Friday, June 11, 2010

A Message From Captain John~Big Oil Spill Update

Morning Ya'll,

I scored a great gig yesterday in the oil field. Fantastic pay, great boat, 12 hour shift from 12:00am-12:00pm is my slot (It's cooler at night). This boat transports containers from the dock to the oil rigs, and looks alot like the one above. The Bumpkin is writing all this as I drive to the dock. They say 14 on, 7 off, but they have already asked me about hitching for 28/7. By the time you read this, I'll be well under way, heading 30 miles south of Dauphin Island, Alabama to the red (it's blue on the map below) zone. Now we are going to know the real deal. Can you believe we forgot the camera? I'll be pulling in and out of port, every few days to drop off and pick up, may not get to leave the boat, but I can call the Bumpkin from the cell, and keep all of you posted, she'll run the camera to me first thing too.
Are you following me on Twitter, this is about to get good over there? I'll get all the other Captains to start feeding me information too! The truth is going to have a hard time staying hidden, with your Captain there first hand.
I have left a list of Sunday Jams (these are important), and I'll be feeding the information to My Bumpkin, who will keep everybody updated.

Let's get our bearings straight, so you know where I am.

Don't forget now I gave you a big island map on Sunday, Click Here to go back to it!
The oil is taking over Petit Bois island as we speak, and the word at the dock is that the leak is gushing worse than ever, but there's lot of media around so that should be broadcasting soon.

Please ya'll keep me in your prayers and thoughts while I am out there. The Bumpkin too, it'll be a little rough on her, but I think I got most everything covered with a few friends, and of course she'll be busy shopping with all the money, I'm leaving with $20, what am I gonna buy, and where? (The Bumpkin is excited about this part, Mamma wants a new car, without a payment book.)
Alright, I'm outta here, heading where? DUE SOUTH YA"LL DUE SOUTH! I'm actually gonna miss you guys, I'm sending my thoughts right back to ya!
Ya'll take care,
Semper Fi,
Over and Out,
Captain John

Note from the Bumpkin, when he started to board the boat last night, he said, Captain John requesting permission to come aboard, there were a few cheers. They said they needed him bad. Captains are needing a few breathers right now, literally a day or two not to have to breathe the oil. This looks like it could be a really great thing for us, keep your fingers crossed. Thank goodness he's on the water, he was about to drive me crazy.
The papers say we will be inundated over the weekend with the oil, and I am glad he missed this:
Click Here for an Update on our Sea Turtles
Swim, Swim, Swim, Fly, Fly, Fly...

The Bumpkin


Mary said...

The world need more men like you, Captain John. Be safe! We'll do our best to keep your Bumpkin company :)

Bumpkin, here is a link to some recent photographs of oil-affected wildlife, people and shorelines around the Gulf of Mexico on this, the 51st day after the initial explosion,

So sad :( :( :(

Thinking of you both,

Delightful Bitefuls

Elle said...

I am so glad that the captain found a position, but also sad that the two of you will be apart for 28 days... holy smokes... I remember when the PBF would travel for three weeks at a time when he first started his job, and I missed his face like crazy... I don't know how military families do it!

uggghhh... more lost sea turtles.... swim, swim, swim... fly, fly, fly....

Marcie said...

I am sad you two are apart, but glad he has a job. Your updates are so interesting. I really enjoy the information.

xo Marcie

Salt said...

My thoughts are with both of you, my friends. Be safe, Captain John! We will all be looking forward to your report when you get back. I hope times flies for the both of you.

And I hope the Bumpkin does some shopping for me too. :)

Dee Stephens said...

WOW! Stay safe! I hear it's really hot down there!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh, reading the last part made me tear up! I can't imagine what you two are going through. And you're going out of your way to do it for all of us! Thank you both. I wish more people were giving you thanks and praise but hopefully mine will help a bit.

melifaif said...

Oh, we need the Captain out there. So, while I am sad for your "separation" - I am thrilled for our ocean!!!! Hopefully they can get a handle on it soon. I will most definitely keep you both in my thoughts and prayers and look forward to the updates. Love you both....take care!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I'm going to be fine, I have a wonderful group of bloggerettes to keep me company! I will miss him for sure, but this is a great thing for us, and well worth the sacrifice.
He loves you guys can't wait to read your comments to him on our next chat.

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Your blog friends shall keep you company, sweetie. I shall keep the pair of you in my thoughts. X

Anonymous said...

will be looking in for update. thanx

Rev-bo said...

Thanks so much for your updates, Captain and Bumpkin. I've been reading your site for a few weeks, and really appreciate all the front line news. It's refreshing, but also heartbreaking, to read an honest, first hand account of what's happening down there. We're all praying for all of you on the coast.

Congrats on the job, Captain John, and please keep the posts coming. I've passed a few them on to a website I frequent called Strange name, I know, but there are lots of good folks there very concerned about this situation that would very much appreciate your participation.

Birmingham, AL

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh way to go Captain. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, take care. I loved the map, we get a look see at were you are at.

We will chat with your sweet Bumpkin, ha ha we may know what she buys before you do...*wink.

big hugs DJ

Carol said...

i really enjoy reading your updates. our local news in Pensacola tonight said they were closing the Pensacola Pass in two hours.

Please continue to keep us posted as you are able.



paisleysandsugar said...

Boo for the spill... Thank goodness for Captain John. My prayers are with him and you. 28 long days. Your Captain is a good man.



this free bird said...

Captain and Bumpkin-Thanks so much for your timely and informative updates. We are thinking of you and praying for your safety and good health. Thanks for all you do...please stay safe. And don't be shy to holler if you need anything...even a note of encouragement. xoxoxo from sunny socal off the pacific coast.

MCW said...

You're a good man Captin' John...I know you are making a difference.


Bumpkin, send me John's twitter please. I have butterfly's in my stomach reading his post, and I am going to worry big time about him.
Now that the PhD's at all the universities, et al have come up with their info...1 million gallons maybe per day!!!!!
And, they tell us they're collecting 20,000 daily. OMG. We all need to come to the coast with big gigantic sponges and a baseball bat. I am weeping.


Forgot to tell you I am so happy he's earning money, no matter how long he's gone. He's happier when he's working, like all men. love to you, sweetie.

Liz said...

heya bumpkin (lisa) and captain john! (i hope i got the names right)

anyhow, my prayers are with you both and cannot say how much people like you mean so much to the world right now. happy and safe journey. lisa don't ever feel alone you've got your reader friends and myself, your newest, if you ever wanna vent or share a good laugh. God bless you both. love your blog even more after reading this post. look forward to reading your updates and other posts you wish to share with us.

oxox ^-^

Lori said...

I am so glad the Captain is out there and able to help out ~ don't worry Bumpkin ~ I will be here for you if you need me!
Swim, Swim, Swim ~ Fly, Fly, Fly...

Hugs from me and Miss Molly ~ thinking of you always. xo


Good luck Captain!!! Be safe! We're here to keep you company darling :) xoxo

Make a Roux said...

As a loyal Bumpkin follower, I cannot thank you, Captain John, enough for your informative updates.

I'm a Louisiana native and spent many months along the shores of the Gulf Coast. My heart hurts for all of the people and animals affected by this spill. :(

How do I follow you guys on twitter? (I must have missed the mention of your twitter name.)