start growing our own produce, and flowers. The Bumpkin usually spends more than your Macy's/Gap/J Crew budgets each year on flowers for the yard. My John, a master carpenter, just whipped out his magic wand, and Voila! The Bumpkin has a Valentine's Greenhouse. I should give him a little more credit, he actually built this in three days of rain, what a sweetie.
Over the coming spring months I will be sharing the fruits of our labor with you, in pictures. Nothing makes the Bumpkin smile more than a new bloom.
I was a little jealous, when I heard of your fancy dinners, and new pearls. But bottom line, I've gotten all of those things from My John, and it's the little things that really matter. This year was very low key for us. He didn't even get a Hallmark. I know I should have, but it's just not a great year for us. But don't worry, he got his sweet on, my favorite neighbor Jo, baked a sinful sweet cream cheese cake, and we had a lovely dinner on The Back Porch. Truth be told he would rather have Jo cake than a Hallmark any day. Hope the rest of you had a great Valentine's Day. Speaking of great Jo cakes, watch for the upcoming recipe from her for her Damn That's a Great Cherry Cake. This woman can bake, and I am forcing her to measure, and write down the recipes!

The Bumpkin

Sunday, February 15, 2009

2 More Days To Enter

If you haven't already entered for the Paul's Pastry Pecan Praline Kingcake Giveaway, then you better get on over to this recent post, and get your name in the hat. I can't wait for one lucky reader and about 10 of their crew to sink thier teeth into this!
Contest ends on Wednesday, right about The Bumpkin's bedtime.

The Bumpkin

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Southern Belle T-shirts

While the rest of you are waiting on the new line from BCBG( I think that's right), or the latest from Lilly (I'm surprised that almost no one does Vera), The Bumpkin and friends are waiting on the spring line up from the The Southern Belle Store. I think is safe to say, that even you South Carolina, Arkansas, Georgia,Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Alabama Belles, have seen these a time or two. Recently, they have came out with a line of State Pride shirts, so I think they are stretching out a little more now. Used to be, this was simply Mississippi Girl Fashion, Southern Belle T-shirts is a another great product of our beautiful state. If not get on over there using the link above, and tell em' the Bumpkin sent ya. The monthly special coupon code is LOVEYA for $2 off anything in your cart. Also, The Thongs, which in this case is Southern Belle logo Yellow Box flip flops, are also on sale, and always Southern Belle does FREE SHIPPING!

Modeling "Some girls do" in long sleeve here in this post is one of the characters of my life. This is Laci, also known as Triple L. She is the daughter, granddaughter, sister, and most importantly the Mamma to some of my really special friends.

I've heard it said before, "That your friends write the story of your life." If that's the truth, she would be the funniest chapter of mine. This woman puts the country in bumpkin. She's the fashionista of the Back Porch where we hang. Our conversations usually begin with "That's so cute, Where did you get that?"

Well, The Bumpkin's had a long day, and I have to go and do the face routine, so The Mermaid, won't be disappointed in me, then I'm calling it a night. I just wanted to ask you all one thing before I go, "Have you seen the Harper pictures?" Can I get a Thank You Lord? Thank you Lord, that's she keeping Kelly up all night. Thank you Lord, Thank You!

The Bumpkin

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hometown Boy, You Sure Made Us Proud!

favre Pictures, Images and Photos

Every once in a while something happens that puts southern Mississippi on the map.
For the last twenty years it has been Brett Favre.
Brett Favre's hometown is about 20 miles, from the swing in Kiln, Mississippi. We were there just this past Sunday for My John's birthday dinner. In this town, every business shows the Favre pride.
Although, you all know The Bumpkin is a Bears fan, this guy brings a special smile from any Mississippi Girl.

We have crossed paths twice.

1990- his last year at the University of Southern Mississippi. The Bumpkin was a cashier at a truck stop. His credit card was declined, he was none to happy with the Bumpkin, who had to either receive payment, call the authorities, or pay for this $76 from her paycheck that usually amounted to $200. Someone in his entourage finally covered the bill, and away he went tires squealing and all.

2007- Gulfport International Airport~ The Bumpkin had just dropped off her boss, and is exiting the drop off zone, when who appears to the side of the road, wearing a T-Shirt, shorts, and carrying a Walmart tote bag? The Bumpkin, sly as she is, slows down, rolls the window down, and says, "This is an awfully big opportunity for a Bears fan, Brett, go ahead and cross." He bursts out in laughter, and says, "No, No, you go ahead, I know about you Bears fans." Life had sure improved his attitude in those 17 years.

