Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Finally Friday & We Have Something To Celebrate

My Captain is home, this is not the celebration I speak of. The Captain he replaced got a release from the doctor to return, but the good thing is, it went really well. A fellow Captain on the boat over said he's one of the best he's seen. The guys out on the oil rigs, were really pleased that he could hold the boat super steady while the guy with the crane loaded and unloaded. Usually they use tie lines hooked to the boat to do this. Our Captain can do it without the tie lines. Impressed the heck out of the guys on the rigs. He has also been labeled the Docking Master, by the other Captains, he can back it in on a dime. The other Captains, pull in sideways, and bump the boat around in the spot. The guy who owns the company he worked for called first thing this morning to tell him to stay packed and ready to go, he would hear from him asap.

So on to our celebration. Guess what. Guess what.
When he got in the truck at the dock last night, this is what he said:

"Baby, Baby, Guess what? It was about 5am this morning and I was about 5 miles east of Mobile Bay. I was just chugging along, drinking a cup of coffee, and enjoying the morning. I look about 1/4 mile off the bow, and I see 8-10 dolphins all in a line like a football team riding a wave headed straight for me. When we passed they turned around and rode my wake all the way out to the rigs, feeding off the fish I stirred up. In total Baby today, I probably saw 250-300 dolphins, playing and feeding, and I also saw 8 big green sea turtles, swimming around the boat at the rigs. All I kept thinkin' was Swim, Swim, Swim, Fly, Fly, Fly, it worked, it worked. We have to call the bloggers, do you have their phone numbers?"

How cute is that? He was ecstatic. Big ole' tough Marine Sniper, that excited to see his dolphins, really pulled at my heart strings, and the little part about them following his wake, I love it.
Apparently after more discussions, he determines, there was not much oil seen yesterday, although for the last three days it's been a lot of oil, but the currents changed, and were heading the opposite direction. We are sure hoping, that they have figured out to move away from the oil to stay alive, as I told you before, when the oil was surrounding us, we saw none for days, noone did. This is fabulous news and gives me hope. He again stated the sharks are really bad right now, and if any of you are in the waters near the spill, please don't forget this warning. He couldn't have brought me better news, so let's keep praying and wishing okay everybody. Swim, swim, swim, fly, fly, fly.

Did ya'll see the riot on CNN at the local job center over the jobs that are available with the oil spill. It was ugly, Robyn Meade showed it this morning. This happened about 10 miles west of the Captain and I, people are desperate for jobs right now, it was already bad enough, and now these people are getting really mad. They better stop trying to steal the jobs from the mad locals. It could get real ugly. Mississippians don't take kindly to being kicked when we are down.

Alright on to this weeks favorites.

Favorite New Blog Find: Lemons and Laundry, adore Marcie, she's such a lovely blogger. It's one of those happy little places to hang out in the bloggy world. She takes great pictures, like this one below. Now this is my idea of doing laundry. Make sure to click HERE to read one of my favorite posts, titled Trash The Dress, click the follow button, and tell her The Bumpkin sent you. Another thing about Marcie, I love, she started a spark in me last week for........Kate Spade Summer 2010 collection

Favorite Beach Tote This Week: I thought instead of a Handbag, we would do a beach tote this week. Kate Spade, this is so Bumpkin.

This Week's Shoegasm: Love these, also from Kate Spade.

Favorite Fashion Photo of The Week: Love the dress here, and the editing makes her so mysterious to me.

Favorite Recipe This Week: From Paris Pastry, Lemon Butter Cookies, in French known as sables. This is going to be my Sunday morning project this weekend. I have to bake early (4am ish early), or the oven will run us out of the house in this heat. Click HERE for the recipe.

Favorite Dustjacket Attic Image This Week: I hope to get a little of this in this weekend.

Favorite Animal Photo of The Week: I just can't put it in to words, what this picture does to me.

And to leave you with a laugh today, from a Robyn Alana Engel's blog Life by Chocolate. A fellow 40-something blogger, who is single and still trying to find her prince charming. At our age, it's gets a whole new spin, the dating dilemma does. Need a really good laugh? Check out the eligible bachelors for Ladies like us by clicking HERE. Robyn, a social worker, has a serious side too, she can reach out and grab your soul, with her stories of what she sees daily in her line of work. I love me some Rawkn Robyn.
So what's on the agenda for you guys this weekend? I have the little pool party to attend, spend some time with The Captain of my Love Boat, and guess what I'm not doing, poop scooping. Thank you to the powers that be, for that one.
The Bumpkin


Sole Matters said...

OMG its like hes telling her hey!! so cute!!! and those cookies? yum!!

SurferWife said...

That is a LOT of dolphins! I would have been giddy, too! Who am I kidding. I see dolphins swim by all the time and still squeal like a child!

Agneta said...


It's the swedish crown princess Victoria & her sweetheart Daniel Westling = tomorrow wedding!!!

This post on your blog.... me like!!

Love from your swedish friend Agneta

Salt said...

DOLPHINS!!!! This elates me. I'm so glad the Captain is home safe and with this AMAZING news!!!

Oh and PS. Where were those Kate Spades when I got married!? They would have been PERFECT!

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Lemon butter cookies? Yes please and thank you :) and the straws are from Modern Lola. You just have to preorder them all! xo

Marcie said...

Thanks for the lovely post Bumpkin!! I can't tell you how excited I am that I am your Friday Favorite. Your blog is one of my top 5 that I read every day, so you liking me means so much!

Have a lovely weekend!


Swim swim swim, fly fly fly.
sending love to you both.

tell him I read every single word every day

Jen said...

