Monday, January 18, 2010


Mississippi Girls and Guys have found themselves in a bit of dilemma concerning the NFL playoffs.

We are now having to pick between two favorites.

For the most part most Mississippi football fans are loyal to these guys. The New Orleans Saints!

A few years back, when a game was televised from The Superdome, Saints fans would wear bags on thier heads because they were so ashamed of then nick-named New Orlean Aints.

However this year they are crawling from the woodwork, the Saints fans are plentiful. Everybody's on the bandwagon.
The folks I work with, would dress like this if they could possibly get away with it....

I went to Winn Dixie (our Trader Joe's) on Saturday for some game time snacks. I was one of four people that weren't dressed in some sort of Saints gear. One was in a casino work uniform, but did have her face painted, and the other three, well one was three, and the other two WAY past three just running by for Metamucil, and Ensure. There were well over 150 people in the store folks. I'm not kidding these fans are nuts this year.
Every product has got a Saints emblem on the package too. Lay's potato chips, Coca-Cola, Bread, Milk, Ice Cream, there is even a special Saint's ice cream from Blue Bell, and it's black and gold. Oh yeah, and the weirdest of them all. Tampax with a Saint's emblem on the box. Have you ever seen this in your parts of the world?

This guy here #25 Reggie Bush is slated to be The Superstar from The Superdome in the Superbowl.

You may recognize his girlfriend here in these pics:

Yep, that's Miss Kim Kardashian the biggest bandwagoner of them all in my opinion.

Thier relationship is on again off again, mostly off. Reggie has not had the best season this year, and lot's of fans have said he was a waste of alot of money. Until..........the last few games, he really shined his little light. He hits the spotlight again, and she decides it's back on again. Coincendence? I think not! Check this out if you missed it on Sunday.

Also did you guys see this bum from Bourbon Street on the sideline?

The gorgeous Brad Pitt, and Maddux the Jeremy Shockey fan. Told ya, if you go to New Orleans enough you will eventually run into The Pitt/Jolie family.

Who Dat say they gonna bet dem Saints? Who Dat?

Well if theres any who dat can....It's this South Mississippi Man!

Most Mississippi Fans will root for this guy on Sunday. The old man in the pink shoes, that's having an awesome season. You'll remember this post if you're a swinger.

He using, pants on the ground, pants on the ground to pump his Viking's teammates. He's looking awful good, and so is the defense. Would love to see my Hometown Hero go out in a blaze of glory. Now you want to see some great football watch this from Sunday's Viking's game. Textbook Perfect, I don't even think Rice knew it was coming, Brett just put it in his hands. Amazing...

My entire family, and all of my friends are Saints fans. They have what I call The Saints Big Head it looks sort of like this:

My long time readers will remember that I am far from a Saints fan. I have never been a Saints fans. When I met John, and we watched football together the first year, I was made to raise my right hand, and swear to always love these guys.

This year they changed the lineup of divisions and we don't get to play The Saints anymore. Every other year the Saint's have failed to make it to the playoffs, because of well I'll just show you why.

My friend and co-worker Evan and I carpool to work together each week alternating who drives to save $$$. This week is Evan's week to drive. On the ride in he tells me, "Only Saints fans can ride in my car this week." So, I get to work today and I call My John, and tell him, "Evan says I can't ride with him this week unless I'm a Saints fan." He says, " I'll run out and gas up the truck for you baby!"

Who are you all cheering on this week?


MCW said...

Hi, Just started following a bit ago. I am torn between the Saints and Vikings as well! One of my best friends died a year ago...he was a HUGE Saints fan. We have been saying he is their 12th man all year.
I do love Farve too!

Mrs. Potts said...

The Saints! Go Saints!!

I'm Just Beachy said...


Tara Gibson said...

im all for the saints because the vikings beat my cowboys : )

Lara said...

OMGoodness, I LOVE your blog. I came across it via Mrs. Jetplane's blog as I am a military spouse as well and I am so happy I found it. Being a Mississippi girl myself makes me even happier to have found your blog. I must say that I have been a Saints fan since I was born, literally, even when nobody wanted to claim them and I do love Brett. I will, however, pull for the Saints all the way because they deserve the trophy that Brett already has. GEAUX SAINTS!!!! I would love for you to stop by our family blog when you have the time.;-)

Anonymous said...

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