Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life Happens

Hello, How's everybody doin?
Welcome to all my new readers and followers.
Captain John and I would like to take a minute to thank you all for your sweet comments, links, and love that you are sending our way. As the Captain said on Sunday, it gives us more strength than you will ever know. The above picture is of The Biloxi Lighthouse. You may remember the pictures of it from Hurricane Katrina days. It has long been our sign of strength, here on these beaches. It stands for all of our hard work, and our commitment to always bounce back, no matter had bad it is. It is also, literally what brings both My Captain, and the many others home.

We've been working hard doing what we can do. Our days are some of the longest we've seen in awhile. I'm thinking the Captain is changing clothes 12 times a day, but I am trying to be as supportive as possible. The laundry is overwhelming, and being on standby 24/7 is exhausting. We pack the clothes, then he goes through them in a hurry flings them everywhere, wears them, and I wash them AGAIN, and then repack them. Next day, same game. Keeping the marine electronics charged (including the never ending search for which bag he put the freaking charger in) alone is a full time job, coolers washed cleaned and packed, another daunting task. I always try to make sure he has a good meal in him, it could be a long time till his next meal if he hits the water, so I worry. Incidentally, let me share a bit of wisdom with you. No matter how oily the clothes are, never ever under any circumstances put even one little tiny drop of Dawn in the washing machine. Do. not. do.it.

We are going to try and squeeze a post in tonight, would you believe he's been on the phone with engineers from BP today. He has an idea, I know, so does everyone else, but we are surprised how welcoming about the idea they are, and how many people express sincere interest. You know how many phone calls they must receive each day of this nature?

We also have some concerns that the dispersant and oil is evaporating into our air, and our typical afternoon showers are raining it back down on our shoreline communities. Rain puddles usually don't have an oily rainbow sheen to them. They do in our yard, and the surrounding neighborhood.

Did you see up there by my Twitter button that Captain John has his own Twitter page now. You can also click HERE to follow him. It's just easier that way, as I still want to talk a little about fashion, shoes, and the CMT awards tomorrow night. I love that picture of the Captain's wheel. Great click.

Many, many, years ago, I guess maybe 20-25, as a young girl on the beach, I met surfer dude just hanging out on a hot summer day, on MY beach. He was about my age, and really the only thing I remember about this day is the odd question that he asked me.
He said, "What's your favorite quote?" I felt embarrassed that I didn't have one. He shared this one with me that day, and started a spark that has lasted. It took me forever to find this, but I just had to today.

If you like to have the bigger version, just email me, I'll shoot it over to you, as quick as I can.

Just to remind you, please buy BP gas if at all possible, 60,000 franchise operators are struggling due to something they have no control over, but simply due to the sign in the parking lots of their livelihoods. As unfair to them, as to us, besides we desperately need BP to have enough funds to get us out of this mess they created. Our lives depend on it, Thank You!

We'll talk again soon!
We love you all,
Semper Fi!
Captain John and His Bumpkin On A Swing.


Andie said...

I have had a few bloggers stop by and ask me my thoughts on the spill since I live in New Orleans, and I just don't even want to write about it because it makes me so sick to think about it.

Thanks to you guys for what you are doing. I thought about ya'll when we stopped at The Shed for lunch on our way to Destin this past weekend (one last beach trip just in case!)

and I'll be in Gulfport this weekend- again, surely thinking of you guys and all of the great things you are doing!

LouBoo said...

Hello - I consider you the oracle on this topic now. It's good to have somewhere to go for information that is not just the media/news. Whenever I hear BP I now think Bumpkin. Lou x

Marcie said...

Wow, this entire thing hits close to home for all of us, but especially you. I am using you as my new unbiased source of information on this diaster. I get so sick of sorting through the media angle on everything.


this free bird said...

Bumpkin my love thank you for stopping by and following along. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm so glad I now have you as eyes and ears so I don't have to rely on the media.

I grew up in the oil patch in Alberta, Canada. I'm just a simple girl, but even I knew that shooting mud down a gusher wasn't going to plug it!!!! My dad called that one in the very beginning.

We are all thinking of you and holding out hope upon hope that BP and the government and whoever else it takes will hurry up, get in the game, and stop this mess from spreading any further.

Thanks to you and the Captain (and all the folks down there) for all you do. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


melifaif said...

Sooo.....I am guessing you put a drop of Dawn in the washin machine????

Elle said...

Hi Honey,

Ugghhh oily rain... no words... really there are just no words...

