Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Fashion Fun!

Nautical is having another season this year.

It's seems to be in everyone's spring lineup.

This can be fun, especially on the arm of My Captain John.

I will get better at this in the future with linkys and all, but for now let's just drool over the pretty pictures, okay?

First up Ms. Anna Nicole....she was beautiful wasn't tragic...

Next another favorite Ana, Dolce and Gabbana..Come to mama my little pretties.

Love this, love this, perfect for the boat. It's usually the legs that get cold first.

Currently at Anthropologie:

I'm loving this for the 4th of July out on the islands.

Very versatile, I have a pair of nice red dress pants, I could pair this with for work.

These are a little over the top for me, but hey, if you like seagulls....

Love the pop of yellow, and the anchor shoes, here.

Is that freaking seagulls again? Who wears this crap? Is it just me?

Fashion police Dress of The Day. Yacht Club attire.

This needs a yellow purse, and yellow shoes.

This needs red shoes and a hat. We talked about what happens to your boobies from the sun when you turn 40. Remember?

Who Wears Short Shorts?

This needs red panties, because everyone is gonna see them.

The headband is cute, but I better never catch one of my diva's with this necklace on, but it fits.

Love the white vest.

Cute idea, bad material

All aboard the nautical bandwagon, Kate Spade too!

With jeans everyday. Yes!

Prim and proper paired with ivory pants, and navy shoes for a "ladies" brunch at The Yacht Club.
Hate these type lunches at TYC.

Great dress! Bad, bad, bad necklace.

Love the whole ensemble here, especially the shades. So glamourous dahlings!
Wait, let's all swoon over the patent red purse and shoes together, alright, ready.........

248-First Nautical Set

Four our four leggers! Can't forget them.

And last but not least....Suppose you were having a wedding on a riverboat per say, and you wanted your "dahling niece" Heather to wear this dress, for a bride's maid dress.
Would it be cheesy, or perfect for the day?
Also, this fictious bride mentioned here, is wearing the red shoes of her dreams. Why?
Because my sassy, emphasis on sassy, blogging Divas said I could! I love you all for the sweet comments yesterday!

The Bumpkin


midnight macaroons said...

Just came across your blog. I LOVE IT!!! Love this post too. I could see myself wearing all those outfits and accessories. Too cute!

trishie koh said...

oh wow, i LOVE the items you pick. now i need to go sailing...

Jenny said...

Love these clothes. You and my daughter should hang out. She dresses like you!