Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yesterday was my first Wordless Wednesday post. I think I may have over thought it though. Instead of just posting a picture or a few pictures, I sent you a picture encrypted message of sorts.

If you go back here and look carefully, you'll see it starts out with shoe shopping, followed by lots of brides wearing red shoes.

Long before you younger ladies started this "brides wearing colored shoes craze", I dreamed of wearing red shoes in my wedding. It's just very me. Now you'll get it, the drum roll, and the red polka dot pair at the end.

I'm still searching, and I know I will find "the" pair. The shoes are more important to me than the dress. Really, no kidding. Funny, uh? Maybe I should start my own show. Say Yes to the Shoes! How about Ooooooo The Shoe?

Anyway, I have a dilemma.

As I told you we are probably going to pick The Natchez in New Orleans as our venue.
John worked on The Natchez as a young boy, and is still friends with one captain.
I just think marrying My Captain John on a boat is also very us. I want the wedding to be southern hippie chic. That describes it perfect. I want the shoes, and a fashionable dress, but I want it to be very New Orleans too! We are not huge drinkers, but well, we have had the best times in our relationship amongst the streets of New Orleans. There was one certain extended horse and carriage ride, that I just said, any man who would do this for a woman, must really love her. I DON'T WANT A MARDI GRAS THEME! I have been to enough of those to puke. No, think artsy, modern, eccletic, stronghold of the south New Orleans.
I'm rambling, sorry just trying to get you all involved, because I want honest opinions from my Divas.
Kate, Tara, Mermaid, MM, BEB, Mrs. Potts, you there? All my readers, please help me. Are you feeling the theme?
So back to the dilemma.
Here is the inside of the Natchez.

There's a lot of red. I don't want my shoes to clash with all that red. I want them to pop, and everyone to go, look she wore red shoes.

It's that awful red too! Great! Do you think there is a certain shade of red I need to be shooting for?

Here's my only hope, looks like the wedding is actually held on the deck near the paddle which would then set off my red shoes. Gosh such a tiny little detail, but again the red shoes are really the most important thing to me. Of course other than the fact that I'm finally (I hope, really cross your fingers ladies) going to get my Mr. Big to the altar.

So let's hear it, what do you think? Should I give up the dream and wear the white shoes I never wanted in the name of the nice and proper approach?

So much more to come on this wedding thing, I am keeping it small and classy, but still I want the memories.

I have wonderful girlfriends who will help me in this process, but I keep coming back to you Divas. Strange. Ladies that I don't know, who I trust more than the those that I know,all to well.

It's a blogging thing. I have drooled over your weddings, so now I associate my wedding with all of you.

I'm counting on brutal opinions from all my girls, we can really keep it real. Really! Don't candy coat crap through this process please. I really want your opinions. Besides, you know how judgemental southern women can be when it comes to this event. It's true and you know it! I have you ladies, to protect me on this. It's bad enough I'm forty, and a "spinster" at this point, let's not give them any extra crap to flap about, okay?

In case you don't know:
spinster [ˈspɪnstə]
an unmarried woman regarded as being beyond the age of marriage
2. (Law) Law (in legal documents) a woman who has never married Compare feme sole
3. (Clothing, Personal Arts & Crafts / Textiles) (formerly) a woman who spins thread for her living

The Bumpkin


Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

I think your red shoe idea is lovely! I had a very southern casual wedding myself - check out my blog post tagged "my wedding" for pictures. Your theme sounds amazing and fun!

Tara Gibson said...

I totally think you should wear red shoes.
1. It's YOUR day, and you can where whatever you please.
2. They will pop at the ceremony location, like you said
3. The guests will not even notice the color of the floor once they all get in there. And if anyone should dare say your shoes "clash" give them a "bumpkin" to the head haha kidding :)
4. I love the pika dot idea since it goes with your whole setting!

if you need Help finding a pair let mr know! :)

Kate said...

MASSIVE Congrats! I'm emailing you my opinions!!

Mrs. Potts said...

I like the idea of the polka dots & I agree with Tara - your day, do what you want & what makes you happy.

Plus, if people talk about you being a spinster (*gasp*) they can choke on your shoes!

southern daze said...

It's your day and I think you should do what YOU want to do. Don't let the thought of what others might think/say dissuade you from having the day of your dreams :-)

trishie koh said...

I like your idea of wearing red shoes at your wedding so go for it! it's your wedding..

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Bring on the red shoes...of course! he can have a little red flower as a boutineer...they would bounce off of each other...beautifully.

Big congrats BTW!

trishie koh said...

Me again!

I have an award for you at my blog:

Abbie said...

Go with the red shoes. You'll really see them pop when you're walking, and by the time you get into the room, everyone will have already been wowed by them! Go for it.

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midnight macaroons said...

Congratulations. I absolutely love your ideas for your wedding. We use to reside in New Orleans and I adore "Old South" fashion, entertaining, etc... And yes, I must agree on your thoughts of a Mardi Gras wedding theme (blah). New Orleans has so much more to offer than Mardi Gras, Bourbon St., or the French Quarter. When I think of a classic New Orleans wedding I think of NOLA back in the 1930's. That style would definitely go with your red shoes. Just a suggestion....

Jenny said...

I gotta find a blog for you. This girl has written a book and has fabulous taste. If you get this would you send me an e-mail so I can find the link for you. Even if I write a note I'll loose the note. I'm a dingbat! But I love this place. It is lovely. Do you want black shoes with red polka dots? I see what you're saying about the color getting lost. Thanks! Or you can just remind me on my blog if you visit!