A few years back, Brett lost his father in a car accident here. I literally heard this in the post office, twenty minutes after it happened. Hometown Gossip is still the best way to communicate important news. His father was a well respected man here, and many a hearts broke with Brett's that day.
The locals aren't lying when they say, you can ride by his place, and see him on his tractor. He will even wave his baseball hat at you, if you slow down. After Katrina, he used that tractor to clear away the debris personally in a two mile radius around his family home. He did his share, to help us move on.
I have read that he says he would like to coach Pee Wee football. Can't you just see the look on these little boys faces, or even better, the Daddy's faces when they have Meet the Coach night. Priceless!
Regardless of what his last year statistics were, regardless of what the logo on his jersey said.
He was our hometown hero! Thanks Brett for the memories! Oh yeah, and Welcome Home! See you at the Steamer!

Now excuse The Bumpkin to run to the gas station to wait for our local newspaper to hit the stands. Do you know what I will get for those newspapers tomorrow on Ebay? I also still have several copies of last year's retirement paper. The package will sell for an astronomical amount!
Thanks Brett for retiring two years in a row!
****UPDATE**** My John wanted to make sure that no one mistakes my love for Brett Favre, as a love for The Green Bay Packers, as it is a requirement for all Bears fans that we hate The Packers.

P.S. Watch out for nephew Dylan Favre, now the quarterback at St. Stanislaus High School in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Rumor has it, that at some hometown games there is a blacked out Escalade that sits in the end zone for the entire game. Sounds like he has a guardian angel! He has a commitment from Alabama (Roll Tide Roll!) for 2010. He's even broke Unc's records here locally.

The Bumpkin

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hot Water Cornbread~I garontee it!

How Ya'll Are?

Over at Mable Cakes they are cooking up Jalapeno' Cornbread, so I sort of got cornbread on the brain, and wanted to share a good ole fashion Cajun recipe with ya'll from the original cooking Cajun Justin Wilson. For those of you who doesn't know Justin get over to his website, and check out some ummmmm ummmmm good recipes. You won't find this one there, but if any of you Mavens, Brides or Mommies, need to cook up some Turtle Soup real quick, Justin is your man. Don't miss the Pecan Praline recipe!

Justin was the Paula Deen of late 1980's. Life does come full circle, in that my Daddy taped every episode on his trusty VCR. Now, The Bumpkin falls back on those same recipes, time after time, for some authentic Cajun cooking. All these slang phrases I have hammered you with, were his tag lines, and are now his legacy, as Justin passed away in 2001. If there were a Food Network Hall of Fame, I bet this guy would definitely be an Honoree.

Cook you up some veggies, a big pot of butter beans, greens, or maybe some cabbage, and make this cornbread for your honey ladies, and "Why you'll have him eaten from the palm of your hand."

Hot Water Cornbread
• 2 cups cornmeal
• 1/2 teaspoon salt
• 2 cups boiling water
• Vegetable oil
Stir together the cornmeal and salt while heating about a half-inch of oil in a skillet, (the black, cast-iron, been-around-for-ages- kind works best). Heat the water to boiling and pour over the salted meal, stirring well. Drop spoonfuls of meal into hot oil and fry to a golden brown. Drain and blot with paper towels before sprinkling with salt. Perfect!

Enjoy Ya'll,

The Bumpkin

Monday, February 9, 2009

Used Bullmastiff $350

I heard them whispering, my niece Heather and My John, but since it was only a few days till Christmas, I tried to not strain so hard that I spoiled the secret, but I heard a strange word that caught my interest, I could have swore I heard them say........ "Bullmastiff!"

Wow, Bullmastiff, I could hardly contain myself. A new puppy maybe? Roscoe, Jibbs, and a new puppy? Maybe that's a bit much. Maybe we should wait, I thought.

Christmas morning came and went, no Bullmastiff. We were leaving for Colorado on vacation the next day, and I was busy running around trying to make sure my house was spotless, and I had packed everything but the kitchen sink. Heather would stay with our 2 boys, and we were to be gone for a week. The phone rang, and I heard John answer it, and say let me talk to the Bumpkin, and we will call you back.

He came to the bedroom, and begin to tell me that a few days ago, there had been an ad in the paper for a Used Brindle Bullmastiff, and that he had called the lady who owned him. He said that she was a breeder of Pugs, and that the dog kept smashing her puppies, she had said he was a great dog, and didn't mean to smash the puppies, but was just big, and she was troubled that she was having to keep him in a kennel all the time. He said that he had originally spoken to her a week before, but that she had decided that she couldn't let him go, but that when she returned home from her family's that Christmas Day, that he had smashed another puppy, and that he just had to go. John had said that it would comfort her somehow to give him to us, that he had told her about our rescue work, and our other big boys, and that she new he would have a good life.

