Thursday, June 10, 2010

CMT Awards~Our Picks

I cannot begin to tell you how hard it was to get My Captain to tune into this, in lieu of the Stanley Cup game in which The Chicago Blackhawks pulled out the win. Thank goodness it went in to overtime, or I may have been sleeping in the barn tonight.
I told him that Laura Bell Bundy was wearing gold hot pants at this show, and well it worked like a charm. He watched it from beginning to end, for those ever elusive gold hot pants. (Tee Hee Hee) In my defense she did twitter a spoiler to this effect. Thanks Laura Bell, now Giddy On Up, outta here, you have served your purpose!
My Fashion pick of the night: Carrie Underwear (as The Captain says). This dress is to die for: She also gave me quite the Shoegasm, do you see them? Valentino I think.

I still can't believe I picked a pink dress.

My Captain's Fashion pick of the night: Hayden Paniettere, he said he likes the lace in this dress. He's learning ya'll, good job Captain.

On Taylor, loved the dress, HATED the hair. She really has to pratice her poker face, she did not do well when she lost to Carrie Underwood for Best Video. I was shocked she didn't win anything in a fan based award show.

I loved Julianne Hough in this yellow dress. She has stunning down pat, yes?

Looking freshly romped in some awful dress that's all the wrong cut for her, is Adulteress (with Eddie Cibrian, so I can sort of sympathize, or celebrate), Leann Rimes. She is sporting that label in my opinion. One lean to her front and it's Whoo Ha for everyone.

Click Here for my favorite performance of the night. I lurrveee this song, and this band.

The Captain's Favorite Performance of the night:
He's says to tell you, red panties 3 times in a row wins every time!
Click Here to see the girl who showed her panties, but can you guess?

So all you Chicago Blackhawks fans, sheeeshhh uh, really made us sweat it, but it was in? Barely, but apparently that counts in Hockey. Congratulations Chi-Town, The Captain sends a big Hoorah home.

Captain John and The Bumpkin


melifaif said...

Your picks are good! I am so pissed I missed it. Thought it was tonight. Oh well, CMT does re-runs, no? That pink dress on Carrie is killer. Going to check out the performances now...oh yeah. Ick, Ms. Rimes....

Salt said...

Carrie is so my fave. I would raid her closet if I could. She always looks so polished.

For a second I thought Taylor was Fergie. That look is not good on her (but I do love the dress too!)

And EW LEANN. That dress pretty much matches how I feel about her. :)

Erin said...

DId Hayden P. get a pixie cut??? omg. I am so behind.

I kinda like the pink dress, although I'm not much of a country music fan.

I do like some of it...but not my preference. Can we still be friends?


MCW said...

Did HP cut her hair??? Not a fan!!!

Bethany said...

I was kind of disappointed in the overall fashion last night. No one really blew me away. Carrie is always cute, though.

this free bird said...

I didn't watch so I can't comment there, but what I can toss my two cents in on (4, 5 or 10 cents - whatevs) is Leann Rimes. She is on my last nerve and going fast on the ick nast train.

Carrie Underwear - now that's hilarious!!

ps - and Taylor needs to lose the Rebecca Taylor dresses and just branch out a wee bit. She's a sweet girl and I love her puffy hair. Romeo take me blah de blah de blah de blah

Mary said...

Carrie Underwear? LOL, too funny!

Great picks! Love Carrie's pink dress... she is just stunning!

Delightful Bitefuls

S and O said...

Carrie Underwood is so pretty,and I love Hayden's new hairstyle :D


Fashion Meets Food said...

Wow I absolutely loved Carrie's dress! I really want it!


Carol said...

Love me some Zack Brown band. Good fashion picks. gotta watch it still, taped on things to do list.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Loved your choices honey, those black shoes are cute!!

Wow see what you mean about the red panties...she's game!!

Carrie Underwear too funny.

Lori said...

I never tuned in this year but watched your video clip ~ love that John Anderson was playing back up to "the Adulteress" since it was originally his song. BTW - calling her this made me laugh out loud snort ~ not pretty at all! Carrie is a classic beauty ~ she has such grace and she has come so far.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that I missed the show!!! Dang it! Loved your pics though. Very nice! xoxo said...

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Love to you from Agneta & Sweden

Landlocked Mermaid said...

you are hilarious. Stanley cup was a constant in our house but the Mountain Man was all for the Flyers. We are a philly house,I am afraid. but congrats to the captain. As far as the commentary .. Red panties do win don't they? Hilarious xo

Jen said...

Boy, Leann is looking a little frumpy, don't you think? But damn, Carrie is lookin' hot!! No wonder her hockey bf snagged her and is marrying her! I would too ;-)

Lily Lemontree said...

Fabulous picks! I missed the show, couldn't convince Mr.Lemontree to relinquish the remote, darn that Stanley Cup!

Jen said...

Someone loves vuitton! Someone loves vuitton! Someone loves vuitton! Hmmm... I wonder who that could be? ;-) hehe

Holly said...

Love the dresses. LeAnne looks reminds me of a bad 80's dress. Carrie seems to have gotten it right (so far ) when it comes to dresses and class. Where have I been I missed the Stanley Cup and the CMT Awards...oh wait I am on vacation.

EL said...

Carrie is so amazing. Loved Hough's yellow too!