Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hometown Boy, You Sure Made Us Proud!

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Every once in a while something happens that puts southern Mississippi on the map.
For the last twenty years it has been Brett Favre.
Brett Favre's hometown is about 20 miles, from the swing in Kiln, Mississippi. We were there just this past Sunday for My John's birthday dinner. In this town, every business shows the Favre pride.
Although, you all know The Bumpkin is a Bears fan, this guy brings a special smile from any Mississippi Girl.

We have crossed paths twice.

1990- his last year at the University of Southern Mississippi. The Bumpkin was a cashier at a truck stop. His credit card was declined, he was none to happy with the Bumpkin, who had to either receive payment, call the authorities, or pay for this $76 from her paycheck that usually amounted to $200. Someone in his entourage finally covered the bill, and away he went tires squealing and all.

2007- Gulfport International Airport~ The Bumpkin had just dropped off her boss, and is exiting the drop off zone, when who appears to the side of the road, wearing a T-Shirt, shorts, and carrying a Walmart tote bag? The Bumpkin, sly as she is, slows down, rolls the window down, and says, "This is an awfully big opportunity for a Bears fan, Brett, go ahead and cross." He bursts out in laughter, and says, "No, No, you go ahead, I know about you Bears fans." Life had sure improved his attitude in those 17 years.

A few years back, Brett lost his father in a car accident here. I literally heard this in the post office, twenty minutes after it happened. Hometown Gossip is still the best way to communicate important news. His father was a well respected man here, and many a hearts broke with Brett's that day.
The locals aren't lying when they say, you can ride by his place, and see him on his tractor. He will even wave his baseball hat at you, if you slow down. After Katrina, he used that tractor to clear away the debris personally in a two mile radius around his family home. He did his share, to help us move on.
I have read that he says he would like to coach Pee Wee football. Can't you just see the look on these little boys faces, or even better, the Daddy's faces when they have Meet the Coach night. Priceless!
Regardless of what his last year statistics were, regardless of what the logo on his jersey said.
He was our hometown hero! Thanks Brett for the memories! Oh yeah, and Welcome Home! See you at the Steamer!

Now excuse The Bumpkin to run to the gas station to wait for our local newspaper to hit the stands. Do you know what I will get for those newspapers tomorrow on Ebay? I also still have several copies of last year's retirement paper. The package will sell for an astronomical amount!
Thanks Brett for retiring two years in a row!
****UPDATE**** My John wanted to make sure that no one mistakes my love for Brett Favre, as a love for The Green Bay Packers, as it is a requirement for all Bears fans that we hate The Packers.

P.S. Watch out for nephew Dylan Favre, now the quarterback at St. Stanislaus High School in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Rumor has it, that at some hometown games there is a blacked out Escalade that sits in the end zone for the entire game. Sounds like he has a guardian angel! He has a commitment from Alabama (Roll Tide Roll!) for 2010. He's even broke Unc's records here locally.

The Bumpkin


sweet tea in a pink glass said...

I love it!

Housewife Savant said...

See the irony here Bumpkin?
I'm a Wisconsin girl. My whole fam has Packermania and I followed closely for 10 years++.
I almost turned my nose up at the mention of your love for the Bears, (the whole Mortal Enemy Thing).
But you and I were meant to be peeps.
I still adore Brett (frequent kidding aside), and I LOVE this post.
Wait'll I tell Mr. Savant that "My friend Bumpkin was a cashier at....met Brett Favre." TWICE!

jola said...

:) same sentiment for us Viking's Fans.....wait, I may live here, but I pledge no allegience. Personally I still believe in Tom Brady's butt!

jola said...

I stand no chance at the cake giveaway now... do I?

Surf Girl said...

I love Brett...he just seems so real and down-to-earth. I wish he had left well enough alone after the first retirement, but I know it's hard to let go sometimes!
That would be so cool to see him coach Pee-Wee!
I like the Bears too - gotta love Sexy Rexy (Grossman) - old Florida Gator!!!

Cool Gal said...

Hey, I found your blog while visiting "Mommy's on Vacation."

Love it!

Love Brett Farve, too.

Being from Minneapolis, I heard a rumor he might play for the Vikings. Probably just a rumor, but that would be great! :)