Could you have said no? Me neither, and in to our lives came Rufus. We picked up him up at a gas station 35 miles away on Christmas night. Paid $360 (keep the change) because the ATM when only give us $20's. She gave us a zip lock bag of food, and a rope toy, and she was heartbroken for having to choose this for him. She called us crying for weeks to check on him.

We left for vacation the next day, and Rufus stayed with Heather, and when we came home he wouldn't let us in his new house! He had hit the Doggie Lottery and he knew it.

No more kennel, and Jibbs and Roscoe, can smash as hard as he can.

He is the king of tug o' war with the rope. He has adopted my leather couch as his, regardless of the times I yell, "Get off the couch Rufus!" He is free to live the life he deserves. He has been rescued in every since of the word.
Now I want you to listen to The Bumpkin, if you ever have a chance to own a Bullmastiff, I want you to remember me telling you this, "It is the best example of unconditional love you will ever experience." The heartbreak is that they only live for 5-7 years at best, but it is so worth it!
He was originally named Trojan, but since Heather takes the dogs to the beach for dates, My John didn't want her running down the beach hollering for Trojan. She's 19, and he's a little protective. We thought we would name him Gumbo, because on the first meal here that's what he had, and he loved it. But his bark, imitates that of the Pugs he was raised with, and sounds a lot like he's saying Roo Roo Rufus.
This one was raised by a woman, and had never had a Daddy before My John. Lucky for them both, just like the first Bullmastiff, he is Daddy's Boy.

The Bumpkin

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Got A Blog Award? Really.

Sweet Simply Taylored, has given me a Blog Award. She's a fellow Mississippian, and a single mom just starting her own business.
Thank you dear sweet Simply!

Now that I have been chosen, I must choose 5 bloggers that I feel should receive the Blog award.
I must list 10 things about myself that you probably do not know
I must post a quote
Post award using a direct link to the person who chose me.

Here are my five picks!
The Housewife Savant~ She's keeping it real stop over and meet Kelly! I'm her peep!

Savannah Redtop~ Great style, and recipes from the "smack your mamma" good cook capital of the world.

EJ & Roo Said I do~I love it when EJ slips a blog in on Roo! See the inauguration post! Plus these guys are Bears fans, that's worth an award by itself.

Sweet Tea In A Pink Glass~ Another Mississippi Girl, (confidential to Pink Glass...Are you ready? Hell yes! Damn Right! Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty Who in the hell are we - Hey Flim Flam, Bim Bam Ole Miss By Damn!) To the rest of you that ignored the Confidential: OLE MISS FANS ARE VERY DEDICATED TO PUT IT MILDLY!

Preppy Bumpkin~It's a bumpkin thing!

So here are my ten things:

1. My John and I, led the first team of animal rescuers (us & 20 vet techs from the Animal Welfare League of Chicago that John solicited for help) into New Orleans after Katrina. The animals had been without food and water for almost 9 days. You probably saw them stuck on the rooftops and balconies on the news. Don't worry we got em' (a wink at you and wonderful feeling in my chest)! About 160 scared, scared, scared dogs and cats.

2. I absolutely DETEST whistling, yet John does this regularly and he knows.

3. The walls of our Master Bedroom and the tractor in the back yard are the exact same color. You got it! John Deere Green. This happened while I was at work one day, I hated it, but it is growing on me.

4. I am horrified of lizards and frogs, but not snakes.

5. Big Love is my favorite TV show.

6. My secret boyfriend is Toby Keith.

7. I am addicted to Dunkin Donuts coffee, but have never been to or even seen a Dunkin Donuts.

8. My John, and I are wholeheartedly committed to the rehabilitation of injured, and the conservation of all Sea Turtles.

9. The Bumpkin has been laid off since September due to the economy, but have made great money parting off My John's 1959 DeSoto Fireflite on Ebay, plus that hunk of junk (that was actually worth far more than I ever dreamed of) is almost gone from my back yard.

10. On my first trip to Chicago (2005 age 36), I stood at an intersection for 15 minutes, wondering how I was ever going to be able to cross the street, before someone said, "Did you push the button?"
Button? What Button? Can you say B-U-M-P-K-I-N? (We don't have buttons in Mississippi, you risk it when you think it's safe.)