I like that you mention that its not the independent gas station owners who should suffer... but it sure is hard to send my money to BP... luckily we don't have many BP stations in my area so I don't have to make that decision!

Hang in there pumpkin...

would you consider doing a post on the organizations that are accepting donations AND doing good work in the area for the wildlife and resources and people?

Salt said...

I was thinking about the gas stations the wrong way before reading this, but what you say makes so much sense. I'm surrounded by BP here. Next time I fill up, that's where I'll go.

Piper Jacquelyn said...

You're amazing. Really, you are. Both of you! I'm so sorry that your area of the country is feeling this the most - I appreciate that you ask others to buy BP regardless of the issue. I agree 100% with you, and will continue to use it in my auto! Best of luck to you both getting through these tough times down south.


OK, guys, T. Boone Pickins (Texas Tycoon Oil Man)head of something at Woods Hole, & another deep-water drilling expert were all on Larry King last night. Every one of them has been to the high-powered meetings, spoken with BP, etc. and they all agreed that BP was doing everything possible that they can do. Lots of technical stuff about why they tried this or that in the order they did. Boone was very angry about the media not covering the deaths of those young men & their families enough. The also talked about deep water spills near the Great Barrier Reef & other places, but never has anyone had one THIS deep. Business men & scientists all seem to agree BP is doing everything right, except to have the 4th fail-safe item in place. I will look for you on Twitter Capt. John. sending best wishes to you both...Marsha

carey said...


God bless you for standing by your man through this entire ordeal! I'm sure that he draws strength from you unending support! I'm sending many prayers for you and all those on the frontlines!
I must say that I am pleasantly surprised to hear that BP is listening to the captain's ideas! Nice to hear them actually doing something right :)
I have many friends heading down to enjoy the beaches in Miss & Alabama lately! I hope that I can later on in the summer!

Heather @ Gerber Days said...

Thank you for all of the info. Like everyone else, it's nice to hear it from another source besides the news.

Lamp Tramp said...

Hey Bumpkin and Capt John...

I thank you both for all the hours and hard work you are putting in. I agree with everything you posted. Wanted to share this news.... my brother, Chief Engineer on RV Endeavor, from URI, has been called "for a Rapid Response" here to maybe Gulfport. I doubt we be able to see him, they will be so busy. I'm going to email you a link or two about the Endeavor. Capt John, if you happen to meet up with the RV Endeavor, say hi to my brother Tim. They go all over the world, carrying scientists.

Thanks for all you are doing, stay safe, and God Bless you!
Lamp Tramp

MCW said...

Such a hard thing...I don't even know what to think about BP. I have had FB friends say "don't buy BP gas" and I want to write that you should because of what you all have said. I will spread the word.

Lori said...

I love your quote Lisa ~ and look forward to each and every post although I do know how hard these ones are to write. I tagged you today over at my place so stop over if you get a chance. xo

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

Thank you for all the hard work you are both doing. I've started to spread the word about BP and helping the mom's n' pop's that run their stores.

Thank you for getting this message out and continuing to write about it even though I know it's so trying.

*my thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone suffering in this time*

Thank you for reminding us of how important every day and everything truly is. oxox

Join the Gossip said...

We don't have BP in SoCal (that I have ever seen in my 26 years) but to be honest if we did I'm sure I would have boycotted...until I read this post. You're right. It's not the workers' fault and if the extra money can be used to fix this problem then that's what we need now.

Again, you are both doing so much good for The Gulf, the country, and the world. How does it feel to be heroes?! Because you are!

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I always appreciate how real you keep it here. And I appreciate hearing first hand what is going on. The days sound long and exhausting. I can't imagine all the laundry you have to do! I hope you are able to rest soon and this mess will be over.

Miss Caitlin S. said...

Wow you are doing so much for this and I respect and love it so much. That is a great quote and I think it's okay you didn't have one! When you find a quote you love... it will resonate.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Hey there, sounds like you are working as hard as the Captain honey. Hang in there...(I'm guessing that you learnt the hard way about Dawn).

Thanks for your wonderful posts, we do appreciate you so much. I do love that quote by the surfer, very true.

Thinking of you both,
hugs DJ

Erin said...

Like Lauren said, I was thinking the wrong way about BP stations myself. THank you for enlightening me and for telling us about what's going on. I didn't even think about the dispersants evaporating into the air, either...omg...

OceanDreams said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on everything and I'm following Captain John on Twitter now, bless you both for having such a big hearts for our oceans and with yours and John's help I am sure the world will become a better place!