What a great way to start the weekend!! This news is fabulous! I bet that was just an amazing site for the Capt! Now you guys try to have some fun this weekend and enjoy yourselves. You two deserve it!

Jen said...

Now go read my Fill-in-the-Blank Friday post and answer the question! I've been waiting for your response... This should be good ;-)

this free bird said...

I love Marcie too - her blog is a soft place to land after a hard day! yay!

I also loved the update from the Captain. great to hear about the dolphins. been thinking about them as we see ours here as well.

Have a great weekend! And ps - thanks for including that picture of the little girl against the glass. What a beauty! xoxo

Dee Stephens said...

such great news!

Trish said...

Such happy news, can't wait to speak to you two lovebirds this weekend. Care package for you went in today's mail! Love you!

A Casa da VĂ¡ said...

that is so great, and you know what you caused SO many people from doing the 'swim swim fly fly' prayers - I am sure you have great credit for the safety of those dolphins spotted by your captain! I love how much you talk about meaningful things and I love also that you can jump from one subject to another in the most charming way possible... I must say I am dying to try the lemon butter cookies and I will make sure to check the 'trash the dress' article and visit the new bloggers you introduced to us =) Have a blessed weekend!

Lynzy said...

I am most definitely making those lemon cookies soon<3 looks delicious

xo Lynzy

Absolutely Ladylike said...

What a lovely post and I love dolphins!

Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

Cheers: Evi

Dustjacket Attic said...

Hey honey, I was soooo excited to hear the Captian will get more work, way to go! Really fab about the dolphins and turtles, that bought a tear to the eye for sure.

Thanks for all the links, love the cookies...what can I say I have a sweet tooth. Thank you for my link and pic, you go girl *wink.

hugs DJ

*D* said...

that's such an amazing story! thanks for sharing! and those lemon butter cookies look delicious! i will be trying the recipe as well :)

Lori said...

OK - where do I start.... I ran over and grabbed that recipe for the butter cookies ~ they are NOT weight watchers friendly you know ~ and I thought you were my friend!!
I got tears in my eyes when you talked about the dolphins and turtles ~ such fantastic news. I am giddy that your Captain is home and that you will sail on the "Love Boat" this week-end.
We are heading to the cottage tomorrow and I will plant flowers at the cemetery ~ it's my Father's Day ritual. Then Sunday we will head out and celebrate with great food, drink and conversation at Trev's parents camp ~ always fun. Have a wonderful week-end Lisa. xo

Lori said...

See - I knew I would forget something....
Great news about the Captain and being on call and the superman I knew he was!! Hugs to you both and I will continue to say and pray ~ Swim, swim, swim ~ Fly, fly fly. xo

Poppies and Sunshine said...

I am so glad you get to have your Captain back :) And that is so exciting about the dolphins!! And how it was said about the dolphins was the cutest thing ever!

I saw those lemon cookies this week too! They look SO good. And I love Lemons and Laundry :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Carol said...

does you heart good for him to return home in a good frame of mind. Love to see the one you love happy :)

great to hear about the dolphins and turtles. you guys enjoy your weekend and love love love the white kate spades.

dresses and heels...we need to bring em back!

Marie said...

First of all, I love that you have Jason Mraz playing ( on video!) at the bottom of your blog. His tunes are the best.
I'm so happy to hear that your captain is home safe & giddy about dolphins. Their wonderful :)

Love the pics! You must tell how those cookies come out!

RawknRobynsGoneBlogWild said...

OH HONEY, I AM SO HONORED!! Being mentioned and praised by you in this amazing post that already got me all emotional (in a really good way) about the dolphins, your reunion with the Captain, gorgeous photos as always..) I love you too, Bumpkin! Lots of hugs to you and the Captain!
Thanks so much, and keep hope alive. Swim, swim, swim..

Chris said...

Well, Captain always is stirring up something or the other, lol, so he might was well be stirring up food for the dolphins!

Dolphins have always been my favorite animals, the eye to eye contacts I had while surfing were almost unnerving. You could see there was so much going on in that head of theirs.

Lamp Tramp said...

This is all such wonderful news, I'm so glad to hear about the dolphins. Hoping the Capt gets another stint out there, how is he feeling?

Jen said...

Oh, what a fun new header!!! I love it!

melifaif said...

Gosh Bumpkin, I love your blog so very much. I really really do! That is soooooo exciting to hear the story about your reunion with the Capt. Swim, swim, swim, fly, fly, fly. We are still praying. Okay. So, the deal with the blog name. It's me!!! I will not be sharing this for all my blog readers, well, because then anyone could find me and kill me. Yeah. I am kinda crazy like that!!! lol. So, please share it with Trish. So cute ya'll were chatting bout me...sure do know how to make this sweet southern girl feel special. My name is Melissa Faifer. Last name pronounced like those other "Pffiefer's." It is a Czech name. The "a" is silent. So, my nick name, Meli, short for Melissa. And Faif, for my last name...but to say it right, think about saying FIVE, but with an F instead of the V sound. Confusing enough????? Love you ladies...

MCW said...

So weird...I read this on my to the beach. My mom and I were sitting looking at the Atlantic and a HUGE school of fish swam by, blocks long. We could hear them flapping about, and there were dolphins swimming in and out of them. This was all taking place just a few feet off the shore. Then all of a sudden a WHALE came up for air. THe entire beach gasped...I have been going to this beach for years and have never seen ANYTHING like this. The whole moment reminded me of you and Captin' saying "Swim, Swim, Fly, Fly" It was amazing.

meggasus said...

Awww you guys seem like such a cute couple. I have so much respect for the military and what they do for our country.

Excellent blog...I am now your newest follower!