And here's my quote, I'm so glad that you stayed to the end of these Bumpkin ramblings, because this is a really good quote.

Charm is a glow, within a woman, that casts a most becoming light on others.~John Mason Brown.

The Bumpkin

Friday, February 6, 2009

Easy Pleasy Spicy and Cheesy!

tabasco Pictures, Images and Photos

My friends are headed down this way for the big Mardi Gras party tomorrow, and the Bumpkin is cleaning and cooking, but I didn't want to forget my new blog friends in all the hoopla!

Here is a quick party recipe that you can throw together in a flash, and please a crowd.


2/3 jar of Tabasco Hot Pepper Jelly (which you can buy on any jelly aisle south of the Mason Dixon, for the rest of you, you can order it here)
1 8oz bar of Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Ritz or any butter crackers

Spread the hot pepper jelly over the bar of cream cheese, serve with crackers.

It turns out really pretty, and tastes great! Trust the Bumpkin on this one!
It's sweet, spicy (but not really hot), and creamy.

I usually buy the red one, but the green is great for St. Patrick's Day.
To make it a little tangy, put a layer of champagne jelly first then the Tabasco jelly!

I'm spending the evening with the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF WILLOW GROVE.
Wait to you meet these ladies, you are gonna love em'

Now did I tell you this one was easy or what? I love recipes with layers of taste.

Have a great weekend!


The Bumpkin

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

~A Bumpkin Giveaway~ Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Let the good times roll!

While the rest of you are oh so excited about Valentines Day, (and you should be it's a great holiday for us ladies) the Bumpkin is celebrating Mardi Gras! The official kick off is in my hometown this weekend. Of course the Bumpkin will have lots of pics, recipes, and little something extra to share.

It's the Bumpkin's 1st Giveaway. Since Mardi Gras is the biggest celebration on the Coast, and most of you live to far away to celebrate with the Bumpkin, I thought it would be great to share one of my favorite Mardi Gras treats with one of you. The Bumpkin is giving away a Paul's Pastry Pecan Praline King Cake. A King Cake is a traditional Mardi Gras party staple. The tradition is during the season you visit many parties all serving King Cakes. They come in all sizes, and flavors. In each King Cake is a tiny plastic baby. If you get the piece with the baby in it, (read bite into something a little hard and break a tooth), you are obligated to buy the next King Cake.
Serious disclaimer here: The Bumpkin is warning you that the baby can be a potential choking hazard, so if kids are going to be around the king cake, you must check each piece carefully for the baby until it's found.

Now this is not just any King Cake, this is the best King Cake. Paul's Pastry Shoppe is in Picayune, MS (Bumpkin pronunciation is Pick-key-yoon). It's between here and New Orleans, and they have King Cakes down to a science. Most of their cakes have purple, green, and gold sugar on top, and The Bumpkin hates this part of the King Cake. The Pecan Praline has a special topping, and sprinkles in the traditional Mardi Gras colors. It is absolutely divine. Paul's King Cakes are delivered to BP stations here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and we fight to get the Pecan Praline King Cakes. Literally, they are delivered on Wednesdays and Saturdays and if you aren't there early, you get stuck with Blueberry Cream Cheese or the ever dreaded Plain. If you want to order your own King Cake I have provided the link above, and Tell 'em the Bumpkin sent y'all.

I will close entries on Wednesday February 18th, 2009. Winner will be announced on the 19th.
I will have the King Cake delivered to you Fed Ex on Fat Tuesday (February 24th), while The Bumpkin is in New Orleans you and at least 10 others can celebrate Mardi Gras too!

Here are the rules, I'm keeping it simple.

Leave a comment=one entry
Become a follower (Come and ride the swing) =3 entries
Tell about The Bumpkin's giveaway on your blog=5 entries
All my current followers automatically get 4 entries, because I'm loyal to followers!

In other Valentine's Day giveaway news be sure to get entered in these two ladies giveaways!

The Mojito Maven is giving away Fat Witch brownies, and if you have never had
Fat Witch brownies, you better get on over there and get entered. Both the Maven, Oprah, and I agree this is a must for all chocolate lovers. I suggest the blonde babies be in your mix!

Also, The Blue Eyed Bride is giving away Hanky Panky gift package for Valentines Day!
Get on over there and register for this sexy sassy giveaway!

The Bumpkin

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

In True Julia Sugarbaker Style-Thanks Bella

Seems the Bumpkin may have upset a few people this weekend, with our show of love and compassion for a fellow human being.

