Monday, February 9, 2009

Used Bullmastiff $350

I heard them whispering, my niece Heather and My John, but since it was only a few days till Christmas, I tried to not strain so hard that I spoiled the secret, but I heard a strange word that caught my interest, I could have swore I heard them say........ "Bullmastiff!"

Wow, Bullmastiff, I could hardly contain myself. A new puppy maybe? Roscoe, Jibbs, and a new puppy? Maybe that's a bit much. Maybe we should wait, I thought.

Christmas morning came and went, no Bullmastiff. We were leaving for Colorado on vacation the next day, and I was busy running around trying to make sure my house was spotless, and I had packed everything but the kitchen sink. Heather would stay with our 2 boys, and we were to be gone for a week. The phone rang, and I heard John answer it, and say let me talk to the Bumpkin, and we will call you back.

He came to the bedroom, and begin to tell me that a few days ago, there had been an ad in the paper for a Used Brindle Bullmastiff, and that he had called the lady who owned him. He said that she was a breeder of Pugs, and that the dog kept smashing her puppies, she had said he was a great dog, and didn't mean to smash the puppies, but was just big, and she was troubled that she was having to keep him in a kennel all the time. He said that he had originally spoken to her a week before, but that she had decided that she couldn't let him go, but that when she returned home from her family's that Christmas Day, that he had smashed another puppy, and that he just had to go. John had said that it would comfort her somehow to give him to us, that he had told her about our rescue work, and our other big boys, and that she new he would have a good life.

Could you have said no? Me neither, and in to our lives came Rufus. We picked up him up at a gas station 35 miles away on Christmas night. Paid $360 (keep the change) because the ATM when only give us $20's. She gave us a zip lock bag of food, and a rope toy, and she was heartbroken for having to choose this for him. She called us crying for weeks to check on him.

We left for vacation the next day, and Rufus stayed with Heather, and when we came home he wouldn't let us in his new house! He had hit the Doggie Lottery and he knew it.

No more kennel, and Jibbs and Roscoe, can smash as hard as he can.

He is the king of tug o' war with the rope. He has adopted my leather couch as his, regardless of the times I yell, "Get off the couch Rufus!" He is free to live the life he deserves. He has been rescued in every since of the word.
Now I want you to listen to The Bumpkin, if you ever have a chance to own a Bullmastiff, I want you to remember me telling you this, "It is the best example of unconditional love you will ever experience." The heartbreak is that they only live for 5-7 years at best, but it is so worth it!
He was originally named Trojan, but since Heather takes the dogs to the beach for dates, My John didn't want her running down the beach hollering for Trojan. She's 19, and he's a little protective. We thought we would name him Gumbo, because on the first meal here that's what he had, and he loved it. But his bark, imitates that of the Pugs he was raised with, and sounds a lot like he's saying Roo Roo Rufus.
This one was raised by a woman, and had never had a Daddy before My John. Lucky for them both, just like the first Bullmastiff, he is Daddy's Boy.

The Bumpkin


Wendy said...

That is a beautiful story. My brother used to have a bullmastiff before we got our Italian Mastiffs. There is something so special about the Mastiff breed...they do love unconditionaly and they are so affectionate. I'm happy for your darling Rufus.

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Sounds like Rufus has a very loving home...good for him. And bless you for taking him...of course one look at him how could you not....

Bella said...

What a face! How could you say no? Rufus looks exactly like a Rufus.

jola said...

My "baby" Dane-T (BullMastiff) saved my life. He's not here anymore, but I am. Thank you Dane and I will always love you.