And to answer your question, I have prayed for Harper every day since she has been born.

My new friend Bella at Southern Somedays, took the words right from my mouth.

Bless Your Heart!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
This is how you tell someone off!

Hello. I'm Jibbs. Wanna play the ball?

Just so we understand from the very beginning, Blog world, your gonna love this bulldog, but if you intend to remain a friend of Jibbs, you most be a ball addict. From the time he opens his little eyes, till he falls out from exhaustion, this is his most present thought! The ball, the ball, and THE BALL! ( I actually say the last THE BALL ringmaster style.)
Meet Mamma's baby, I just love this little thing.....He warms my heart!
All of our boys, but this one are rescues, we really believe in rescue. But, My John loves his bulldogs. Even though, there are plenty of bulldogs, that desperately need rescue, we broke our golden rule.
It was Superbowl Sunday 2006, just a month after our 1st Bullmastiff Bull Henry( hands down the best dog that ever lived) had passed away. John was "the only light" in New Orleans, rebuilding 5 large antebellum homes, that were flooded from Katrina. It was awful here at that time. My John basically wanted me to stay in the house, as the infection, mold and bacteria in the public was dangerously common. New Orleans is about and hour and half (two and half after Katrina without bridges) from the swing, and since he was working horrendous hours with a 20 man crew under his reign (read babysitting a 20 man group of rogue victims from Katrina, even after the flood, New Orleans was still the party capital of the world), he just set up camp on the top floor of one of the flooded homes that he was rebuilding. When I said he was the only light in New Orleans, I'm not kidding. He was one the first contractors to go in. The first time I drove to run supplies, he said, "When you get to the Florida Avenue exit, look to the right, and head for the only light you see, I put it out on the roof so you could find me.." I was lonely, and heartbroken over Bull Henry, and you can only watch so many Judge Judy and Oprah shows before insanity will set in. I wasn't working. There wasn't anywhere to work, it was gone, washed away in the flood. Hell, you couldn't even get to where I worked, the bridge was gone. Roscoe, wasn't the same either, he was depressed, he had never been the only dog, and even though he was now in the #1 spot, he was lonely too.
John came home for a weekend, to shower, shower, and shower. It was so dirty in New Orleans, you just couldn't wash it off. On Sunday morning, while we were reading the paper he said. "It's time for us to get a new bulldog, and here's a pick of the litter American Bulldog for sale. He just turned 6 weeks old, I've already called and I'm going to get him." $1000 was what we paid. I can still see him getting out of the truck after John picked him up. He was so white he was pink. The cutest puppy I ever saw. Daddy went back to work the next day, and he became my life for those weeks I was quarantined. We spent all of those days together just bonding, and the bond is still there. I read you mommy bloggers tell of how you love all of your children equally, but sometimes you have an extra special bond with one of them. I completely understand, and I have no children.
His official name is Mister Jibbs. You may be curious about the Jibbs part, so let me feel you in. Daddy and Bull Henry would wrestle, and John would grab the skin under his chin, and say, "Gimme those Jibbs." It was there own special game, Get the Jibbs. So Jibbs it was, a tribute to Bull Henry.
When we would run supplies to New Orleans, he couldn't touch the ground, it was toxic. So, Daddy would have to hold him up to potty. And just to be extra cautious we would bathe his feet in bleach water.
Did you see up there with his doggles on. Too cute for words.
I've got lots of pictures to share with you, and stories of Jibbs and his brothers, but I've going to leave you with this one last thought.
There is only one exception to Jibbs being Mamma's Ninny Baby, when daddy pulls the boat out of the backyard, and starts getting it ready
That's when he's Daddy's Fishing Buddy, he forgets Mamma even exists.
Next up Big Bad bRufus!


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Sunday, February 1, 2009

We love G.R.I.T.S. Button

Grits over at Puttin on the G.R.I.T.S. is heartbroken.

I thought of her all night, and my heart goes out to her.

I thought it would be nice if we had a button to show how much we care for her, and that we are keeping her in our thoughts.

So, I asked the expert A Southern Accent, and she designed a button for us!

She has designed several really neat blog pages I visit, and also designed G.R.I.T.S.' header for her too.

She did this button pro bono for us, and has super friendly prices on her header designs. Thank you A Southern Accent! You are awesome!

To add to your page:

Copy the picture here, and save in your files.

Then go to your page layout.

Click on Add a Gadget, then scroll down the basic bar to you see picture.

Upload the picture and save the changes.

Boy, I wish I could have a good old fashioned "chat" with Country...........